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“Going Home”

Requirements for the Ascension

Initiations / Tests

Guru / Chela Relationship

Activities Sponsored by the Ascended Masters

Devotion to “The Mother”

“Outer Path” and “Inner Path”

The Three Pillars of Purpose


Sacred Path

When it comes to any discussion about God, Creation, Ascended Masters, Angels, Saints, and so on . . . people would say that such conversations are “philosophical”, “religious”, or “spiritual” in nature. Entire philosophies, religious doctrine, and organized institutions are dedicated to focusing on these spiritual concepts and how they can positively influence our individual lives, our families, society, and even the entire world. Other than attending a local church / mosque / synagogue / temple and following some generalized principles that are used to monitor personal behavior (e.g., The Ten Commandments), most people who consider themselves to be Religious / Spiritual do not specifically focus on “Walking the Spiritual Path” . . . at least, not in great detail.


Throughout this website, the expression “Spiritual Path” is regularly mentioned. However, people may not know what that involves. Knowledge of “The Path” is something Fundamental that everyone must come to understand if they hope to make Spiritual Progress of any kind and “go to Heaven” one day. If we hope to please God and BE ONE with Him, then the Spiritual Path is how we do it. It is okay for there to be less details about spiritual concepts, especially when it comes to speaking with children or even adults who are new to contemplating God, Creation, and Themselves. However, we will naturally be excited to learn MORE as we rise higher in consciousness and will strive to receive illumination that provides greater details.


For example, it is wonderful to go sailing . . . but we cannot expect to arrive at a specific location (especially in a safe and timely manner) without sails, masts, a rudder, proper clothing, food / water, safety equipment, communication equipment, and navigational instruments just to name a few things. Our Spiritual Life is similar; we need a “Path” to follow so that we can get to where we hope to be, “Tools” to help us along the Journey, and “Support” from those who have gone before us. Now, some people may be asking themselves a few questions:  

What is the Path?

What Tools do we need?

Who can provide Support?

So far, this website has been focused on sharing certain Fundamental Truths that people may want to better understand if they hope to know more about God, Creation, and Themselves. Every page (and section) has been discussing specific concepts that can hopefully help to lay a Solid Foundation for people to then build upon, if they so choose. These have been “Spiritual Building Blocks” presented in a manner that every Seeker of Truth can study and understand in an easier way than most other websites or books. However, people should not assume that the simplicity of the descriptions means that the information is lacking in Great Truth, because that is not the case. Every section of every page contains life-changing Spiritual Information that can literally transform people’s lives . . . All of Civilization . . . the Earth . . . and even other Systems of Worlds. That is not a testament to the person creating this website; it is a testament to the incredible Spiritual Teachings that mankind has been blessed with by the Ascended Masters through their Sponsored Messengers . . . as well as any Illumination / Divine Inspiration that individuals receive from within themselves.


After providing valuable information about many topics (e.g., Aquarian Age, Golden Age, God, Creation, etc.), it is absolutely vital to discuss in some detail here the nature of the Spiritual Path itself. What good is it to have MORE knowledge, if we do not use that knowledge for some purpose? The Genius Francis Bacon (an embodiment of Saint Germain) once said, “Knowledge is Power.” However, this was no doubt said by a man whose life was spent on studying and putting that knowledge into action for important reasons. Therefore, he may not have felt it was necessary to add anything else to that statement. However, it could be beneficial to add another word and say, “Knowledge is Potential Power.”


It is important for people to remember that it is not enough to simply be “intelligent” and to have memorized a certain amount of information. That is NOT Power; it is only Potential Power (at best). Putting our knowledge into action is the power that was being referenced. Also, it is not enough to simply combine Knowledge and Power . . . for without Love, our “knowledgeable actions” may be “heartless” due to a lack of kindness / compassion / mercy. Therefore, Bacon’s Higher Self (i.e., Saint Germain) would provide a Higher Teaching:

“A Pure Expression of God-Power takes place in a State of Perfect Balance

with God-Love and God-Wisdom.”

By studying the Ascended Masters’ Teachings, we have learned that these are the three God-Qualities that make up The Threefold Flame . . . the “Spark of Divinity” within The Secret Chamber of the Heart.     

1 - Francis Bacon.png
2 - Comte de Saint Germain 2.jpg

Walking the Spiritual Path is the practical aspect of our Religious / Spiritual Life. The knowledge that people have around the world varies because of many different factors. No matter how much or how little we know about God, Creation, and Ourselves, we can still Walk the Spiritual Path. In fact, it is usually those with less knowledge about Spiritual Truths who live in a more devoted, faithful, saintly manner than those who have more knowledge. That is because acquiring more knowledge can often become a matter of pride some people who would rather appear smart but not put their spiritual beliefs into action by improving themselves or helping others. However, it is also true that with more knowledge comes more power (as mentioned above). The Ascended Masters hope that with a greater understanding of Spiritual Truths people could do MORE to improve themselves, help others, and work together to make the world a better place.


The Masters know that Suppression leads to Oppression, and that the Fallen Ones try to Suppress important information (of all kinds, but especially spiritual) in order to have power / control and Oppress the Sons & Daughters of God . . . to keep Us in a state of Darkness instead of Light . . . a state of ignorance instead of Truth / Wisdom. As it says in John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” We can never fully BE FREE if we are living without Truth. So the key is not to understand less, even though such a state may seem better for maintaining our humility and childlike nature. Instead, we should strive to maintain that innocence and purity while also seeking to learn as much Truth as we can from the Ascended Masters, Messengers, True Teachers, and from within our own hearts (where our Inner Teacher / Christ Self resides) . . . and to then put all of that incredible Spiritual Knowledge into Practical Action.

Ignorance is NOT bliss . . . it is Slavery!

Awakening is the Key that unlocks the Door to Freedom!

3 - Broken Chains.png



“Going Home”

“Going Home”

The simplest understanding of the Spiritual Path is the journey back to God . . . back “Home”. While God is Everywhere (including within Us), most of mankind have been living in a state that is seemingly cut-off from God. This took place during “The Fall” that has been mentioned a number of times regarding the Garden of Eden allegory. Our Souls were already “Pilgrims” on the Earth, having originated elsewhere. However, we have also been trapped in physical bodies on the Physical Plane after descending in consciousness from the Etheric Plane. With that descent, we lost a great deal of our Awareness of God, Creation, and Ourselves. We are always connected to God, but the lower levels of consciousness create a “spiritual amnesia” in which we cannot remember very important Spiritual Truths. This is why the Teachings of Enlightened Ones have been so important for mankind over time (e.g., Zarathustra, Krishna, Gautama, Jesus, etc.) as well as the Ascended Masters who have been providing the most amazing Teachings over the last century to the general public.  


Many people rightfully believe that “Heaven” is Our Home. However, most people do not know WHAT Heaven is or WHERE It is located. They also do not know what it takes to actually “go to Heaven”, because they have been told that they must simply belong to the correct religion and accept its doctrine . . . and then they will automatically go to Heaven when they die. It may be a surprise to hear that these beliefs are not based on Truth. So, how can we ever get to Heaven if we do not have a Spiritual Path that leads us There?


As mentioned earlier on this website, “Heaven” not merely a place that we go to when we die. It is a Spiritual Realm consisting of many Levels. The “Kingdom of God” is a “Kingdom of Consciousness”. The higher in consciousness we rise, the more we understand about God, Creation, and Ourselves. We do not need to die in order to go to Heaven, because we can raise our consciousness to higher levels while we are alive and experience Heaven. This can happen when the Soul leaves our physical body while we are sleeping, through meditation, and/or during the transition stage between our lifetimes (i.e., the preparation that takes place before our next life begins).

1 - Temple of Love - Marius.png

However, we cannot remain in Heaven permanently until we fulfill certain requirements. This may be what surprises people the most to hear . . . that “automatic salvation” is not how we gain entry to Heaven and remain there for Eternity. It is not enough to love Jesus and accept him as our Lord and Savior, believing that is our golden ticket to Heaven. It does not work that way. We must achieve very specific things while we are in embodiment (and even afterward) in order to earn our Ascension . . . Union with Our I AM Presence and God.


This concept should make sense and not be too shocking. How could we expect to go to Heaven (a Sacred Place of Higher Consciousness) if we are not in the same Spiritual State and can resonate / vibrate with It? How could we live impure lives and expect to go to a Place of Absolute Purity? When we die, we take with us all of the good and not-so-good things that we did (i.e., karma), so how can we enter God’s Kingdom unless we have become only Good like God? How could we express anger, hatred, and a lack of compassion for people, animals, the planet and expect to enter Realms of Divine Love for All of Life Everywhere? How could we live in a state of chaos, confusion, agitation, irritation, aggression and expect to experience the Everlasting Peace of Heavenly Paradise?

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

- Matthew 5:48

When we attend special events (e.g., a Wedding – also mentioned as a Parable of Jesus), we shower, put on nice clothes, and get into a loving / joyful space. Does it not make sense that our Souls would have to do the same thing spiritually when we desire to attend the Cosmic Celebrations in the Spiritual Realms? If we would not go to a Wedding in dirty, smelly clothes and show up in a bad mood . . . then why would we think that we could do such a thing spiritually when going to Heaven?

We must strive to become WHAT we hope to BE.

We must also strive to become worthy and deserving of WHERE we hope to BE.

2 - Mario 72.jpg

Going Home is the goal, and we must focus on meeting the requirements to earn our “Ascension in the Light”. We descended from Heaven, and now we must strive to Ascend back to Heaven. John 3:13 says, “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.” We must work very hard to achieve this, because it will not be done for us by ANYONE. Buddha, Jesus, and the Ascended Masters cannot do it for us, but they can definitely help us.


It was mentioned above about the importance of the Spiritual Path, Tools, and Support. In order for us to find our way Home / go to Heaven, we need a Path. We also need certain Tools that can help us along our journey. And we need Support, which is why the Teachings from the Ascended Masters are priceless. Instead of walking aimlessly in the Dark, we have been given a Path of Light to follow . . . specific Tools that are safe / effective . . . and Support through Illumination / Guidance. We must understand WHAT we want, WHERE we are going, and HOW to get there. If this strategy makes sense in our daily lives while living in physical bodies on the Physical Plane, then it should also make sense for our spiritual lives and our desire to BE ONE with God and Creation.    

3 - TSL - Welcome Home.png



Requirements for the Ascension

Requirements for the Ascension

The “Ascension” is the Sacred Ritual in which we merge into Oneness with our I AM Presence. The Ascended Masters are those Great Beings who, like Us, once had many lifetimes on Earth (and elsewhere) and eventually earned their Ascensions. They reunited with their Higher Self and no longer needed to reincarnate in physical bodies on the Physical Plane. Instead, they reside on the Etheric Plane (and Higher) engaging in various types of Cosmic Service . . . much of which is to help mankind on Earth.

The Path to the Ascension is a spiritual process spanning a long period of time. People who believe that we only live one time and never come back may be surprised to know that we do reincarnate and have already had many lifetimes. We will continue to come back in different embodiments until we have done what is needed to Ascend. If we must BE Pure like God in order to regain our Oneness with Him (and our I AM Presence), then we must purify all of the impure energy that we have expressed through our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds . . . and not just for THIS life but for ALL of our previous lives.      

“For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

- Matthew 5:18


13 – “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:


14 – Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”


- Matthew 7:13-14

1 - Jesus - Narrow Path.png

There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to Ascend, and it was just mentioned above that balancing negative karma is one of them. We must also balance our Threefold Flame; purify our Four Lower Bodies (i.e., Etheric, Mental, Emotional, and Physical); gain mastery of the Rays of God; and fulfill our Divine Plan / Sacred Mission to name just a few examples. 

It is also important to understand that even our Beloved Earth engages in the Ascension Process. Just as we rise to higher levels of vibration, the planet will also do the same. This may sound like a strange concept to some people, but there will come a time when mankind will NOT be living on Earth at the level of the Physical Plane. We were never intended to descend lower than the Etheric Plane, and we will rise to that Level again. Many people may have assumed that at some point in the distant future there would be no more people on Earth (for various reasons), but we are not speaking here about cataclysm or man-made disasters that could wipe out humanity.


Instead, we are speaking here about the Truth that the Earth will rise to a higher vibration one day along with the rise of Lightbearers. When this takes place, people will not be able to live in our current physical bodies. The Fallen Ones, Laggards, and anyone else who has not Ascended to Higher Levels of Consciousness and living at the Level of the Etheric Plane will have to reincarnate on another planet (or moon) that can sustain Life in order to continue balancing their negative karma and Walking the Spiritual Path (if they choose to do so). The remaining Lightbearers will then live on the Earth . . . not in a physical sense but at a Higher Dimension as the Ascended Masters do right now. When there is a Planetary Golden Age, only the Light will remain . . . and Anyone / Anything that is not fully “OF THE LIGHT” will have to move on.


We can look to Venus as the model for Earth to emulate, because the Souls evolving there have already risen to the Levels of the Etheric Plane and enjoy a continual Golden Age Civilization. Many Great Souls were embodied on Venus before volunteering to come to Earth in order to save the Souls evolving here (e.g., Sanat Kumara, Gautama, Maitreya, and Jesus). Earth is following in the footsteps of Venus when it comes to spiritual evolution, and it has been called the “Sister Star” / “Sister Planet” to the Earth.


Sacred Energy / Light from Venus has been anchored within the Earth since the coming of Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 who volunteered to go with him. When the first 400 arrived, they established the Retreat known as “Shamballa” on the White Island in the Gobi Sea (which is now the Gobi Desert). This was done as a replica on Earth of the Shamballa that was already established on Venus.      


We were told by the Ascended Masters that King Louis XIV of France (an embodiment of Lanello) established the gardens and palace of Versailles because of his Soul remembering the beautiful culture on Venus and wanting to bring that Beauty / Light to the Earth. We were also told that the beautiful city of Vienna has the “Ray of Venus” anchored there and demonstrates the “Culture of the Mother” in our Physical Plane. This is why Vienna is called the “Home of the Waltz”; it is Venusian Music that Saint Germain hoped would inspire and assist mankind with its Sacred three-quarter time and graceful movement through dance . . . demonstrating the rhythm / vibration of the Violet Flame.      

2 - Venus & Earth.png
3 - Sanat Kumara - Rescue Mission.jpg
4 - Palace of Versailles.jpg
5 - City of Vienna.png



Initiations / Tests

Initiations / Tests


We know that the Spiritual Path leads us Home . . . back to God. Therefore, our goal is the Ascension . . . for us Individually, for all of Humanity, and for the Earth. In order to achieve this, certain requirements must be met. One of the requirements is the passing of various Spiritual Initiations / Tests. This may also be a new concept to many people who did not know that we must work hard and “earn” entry back into Heaven . . . and that it does not happen automatically or because someone else made it happen for us. We have been told that we all have the same God-Given Potential, Spiritual Resources, and Sacred Connection to The One Creator. However, our spiritual progress is dependent upon our Willingness / Determination / Perseverance to rise higher in consciousness, balance our karma, pass our tests, fulfill our Divine Plan, and eventually “win” our Ascension.    

The Individual Spiritual Path is intended

to lead to one’s Self-Realization & Self-Mastery.


A vital part of that Sacred Process

is Self-Purification & Self-Transcendence.

It may come as a surprise to some people that Earth is NOT a “Playground” . . . it is a “Schoolroom”. Of course, we should enjoy Life and the Amazing / Beautiful Creation that God blessed us with. Life is meant to be joyful, and we can experience that alone or with others. However, we are here to also learn important lessons, grow in our spiritual maturity, develop our God-Identity, and work together to restore Purity to God’s Creation and establish a Golden Age Civilization . . . making Heaven and Earth ONE.


There are many different types of Spiritual Initiations. Some of them will have to be passed by everyone in order to Ascend. Others are more specific and will only need to be passed by Souls wanting to achieve specific things on their Individual Spiritual Paths. For example, everyone should be focused on the Initiations of the Cosmic Clock, because everyone is “Walking the Clock” (knowingly or unknowingly) and must pass those Spiritual Tests in order to become a Christed One and earn the Ascension. Also, everyone will have to experience the 14 Stations of the Cross as well as the Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension if they hope to win their Eternal Freedom in the Light and no longer have to reincarnate with all of the limitations of physical bodies and the Physical Plane.

1 - TSL - Maitreya - Schoolroom.png
2 - TSL - ECP & Temple.png

Other Initiations would consist of the “Testing of the Soul” necessary to carry out certain Sacred Duties, fulfill Divine Plans, demonstrate mastery of the 12 Rays of God, rise to Higher Spiritual Offices, and so on. If we are guided from within to perform our Selfless Service in this embodiment on a particular Ray of God, such as the First Ray of God’s Will, then it makes sense that we would be tested more on mastering the Qualities of that Ray instead of receiving a great deal of testing on the other Rays. Over the course of ALL of our Lifetimes, we will be tested on All of the Rays . . . but our Initiations are specific based on what each Lifetime requires as well as what our Overall Sacred Labor might be that spans our entire time on Earth.


If we hope to “BE LOVE”, then we will be tested and must overcome everything that is NOT Divine Love. If we hope to “BE PEACE”, then we will be tested and must overcome everything that is NOT Divine Peace. The same is true for every Quality of God that we hope to embody. This is why the Spiritual Path is difficult and is not a Sacred Journey for the faint-hearted. In order to bring the Light / Purity of God into the Earth, we must overcome the Darkness / Impurity within Us first . . . and then work to overcome it on behalf of Humanity.


The Ascended Master known as Ray-O-Light provided a Divinely-Inspirational description of how he became a Master of the “Fearlessness Flame”, and we can use his Great Victory and Triumph over Fear / Darkness as an example of what we must ALL do on our own Individual Spiritual Path. The Ascended Masters have achieved what we hope to one day achieve as well; therefore, they are The Victorious Ones that we should strive to emulate!

3 - Fearlessness Flame.jpg

The Spiritual Path is “The Refiner’s Fire”. Everything within us that is NOT of the Purity / Perfection of God must be eliminated. It is a spiritual process symbolized by the purifying of physical gold. We must transmute / remove the impure and limiting qualities of our lesser self in order to BE the Pure Gold of our Higher Self. Our Spiritual Initiations create the opportunities for us to surrender / overcome everything within us that is NOT OF GOD. The Purer we want to become, the more intense and challenging the Initiations will be. We have Free Will and can progress on the Spiritual Path at the pace we choose. Many people want to take their time and go more slowly; others get stuck or “lost” and actually stop growing; and there are some who want to move quickly and are willing to endure the most difficult Initiations so that they can continue accelerating in consciousness.     

2 – “But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

3 – And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.”

- Malachi 3:2-3

4 - Proverbs - Refiner's Fire.png

In order to be Prepared, Purified, and Ready to be fully bonded to our Holy Christ Self, to engage in a more direct / conscious relationship with the Ascended Masters, to attain Oneness with our I AM Presence, and to enter the Kingdom of God . . . our Souls need to be put through the Refiner’s Fire. Balancing negative karma and trying to pass our Spiritual Initiations are absolutely worth the effort, but it is not easy. Most people will understand this because we already know that nothing of True Value is ever achieved without sincere striving and the “Can-Do Spirit”. Whatever obstacles / hardships we must endure to attain Union with God, we should not only accept them but even seek them out! We chose to Descend . . . but we can also choose to Ascend. It is time for Us to return “Home”. And even though we must try to avoid the pitfalls and push through the density of our current “Jungle World”, it will be a Magnificent and Joyous Victory when we return to the “Garden Paradise” that awaits us!

“Through Love and Perseverance is the Victory won.”

- Thrust of Light

5 - TSL - 3FF & Heart Chakra.png
6 - Gautama - Cosmic.jpg



Guru / Chela Relationship

Guru / Chela Relationship

One of the best forms of support that we can ever have while Walking the Spiritual Path is the privilege and blessing to experience a real “Guru / Chela Relationship”. In the West, we would call this a “Teacher / Student” or “Master / Disciple” Relationship. Many people around the world pray to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saints, or various Deities for protection, healing, illumination, guidance, and so on. We can also do the same in calling for assistance from the Ascended Masters. However, it can be incredibly beneficial to receive Wisdom, Guidance, Support from people who are still currently on Earth in a physical body. It can be much easier for us to relate to other “human beings” and have the ability to speak directly with them as well as to learn from such individuals in a more “concrete” manner (e.g., conversations, lectures, videos, books, websites, etc.) . . . if we have not yet developed the ability to “feel” the guidance from our Higher Self and the Ascended Masters or to “hear” Them speaking to us from the Etheric Plane. 


EVERYONE needs support on the Spiritual Path . . . and that includes Great Souls like Gautama, Jesus, Mother Mary, and so on. It is NOT blasphemous to say so; it is simply the Truth. We all have many “teachers” throughout our lives: parents, siblings, friends, other family members, educators, coaches, inspirational authors, and so on. Life is full of people who God, our I AM Presence, and the Ascended Masters can use to help us to learn and grow. We cannot possibly know everything or how to do everything. We do not know what we do not know, so we need help at times. And who better to learn from than those who have gone before us and acquired valuable information / skills that they can pass on to us?! 


The Ascended Master El Morya has said, “If the messenger be an ant, heed him.” We can learn from anyone and anything, if we choose to pay attention and be open to hearing things that we may not like. Our only desire should be for Truth . . . about God, Creation, and Ourselves. In order to rise higher in consciousness and make genuine progress on the Spiritual Path, we must be willing to closely examine what needs to be changed within us . . . and then what needs to be changed within society (and the world).

1 - TSL - El Morya.jpg

Studying & Applying useful information from conferences, seminars, workshops, books, videos, and/or websites is an excellent way to learn important things that we may not have known before . . . in terms of both theory and practical exercises. Maintaining sincere Humility is a vital aspect of the Spiritual Path. When we become prideful and falsely believe that we “know everything” and “do not need help” (when we clearly do), that is when we can get stuck on the Path and even make wrong choices that negatively affect our lives as well as the lives of other people. For example, Jesus spent approximately 30 years of his life learning from others in order to prepare for his Great Mission . . . so it makes sense that we can (and should) do the same. 

2 - Jesus Meditating.png

There is also a Higher “Teacher / Student Relationship” that goes beyond the concept of anyone / everyone being our “teacher” . . . and that is the Guru / Chela Relationship that will be discussed here. In the East (e.g., Hinduism and Buddhism), it is common for people to seek a Wise “Guru” / “Teacher” in order to receive spiritual instruction / guidance. In the West (e.g., Christianity), a similar type of relationship can be seen by people following the advice / guidance of a Priest / Pastor. However, it is not unusual to see people in the East drawn to certain Gurus and even follow them around hoping to hear their “great wisdom”. In the West, most people would find it strange to do such a thing . . . even accusing those who do as being part of a “cult”.


It is important for people to know that there are “different Teachers” for “different Times” on our Spiritual Paths. Also, everyone is at different levels of consciousness, and we require different support depending on what our Souls need at the time . . . or what our Souls need for a given lifetime. We must also remember that even Great Teachers are not perfect and can make mistakes, but we should not discard True Gurus / Teachers just because of idiosyncrasies or seeming faults. Our focus should be on the Message more than the Messenger.


It is very important to remember that we must use discernment when focusing on the Messages as well. Even True Gurus / Teachers can sometimes say things that are incorrect / inaccurate. Their ability to receive Higher Illumination can still be affected by Energies within them that are not fully “Pure” . . . because of any remaining negative karma that has not been balanced or by a certain lack of discipline / mastery of the Lines of the Cosmic Clock. Until we earn our Ascension, the Spiritual Path is a “Path of Self-Purification” . . . and then we will be One with our I AM Presence in an Eternal State of Purity. We ALL have things within us that need to be purified. The purer we are, the purer the illumination will be that we can receive . . . and the purer the Messages will be that we can share with others.

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

- Isaiah 1:18

It is important to provide at least one example to more clearly demonstrate this point. This is not done to insult anyone or imply that we are “wiser” than the person who will be discussed here. It is just that this person provides an excellent learning opportunity for us all.


Sadhguru is a Mystic & Yogi from India and is very well-known around the world. He is a Real Guru / True Teacher. Most of what he shares are excellent Teachings and practical Methods to help people on their Spiritual Paths. There is no question that he is wise and provides extremely beneficial information. It is easy to get “addicted” to watching his videos online, because they are interesting and useful. He also knows how to speak to people in our fast-paced / “modern world” about spiritual topics in a way that others do not. Millions of people “in the West” have been learning so much from this Guru “in the East”, along with the millions in India and other “Eastern Nations”.    

3 - Sadhguru 1.png

Having said that, there are a few things that Sadhguru has shared which are incorrect (or at least inaccurate) . . . and it is not based on a difference of religious beliefs. For example, Sadhguru believes in “Population Control”. He believes that there are too many people already on the planet and increasing that number even more will continue to cause most of the problems in the world. At first, that sounds like a reasonable argument. There is so much pollution, garbage, wasting of natural resources, need for energy production, stress on healthcare systems and welfare systems, need for increased food production, as well as extreme poverty (and all of the other problems that go along with it) in nations around the world. We can understand why someone would suggest that the seemingly “obvious” solution is to decrease the world’s population . . . and THEN everything can be fixed and become wonderful.


What Sadhguru does not know (or is not taking into consideration) is that the Earth can easily sustain 10 billion people. That number is not mentioned randomly; the Ascended Masters have said that there are 10 billion souls connected to this planet. They may not all be in embodiment at the same time, because of the transition period that takes place before people reincarnate, but there is plenty of room and resources for the population that we have right now . . . and MORE. Even if all 10 billion souls were here, the planet could manage it. In fact, we could easily have tens of billions on Earth and still live healthy, happy, harmonious lives!    


Does that sound crazy? Well, anyone who has gone anywhere in a car, bus, train, and especially an airplane can see WIDE-OPEN SPACE EVERYWHERE! There is plenty of room for people to live and do so comfortably. If people reply to this statement and say that the problem is not “space” but rather the stress on our communities, then that is a different issue. We must make the ACTUAL “obvious” point that the Earth has open space everywhere within every nation, and there is plenty of room for tens of billions of people (if that happened, which it will not). 


There are many difficulties in our communities that we must face; however, we should not accept the fallacy that having less people will fix everything. Whether we have one billion or ten billion people on Earth, the same problems will exist . . . but simply on a smaller scale. Some people unknowingly (or knowingly) start using the “human intellect” instead of “intuition” (i.e., our Holy Christ Self) to try to solve problems; and along with “human pride”, they seem to give the impression that THEY somehow know better than God . . . including the issue of there supposedly being too many people on Earth.  

We cannot solve Human Problems using Human Solutions.

We can only solve Human Problems using Divine Solutions.

1.) We learn on the Spiritual Path that EVERY NATURAL BIRTH is approved by the Karmic Board . . . and these Ascended Masters act in complete Harmony & Oneness with God’s Will. If God wants billions of Souls on Earth, then who are WE to suggest otherwise? Who are WE to prevent Souls from being born and Walking the Spiritual Path? Who are WE to prevent Great Beings from taking embodiment and were intended to bless Humanity and the Earth with their Gifts? One of The Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt not kill”: how are people going to rapidly decrease the world’s population without killing anyone (e.g., abortion, euthanasia, toxins, vaccines, wars, etc.)? Even if it was attempted gradually and without directly killing anyone, it would require people’s Reproductive Rights being violated by governments, unknowingly being sterilized through vaccines, being manipulated into choosing not to have children, and being instilled with fear through fake catastrophes (e.g., “Over-Population”, “Man-Made Climate Change”, and “Pandemics”).

2.) The issues that take place in our communities can be solved through Anastasia’s Teaching about Kin’s Domains. It is unnatural and unhealthy (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically) for people to be living in cities (as they are). There is plenty of space for everyone to have a few acres of land for their house, other structures they may want to build, a pond, and any bushes / trees that they wanted to plant. There would be enough room to grow their own nutritious food, drink clean water, breathe fresh air and live better than ever before. Anastasia’s Vision quickly and easily solves the problems that Sadhguru mentions . . . and does so WITHOUT suggesting that we need to depopulate the world! (That is a great example that shows the difference between two “Spiritual Teachers” who are at different levels of consciousness.) 

3.) Pollution and Energy Production can easily be solved when we start using the “Solar Sciences” . . . the “New Technology of the New Age” waiting to be released by Saint Germain. He, and other Masters, have released some technology already and would like to release more, but the Fallen Ones still control all aspects of society (at this time) . . . and when new technology is released, they try to gain control of it as quickly as possible in order to prevent us from using it to make our lives and the world better. The world is being flooded with Light (with much more to come), and the Fallen Ones are already struggling to contain it. They cannot hold back the Higher Technology for much longer, and we will use it (along with our continued spiritual development) to literally transform the world! The incredible ideas of Nikola Tesla are just a few examples of what we should have right now . . . but will soon enough.   

4.) Garbage and wasting Natural Resources are huge problems that most people do not talk about much, but they are also a relatively easy fix. The Fallen Ones created a very materialistic and wasteful society. As we rise higher in consciousness and focus more on our spirituality, we will desire less “material things”. And whatever we need, we will eventually be able to Materialize / Precipitate them . . . and then De-Materialize them when we are finished. During the Transition Period leading to the development of that spiritual ability, we should burn the garbage in a way that some nations are already doing. Burying our garbage in the Sacred Ground of this Earth should NEVER have been an option in the first place, let alone for us to still be doing it. We should also start using only biodegradable materials for everything. We should continue to improve our recycling processes. We must eventually stop using plastics; it is an unnatural substance and is one of THE WORST problems for our environment. The transition may not be easy, however, because our modern society (as it is right now) could not survive without plastics (e.g., computers, phones, televisions, vehicles, packaging for most products, and countless other things). Before that happens, we could use technology to at least revert the plastics back into oil through pyrolysis.

5.) Our healthcare systems are only overwhelmed because our Bodies & Minds are dealing with so many harmful chemicals / toxins in the air, water, and soil. Too many people consume unhealthy food and beverages. Too many people are not exercising enough due to having jobs that are less physically active, spending too much time in the house watching television or playing video games, and not spending enough time outdoors interacting with Mother Nature. Too many people are taking multiple prescription / non-prescription drugs and experimental injections (e.g., the COVID “vaccine”) that focus on treating symptoms, never cure anything, and have countless side-effects . . . produced by “Big Pharma” that makes trillions of dollars with us being sick and dying. Processed sugar is definitely one of THE MOST TOXIC substances on Earth and is destroying people’s health in so many ways. People’s mental health has declined more than ever before due to everything mentioned above . . . but also because of stress / anxiety with their jobs, higher cost of living, worrying about bills / debt, living in a “Secular Society” instead of a “Spiritual Society”, the lack of meaning / purpose in their lives, and fear / brainwashing / manipulation through government / media propaganda regarding local, national, and global issues. If we make the simple changes mentioned here, that alone will cause people to be much healthier and happier. We must get back to “Living Naturally”, using Natural products / healing remedies & therapies, and remaining in a constant state of Harmony with All of Life! Then, the only reason we would need “healthcare” would be for rare emergencies or last-resort surgeries.

6.) Our welfare systems would become obsolete if the financial system was not controlled by the greedy / selfish Fallen Ones. They are the Few who want to control the Many, and that also means controlling the wealth of the world . . . as property, natural resources, and money. When enough people realize the Truth and refuse to participate in their fraudulent system, it will have to change. God envisioned an Abundant Life for His Children, not for them to be dependent upon corrupt governments and banks for survival. Any assistance that people legitimately need can be provided by others in the community who want to donate money, food, clothing, or any other resources to “give a helping hand”. When we have less materialistic desires, we will not be in debt. When all of our basic needs are met, we can focus on the more important things in life and our spiritual development. A “Free-Market Economy” with “True Competition” and “Ethical Companies” is the best system at this time (for individuals, communities, and nations), but that will one day transform into a more independent / self-sufficient system as we move into the Aquarian Age . . . where people need very little because of their spiritual progress; they can grow / make / barter for whatever they do need; and they will eventually precipitate whatever materials they require (when rising higher in consciousness). Most people also do not know just how important Gold is to the Balance and Stability of nations . . . as well as for us Individually (i.e., the positive effects – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically).  

7.) We can see that by quickly and easily addressing all of the issues above, Third World Countries would disappear almost overnight. The Fallen Ones do not want that to happen, but the Ascended Masters do. Incredible changes are going to take place throughout the Aquarian Age . . . and even just in the coming decades alone. The Fallen Ones are doing everything that they can to stop our Awakening and Transcendence, but there is really nothing that they can do to prevent the Great Victory that is coming! They are simply delaying the inevitable, and we should be doing our part to speed things up instead of allowing them to slow things down. 

8.) We must remember that our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds all affect the planet (not just our behaviors alone), because our consciousness directly influences Elemental Life (i.e., animals and the environment). We are One with Nature, and everything that we do has a positive or negative consequence. When we strive to rise to higher levels of consciousness and greater degrees of our Christhood, we can very quickly prevent so-called “natural disasters” . . . because most people may not realize that our misqualified Energies can manifest as blizzards, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions, and so on. However, we can also have beautiful weather all over the world when we have balanced certain negative karma and express only Beauty, Love, Harmony, and Peace into the world. That may be difficult for some people to believe, but the Ascended Masters (and Mystics / Sages / Saints) have always known this to be true. The issue of weather is often connected to population, and this is yet another example demonstrating that the number of people on Earth is NOT the problem. Instead, the problem is that we need more Purity and Higher Consciousness among Mankind, which is what the Fallen Ones have been trying to prevent for a very long time.

9.) Let us also not forget that governments / militaries work with defense contractors to invent technology that artificially manipulates the weather and does have the ability to create unnatural storms of many kinds around the world. It is known by different names, depending on what it is being used for at the time. Some call it “Weather Warfare”, when one nation negatively affects another nation’s weather for various reasons. Some call it “Geo-Engineering”, when corrupt governments / companies negatively affect the climate (which is then conveniently blamed on “carbon emissions” / “greenhouse gases” and used to increase their Power, Money, and Control). Some call it “Weather Modification”, when it is supposedly being used to alter the weather for various beneficial reasons (e.g., helping to bring rain to areas in drought). We would not need technology to help us with the weather if we were in higher states of consciousness and living in Harmony with Mother Nature. Plus, these government agencies and contractors are not using such technology for benevolent purposes. This issue is related to Population Control because many areas around the world are being negatively affected by this technology. Entire nations are being prevented from rising out of poverty in order to take their land / natural resources and keep them as “slave labor”.  

The above examples are just a few simple solutions (that were quickly explained) to solve the problems that are being blamed on “Over-Population”, and this can take place without having to eliminate a single person on Earth or reduce future reproduction in an unnatural / tyrannical manner. We must raise the consciousness of people, and we must overcome the sinister agenda of the Fallen Ones. By humanity rising higher in consciousness, it would lead to people naturally managing the size of their families based on their Attunement with their I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters, and flowing with God’s Will for Mankind and the Earth. There would be no need to worry about the world’s population increasing exponentially with no end.


Sadhguru also does not know (or maybe underestimates) the diabolical plan of the Fallen Ones who want less people on the planet so that THEY can control the natural resources, have all of the wealth, and maintain a small number of “slaves” to do the work. Less people are easier to manage, and they are not even keeping it a secret about wanting to decrease the world’s population. The deception is that they are trying to convince people that it MUST be done for the sake of humanity and the planet. The other deception is that they are doing many things to directly affect people’s health and reproductive systems without their knowledge.


We can see today that the entire debate about “Man-Made Climate Change” and “Over-Population” is entirely created by the Fallen Ones, and yet good people are sadly believing the lies / propaganda. The Fallen Ones invented the evil strategy of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” . . . in which THEY create a problem, which causes a reaction among the general public, and then THEY present THEIR solution to fix it . . . which will always benefit THEM. It is NEVER based on Truth, and their motives are NEVER based on Love.  

5 - Freedom from Globalists.jpg

This is a very big topic and would need more time to discuss in greater detail, but the point here was to mention that True Gurus / Teachers are extremely important for our Spiritual Paths, even if they are not always perfect. Even Jesus said through a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood that if he could go back, he would have done a few things differently. If Jesus himself believed that there was room for improvement regarding his own decisions, then we should realize that the same applies to everyone. We all make mistakes (or at least can do things better) while in a physical body on the Physical Plane. We are not trying to “perfect the Human” . . . we are trying to “perfect the Soul”.  


When we rise higher in consciousness, we will be ready for Higher Teachers. Also, the Teacher we may have at a certain time is dependent on our current belief system. For example, it would be more likely that a Student of Hindu would have a Hindu Guru / Teacher . . . a Buddhist Student would have a Buddhist Guru / Teacher . . . and a Christian Student would have a Christian Guru / Teacher. This is not always the case, of course, but it happens more often than not. The reason is that their Souls will attract to them the Guru / Teacher that they are ready for and that is not too far outside their “comfort zone”. As people progress on the Spiritual Path, they seek to eliminate ALL comfort zones and are willing to learn from ANY True Guru / Teacher who can help them to rise higher. At some point, they will not need an “Outer Guru” and will work completely with their “Inner Guru” (i.e., their Holy Christ Self) and the “Gurus of Gurus” . . . the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.     


There are many examples (in the East and West) demonstrating “false gurus” and “fake teachers” who are immoral, unethical, and possess no True Wisdom . . . but instead who use their manufactured status and position of influence for power, money, sex, and so on. However, this should not dissuade True Seekers on the Path from being open to the idea that there are indeed Great Gurus and Wise Teachers around the world. We know of many such individuals from the past, including:

Aimee Semple McPherson

Apollonius of Tyana



Charles W. Leadbeater


Corinne Heline

Emanuel Swedenborg



Flower A. Newhouse

Francis Bacon


Grace Cooke

Guru Nanak

Guy & Edna Ballard

Helena Blavatsky

Isaac Luria


Joel S. Goldsmith

John Chrysostom

John the Baptist

Kathryn Kuhlman

Khalil Gibran

Kim Clement


Lao Tzu



Maria Montessori 

Mark & Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mary Baker Eddy



Morihei Ueshiba


Moses ben Jacob Cordovero

Moses de León


Nicholas & Helena Roerich

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Origen of Alexandria 

Padma Sambhava

Paramahansa Yogananda

Peter Deunov



Ralph Waldo Emerson


Rudolf Steiner


Saint Catherine of Siena

Saint Mark the Evangelist

Saint Patrick

Saint Paul the Apostle

Sanat Kumara

Satyananda Saraswati

Sivananda Saraswati 

Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


Sri Yukteswar Giri

Swami Vivekananda

Thich Nhat Hanh



There are also legitimate Gurus / Teachers in the East and West in our present time (while they are still in embodiment – as of January 2023, when this is being written):




Benny Hinn

David Christopher Lewis

Eckhart Tolle

Hank Kunneman

Joel Osteen



Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

It is one of the greatest blessings of a person’s life (and perhaps of ANY of their lives) to experience such a Sacred Relationship. In fact, the “Guru / Chela Relationship” can be THE MOST IMPORTANT in a person’s life and THE GREATEST LOVE that we can experience . . . even more than with our parents, spouse, children, and so on. Again, this idea would not seem strange to people in the East, but it may sound a bit odd to many in the West.


To learn from a True Teacher is what our Soul needs and desires. It is not about idolizing the “outer personality” of the individual but rather appreciating that this Special Person can help us to make incredible progress on our Spiritual Paths in a way that nobody else can on the Physical Plane. The role of a Real Guru is to help us eventually find the Teacher within us, which is the Holy Christ Self. Such individuals teach us the incredible lessons that they have learned by Walking the Spiritual Path, help us to avoid the pitfalls we will encounter, and to see the impurities / imperfections within us that must be eliminated. Such a person is a Representative / Instrument / Mediator for our own I AM Presence on the Etheric Plane to help us . . . and to do so through another “human being” on the Physical Plane that we can more easily relate to because of the more “solid” / “physical” type of relationship.

6 - TSL - Jesus & Disciples.png
7 - TSL - Morya, Mark, Mother.png

For example, nobody would argue that the general public learned more, made more spiritual progress, and enjoyed more mystical experiences than the Disciples of Jesus. Similarly, nobody would argue that the general public understood more of the Great Wisdom from Gautama and benefitted more on their Spiritual Paths than those who were completely devoted to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha (i.e., Teacher, Teachings, and Community).

8 - Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.jpg

If we would like to find a Real Guru / True Teacher, then we must pray to God, the Ascended Masters, and our I AM Presence to help us. If our hearts are sincere, and we are indeed at a stage on our Spiritual Path where we are ready to work more intensely and require a Guru, then we must pray, meditate, and develop our discernment in order to be aware / mindful of any illumination / guidance that we might receive. We must follow our hearts and do what we “feel” (through intuition / inner prompting) is the right thing for us. It is better to let the Teacher come to us (in some way) rather than us looking for the Teacher, because that is how many people end up wasting their precious Time / Energy / Light / Money by working with False Gurus / Fake Teachers . . . or at least those who are not the best individuals that our Souls need at that time. 

“When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.”

9 - Jesus & Garden.jpg
Mario 55.jpg



Activities Sponsored by the Ascended Masters

Activities Sponsored by the Ascended Masters

It was mentioned earlier how important “Tools” and “Support” can be when Walking the Spiritual Path. One example of the support we can receive is in a Guru / Chela Relationship. For many people, that is not an option for various reasons. It is a huge commitment and requires a great deal of sacrifice that most people would find difficult because of their family and/or employment situations. It is certainly “easier” to be in a Guru / Chela Relationship if we surrender everything and join a monastery, for example, in order to live with and learn from a Real Guru. However, that is not something the vast majority of people are able (or willing) to do . . . in the East or the West.


Today, it is much more realistic for some people to make time to at least read a few books and the important content of certain websites as well as watch informative videos online. Sadly, many people cannot (or will not) make the time to do even that much. It is unfortunate that there are those who still do not understand the importance of the Spiritual Path. However, there are those who are very busy but do try to fit some Spiritual Study / Practice into their schedules. Something is better than Nothing! The short amount of time we spend on our Spirituality is always beneficial. Plus, it will not only increase as the months and years go on (as our interest increases and we see positive changes taking place), but the overall time added together over that period will have resulted in a great deal of our time having been spent on Spirituality . . . rather than having made the decision to not spend any time on it at all.

There is no “right time” to begin focusing on our Spiritual Path.


The Eternal Now is all that exists!

For people who cannot engage with a Real Guru / True Teacher in a direct relationship . . . and for those who do not feel guided to become members of a certain religion and attend their local place of worship . . . there are other “Teachers” they can learn from. A few examples of such individuals were mentioned above, and we can always read their books and watch any of their videos in order to learn more about Spirituality and how to improve our lives. However, there are others who are VERY interested in spiritual development and want to learn more about God, Creation, and Themselves . . . but they are unable (or not interested) to engage with either of the two options just mentioned. Their Souls are eager for SO MUCH MORE, but they cannot find anyone, any group, or any institution that is teaching what they are longing to hear.


These may be individuals who are ready for the Ascended Masters’ Teachings. They have looked everywhere else, but nothing felt right . . . nothing quenched their “thirst” or satisfied their “hunger”. That is an intense, and yet wonderful, state to be in! When we feel that there is nothing else in the world for us (when it comes to our spiritual development), our Souls are proving that we are READY FOR MORE! And when the Student is ready, the “Teachers of Teachers” appear!


Finding the True Teachings of the Ascended Masters is unlike any other experience in a person’s life. It is as if you have been walking through a desert and feel like you are dying from dehydration, hunger, and heatstroke . . . and then you find a Beautiful Oasis with water, fruit trees, and shade! The feeling of joy and excitement are indescribable, and words cannot possibly explain such a Sacred Experience to people who have not been through a similar situation. For some people, it may be less dramatic and intense. However, their Souls would still feel incredibly happy to have found what was needed for their spiritual development . . . even if their human minds did not know what they were searching for at the time.


It is an unbelievable blessing to have access to the Ascended Masters’ Teachings, and even that is ridiculously understated. One cannot imagine ever going back to how they once thought and lived after finding the Teachings and applying what was learned. In fact, one cannot understand how they even lived without the Teachings for as long as one did. Sincere “Seekers of Truth” would rather not live at all than to have to live without the Teachings, once they were discovered. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it is absolutely true and can only be understood by personal experience.


It would be like people living in a hypnotic-state . . . mere “zombies” . . . barely conscious, but just conscious enough to know that they exist. And then one day, something seemingly magical happens to “wake them up” and free them from their trance. They feel unbelievable emotions of joy that cannot be expressed! They feel lighter, clearer, and freer than ever before. After some time of experiencing the ecstasy of their Awakening and Freedom, they realize that so many are still in hypnotic states and seem to be imprisoned. They are determined to find ways of helping these poor Souls, and they also imagine how it would feel if they ever had to go back to living in that same hypnotic state. This is when such people would say that they would rather die than to not live Free in Truth, Love, and Light! You cannot go back, for you would never want to go back. Going backward means DEATH in every sense of the word . . . spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. There is ONLY FORWARD . . . which leads to Immortal Life! 

1 - TSL - Masters.png
2 - TSL - I AM Grateful.png

It was mentioned earlier that the Ascended Masters have blessed mankind today with the opportunity to study Spiritual Teachings that have never been widely released to the general public since the Golden Age Civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Only the most worthy and deserving individuals would have been allowed access to such Teachings since then, and they would have been led by their I AM Presence, a Great Teacher, or an Ascended Master to the Secret / Hidden locations around the world where such Sacred Teachings have been guarded throughout the Ages. If people could not study these Teachings on the Physical Plane (e.g., caves, monasteries, temples, etc.), then the only way would have been to do so while their physical bodies slept and their Souls could study with the Ascended Masters themselves on the Etheric Plane . . . as well as doing so in the transition period between Lifetimes.


The Teachings of the Ascended Masters have been released to mankind through various organizations since 1875 . . . beginning with the Theosophical Society. The Masters assist mankind as much as The Great Law will allow, and they are releasing more Light into the Earth every single day through New Teachings and Dispensations to help with the unfolding of the Aquarian Age . . . and the eventual establishment of a Golden Age Civilization. The Masters are on the Etheric Plane and work through their Chosen Instruments / Messengers on the Physical Plane. They also illumine people individually within their hearts and happily provide any assistance possible to those who are sincerely striving to rise higher in consciousness, realize their God-Identity, and work with them (and others in embodiment) to bring Heaven to Earth . . . and raise Earth to Heaven.


Of course, we must develop our discernment when it comes to “Messengers” and the “Ascended Masters’ Teachings” like we must regarding “Gurus” and “Teachers”. Not everyone who claims to be a “Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood” is legitimate. Some could be genuine but are only at a certain level of consciousness . . . and, therefore, the Teachings that come through them must be studied / accepted with caution. What we are looking for are the Highest & Purest Teachings possible, and that requires Messengers to be the Highest & Purest Instruments possible. Sadly, there are others who know that they are not Real Gurus or Real Messengers, and they only seek to divert Sincere Souls from the True Path and/or to profit in some way by pretending to be something that they are not. It is sinister behavior that does take place, but it is not new . . . even Adam and Eve were deceived by “The Serpent”, who was a False Guru / Imposter of the True Guru in the Garden of Eden (i.e., Lord Maitreya).

There are a number of legitimate Organizations / Activities of Light around the world . . . those sponsored by the Ascended Masters. A bigger list is provided on the “Resources” page of this website, but two examples will be provided here. These are the two primary organizations that have been used throughout this website when providing certain videos, pictures, and links with additional information that complements what is shared on every page. These organizations are definitely legitimate and offer some of the Highest Spiritual Teachings available . . . outside of Secret Mystery Schools or those received by Spiritually-Advanced Individuals (i.e., Adepts / High Initiates) who are not meant to run organizations and be in the “public eye”.

The Summit Lighthouse

3 - TSL Lighthouse.png

The Hearts Center

4 - The HC Rose.png



Devotion to “The Mother”

Devotion to “The Mother”


One of the most important Spiritual Teachings that people must come to understand is that, while the Holy Trinity is True and Sacred, there are four Aspects / “Divine Persons” of God and not just three. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit . . . but God is also Mother. This was discussed in greater detail on the “God & Creation” page of this website, but it is necessary to mention it again in this section regarding the Spiritual Path.

Throughout history, we have seen many groups of people devoted to “The Mother” in various ways. Certain religions, such as Hinduism, have focused strongly on worshipping Female Deities / Goddesses. There have been those (i.e., “Pagans”) who did not necessarily belong to a specific religion, but they worshipped Nature and the Earth. Even many Christians around the world pray regularly to Mother Mary and other Female Saints (e.g., Bernadette of Lourdes, Catherine of Siena, Clare of Assisi, Joan of Arc, Mary MacKillop, Mary Magdalene, Philomena, Rita of Cascia, Teresa of Avila, and Thérèse of Lisieux). Some spiritual individuals and organizations pray to Ascended Lady Masters and “Goddesses” of the Great White Brotherhood.

1 - Mother Mary - Earth.jpg

God is in ALL. Without God, there is nothing. It is wonderful to be devoted to God as The Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Mother combined or to do so as Individual Aspects of The One . . . depending on what people’s Souls feel more strongly about in any given lifetime. These can be “Four Spiritual Paths” associated with the “Four Aspects of God”, and each of them is a wonderful opportunity for people to learn more about a different Aspect of God and become One with It. Perhaps in one lifetime, people want to be devoted to God as Father . . . so, they might join a church / group (or do so by themselves) with a focus on The Creator / Alpha / Spirit. In another lifetime, they may want to be devoted to God as Son . . . so, they might focus on “The Universal Christ” and those who embodied as Individual “Christed Ones” on Earth (e.g., Krishna and Jesus). In another lifetime, they may want to be devoted to God as Holy Spirit . . . so, they might focus on the Energy / Light throughout the Matter Universe, the “Comforter” (John 14:26), the “Sacred Fire of God”, and developing the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”.


Therefore, it would be perfectly acceptable for people who may want to be devoted to God as Mother . . . and they might focus on Creation / Omega / Matter Universe. Some people might call this Pantheism, depending on their understanding of that term. It is true that EVERYTHING is a part of God . . . The Creator & The Creation are ONE. At the same time, the Structure and Laws that govern Creation (i.e., the Mother Aspect of God) are not separate from The Creator / Cosmic Mind (i.e., the Father Aspect of God) . . . nor do they prove that “God as Father” does not exist. Instead, it ALL demonstrates just how Perfectly God’s Creation operates and how EVERYTHING IS ONE . . . the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.     

2 - Heaven & Earth.jpg

The Age of Aries was focused on the “Father” Aspect of God . . . the “I AM THAT I AM”. The planet was blessed to have Great Souls working to anchor the Light of Alpha into the Earth and increasing people’s awareness of God as Father (e.g., Melchizedek, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Ikhnaton, Zarathustra, Ezekiel, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, Gautama, Confucius, Socrates, and Plato).


The Age of Pisces was focused on the “Son” Aspect of God. The planet was blessed to have Jesus demonstrate the Individualization of the Universal Christ so that we could all learn from him and follow in his footsteps to become “Christed Ones” as well. Others who lived during that Period also Walked the Spiritual Path . . . becoming One with their Holy Christ Self / The Son and earning their Ascension, as Jesus had done before them (e.g., John the Beloved, Francis Bacon, Emanuel Swedenborg, Nicholas Roerich, Guy & Edna Ballard, Maria Montessori, Mark & Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Flower A. Newhouse, Mother Teresa, and various Mystics / Sages / Saints).


What many people may not know is that the Age of Aquarius is going to be focused on the “Mother” and “Holy Spirit” Aspects of God. We are going to continue hearing more and more about Them over the next 2,150 years. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that we should learn as much as we can now and strive to embody the Pure Energies of Mother and Holy Spirit. By doing so, we will also come to better understand and appreciate God as Son and God as Father.


It is Anastasia, the Siberian Mystic, who has helped people around the world (through the books of Vladimir Megré) to understand how amazing the Mother Aspect of God is for us Individually and for All of Civilization . . . as well as how we can better understand God as Father / Spirit by better understanding God as Mother / Matter. We can reach The Father by going through The Mother!


* * * Interestingly, we can see this same concept around the world in human relationships where, very often, people have learned that to reach the Man / Father of a household, they must first reach the Woman / Mother. They must go through the Woman to get to the Man . . . to go through the Mother to get to the Father. * * *

3 - Anastasia & Vladimir 2 - Alexander Razboinikov.png

Alexander Razboinikov

This is a seemingly “radical” idea for people who have never heard of this mentioned in a spiritual sense. For example, the Catholic Church may show admiration to Mother Mary and other Female Saints, but the focus is on its very limited understanding of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Aspects of God. The Church does not focus (past or present) on the Mother Aspect of God and would not want its members to stop attending Church (and donating money) in order to focus on devotion to God’s Creation as the Mother Universe, Mother Earth, or Mother Nature. Such people may be accused of being “pagans”, worshipping “false gods”, or being guilty of “blasphemy” and “heresy” . . . like in the old days. Such beliefs once led to people being persecuted, imprisoned, or even executed.


Since “The Fall” in the Garden of Eden, it has been the diabolical plan of the Fallen Ones to cut people off from God as well as from knowing / remembering the different Aspects of God. They want us to accept their counterfeit creation and reject God’s Creation . . . to accept what is unnatural & unreal and reject what is Natural & Real. They did not want us to focus our attention on Mother Nature, for example, because they knew that we would have access to the Mysteries of God and the Secrets of the Universe if we did. They knew that living in a State of Love, Joy, Gratitude, and Harmony with God’s Creation is unbelievably beneficial for our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, well-being, and development. They knew that losing our connection to The Mother would lessen our connection to The Father . . . and the “leaders” conveniently made themselves the mediators between Man and God the Father, which gave them an incredible amount of Power, Money, and Control.

4 - Vladimir Suvorov.jpg

Vladimir Suvorov

5 - Ananda Vdovic -Lakshmi in a Galaxy.jpg

Ananda Vdovic 

7 - Mario 70.jpg
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The Spiritual Teachings of Anastasia are among THE MOST IMPORTANT on Earth. They are seemingly “simple” and yet profound. For example, the beautiful concept of a “Kin’s Domain” / “Family Homestead” is easy to understand and yet can literally change the entire world . . . and do so quickly! When individuals of Great Wisdom (like Anastasia) share something with others, it often seems like “common sense” when we hear it . . . as if it is not really a big deal. However, if it was just common sense, then why had the idea never been explained and proposed by anyone else before?!


Ignorance and Intellectual Pride can both prevent people from taking notice of life-altering Teachings and Ideas that are presented by humble individuals who are not seeking attention and share their thoughts in a simple manner. People fail to understand that it is actually being done for THEIR benefit and not because the Messenger lacks the ability to use “big words” and “sound really smart”. Intellectual snobbery is embarrassing and serves no purpose, and True Teachers are not concerned if such arrogant individuals believe that their messaging is too simple . . . and, therefore, it must mean that they are uneducated or “simpletons”. In fact, great eloquence and mastery is demonstrated in the simplicity of a truly powerful message. Most people do not realize that Spiritual Adepts (like Anastasia) are speaking on multiple levels at the same time . . . with layer upon layer of messaging that affects different people at different levels of consciousness! They do not understand that so much more is NOT said than is said, and yet even the unspoken words positively affect people’s Souls. They do not understand that words are “Cups of Light” . . . and all Ascended or Unascended Masters choose their words carefully in order to deliver specific “Messages of Light” that have the greatest impact possible on ALL Levels.   


The powerful influence that Anastasia’s Vision would have on Humanity and the Earth cannot possibly be overstated; in fact, any attempt to fully explain here WHAT the ideas are, WHY they are amazing, and HOW they work would be the opposite of exaggerating. Let us just say that learning about the idea of the Kin’s Domain alone would be like playing the lottery with $1 and winning $1,000,000,000! People must study the books written by Vladimir Megré, apply Anastasia’s Teachings that the books contain, and witness for themselves the Miraculous Transformation that WILL take place.  


Sometimes, THE MOST POWERFUL IDEAS are easy to understand and simple to implement. What is also exciting is that beneath the simplicity, we will find endless Layers of Cosmic Mysteries that go far beyond the human mind’s ability to comprehend and could only be grasped by those with very high levels of consciousness. Another example would be the Parables of Jesus; the stories were simple and yet also contained many Layers of Spiritual Teachings . . . some of which only a few people on Earth (past or present) would have been able to understand!   

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There is so much that could be said about “The Mother”, but it was important to at least share a few key points in this section. During the Aquarian Age, we will be more focused on The Mother (and The Holy Spirit) than at any other time since Lemuria . . . which was called “The Motherland”. When there was a Golden Age Civilization there (before the continent collapsed), the individuals were devoted to the Mother Aspect of God. This allowed them incredible Spiritual Development and even Technological Development that we would think of as “science fiction” today. They understood how to work WITH THE MOTHER instead of working AGAINST THE MOTHER in order to have all of the Energy that they needed for health / well-being and to power their homes, transportation, and so on.


The Mother (spiritually and physically) is who we turn to for nurturing and the “Abundant Life”. John 10:10 says, “ . . . I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” By becoming One with our Holy Christ Self (The Son), in emulation of Jesus the Christ, we can fully and freely work in Harmony with The Mother and The Holy Spirit . . . and when we do, we will experience the Abundant Life that The Father always envisioned for His Sons & Daughters.  

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Let us not forget that The Mother embodies the Divine Will of The Father. She is the Manifestation of His Magnificent Blueprint . . . the Formless becoming Form in All of Its Glory! One of the most talented artists of our time, Nicholas Roerich, was a gentleman of high consciousness. He was more than just an artist, however; he was a “Renaissance Man” and a Genius. His powerful expressions of God, Creation, and Spirituality were masterfully painted in a very unique and beautiful style that had not been done before. His paintings captured Energy / Light in a way that few could understand . . . let alone attempt. His “Philosophy of Peace” was world-renowned. He was a True Champion of Culture and hoped to preserve the heritage of nations across the globe so that they would always be protected, even during times of war. He was also a Messenger for El Morya and received timeless Spiritual Teachings. Roerich earned his Ascension after that embodiment and is now an Ascended Master.  

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One of Roerich’s most important paintings is called “She Who Leads”. There are a few different versions, and yet each tells the same story. It depicts a Seeker of Truth / Spiritual Student following the “Mother of the World” up the mountain to higher levels of consciousness . . . to the “Summit of Being” (i.e., One’s God-Identity). It is the understanding that we must “Take the Hand of The Mother” and let Her lead us where we are meant to be, for She IS the Will of God for us Individually and Planetarily. In the case of Roerich’s painting, the Chela is hanging onto Her Sacred Garment and follows Her for however long it takes to reach the top. This painting shows what we must all do on the Spiritual Path.

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The Father (I AM THAT I AM) can multiply Infinitely as Individualizations of Himself (Our I AM Presence) . . . The Son (Universal Christ) does the same (Our Holy Christ Self) . . . and The Holy Spirit also does the same (Descent of the Comforter / Holy Ghost within Us). This means that The Mother (Cosmic Virgin) can also multiply Infinitely as Individualizations of Herself (Feminine Polarity of God within Us).


We must strive for Wholeness on the Spiritual Path . . . to balance the Alpha & Omega / Masculine & Feminine Energies within us . . . become One with our Holy Christ Self . . . and allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us. That is how we earn our Ascension, and it cannot be done without The Mother. Everything in the Matter Universe IS The Mother. It is the “Womb of Creation” in which God the Father / Spirit sends His Light in order to Create Life. We know that our Base-of-the-Spine Chakra is also called the “Mother Chakra”. The Kundalini that is intended to rise from the Base Chakra to the Crown Chakra is called the “Mother Light”. Our Soul and even the Holy Spirit are Feminine, while our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self are Masculine. The Mother is EVERYWHERE and is EVERYTHING in our Material Cosmos.


Since The Mother is a vital key to our own spiritual development and eventual Ascension, then it should not be surprising to understand that She is also the key to the spiritual development of Civilization . . . Earth . . . our Solar System . . . our Galaxy . . . and our Universe. In the Age of Aquarius, we will begin to develop a much better understanding of The Mother (that is, we will begin to REMEMBER what our Souls already know about The Mother). The Teachings of the Ascended Masters and Mystics (like Anastasia) will help illumine and guide mankind to rise higher in consciousness and become ONE WITH THE MOTHER.

17 - PFC - Earth Hierarchies.png

Peter Fich Christiansen

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By doing so, we will create a New “Culture of the Mother” like we experienced in previous Golden Age Civilizations. A nation like the United States of America will lead the way by becoming a New “Motherland” like we experienced on Lemuria. We will restore the Purity of God throughout the Earth and establish a New “Garden of Eden” (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically). People all over the world will earn their Ascensions in the Light. Even the Earth will fulfill Her Divine Destiny by becoming a “Freedom Star” / “Victory Star” that will be emulated by countless Planets / Civilizations throughout the Universe!



“Outer Path” and “Inner Path”

“Outer Path” and “Inner Path”


When discussing the Spiritual Path, it is absolutely necessary to also mention that there is an “Outer Path” and an “Inner Path” that people can follow. In fact, many people (if not most) who are interested in their spiritual development will actually follow both . . . the Outer first and then the Inner. For this reason, the topic must be discussed here. It is exciting and interesting, and it is certainly possible that what is going to be shared here is a topic that many people around the world have not thought about before . . . but they will be very appreciative to learn something about it.


It is obvious to everyone that belonging to a certain World Religion can be done to help people focus on spirituality. There are many different religions, and they all offer various Teachings that appeal to certain people. The idea of Religion is a beautiful concept, and it is also truly fascinating to learn that the 8 Major Religions correspond to the 8 Rays of God (and the Qualities associated with them) as well as to the 8 Primary Chakras.  

1.) JudaismFirst Ray / Throat Chakra

2.) BuddhismSecond Ray / Crown Chakra

3.) Christianity Third Ray / Heart Chakra

4.) HinduismFourth Ray / Base-of-the-Spine Chakra

5.) ConfucianismFifth Ray / Third-Eye Chakra

6.) IslamSixth Ray / Solar Plexus Chakra

7.) TaoismSeventh Ray / Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra

8.) ZoroastrianismEighth Ray / Secret-Chamber-of-the-Heart Chakra

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Of course, the problem throughout history is that some of the different Spiritual Teachings are incorrect, inaccurate, inadequate, or even intentionally distorted by those with a sinister agenda. Something similar could be said about Money, for example. The problem with money is not the money itself but rather people’s “love” / desiring of money and the unfortunate conduct of selfishness, greed, and immorality that they engage in to earn, maintain, and increase their wealth. Religion, as a concept, is wonderful. The problem is that certain people throughout history desired leadership roles or worked “behind the scenes” and negatively influenced the Institutions and/or the Doctrines so that they would benefit while everyone else was hindered or exploited . . . spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically (this includes financially).  


Having said that, many Great Souls have still found their way to God even while belonging to certain religions. It is not because the Institution helped them per se; it was because they so loved God and wanted “Oneness with Him” that they could overcome the limitations of the Institution and some of the corrupt / “godless” leaders and still progress spiritually. Many such individuals are the Extraordinary Mystics, Sages, and Saints that we love hearing about, because they are an inspiration and a wonderful example for us to follow!


So, it is definitely a reasonable option for people to become members of a certain religion that they resonate with. If they are sincere and humble, they can make good strides on their Spiritual Journey. However, another issue involved with religions is when some people believe that THEIR religion is the best, greatest, and ONE TRUE RELIGION. Of course, that is just the silliness and pride of the human ego. Every major religion has some excellent Teachings within it, and at the core of them all is the same Universal Spiritual Principle . . . The Golden Rule! The problem is that some people like the idea that they belong to “The Best” religion, and that they are studying “The Most Important” Holy Book. The Fallen Angels are the ones who put such ideas into people’s minds, because they want to keep us divided and fighting against each other . . . instead of uniting together to overthrow them from their usurped positions of power and from creating a Golden Age Civilization of Love, Light, and Liberty!

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There is no question whatsoever that truly beneficial Spiritual Teachings can be found within Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity to name a few examples. There is only ONE GOD . . . but there are MANY PATHS TO GOD. One religion could never satisfy the spiritual needs of billions of people around the world. Everyone is at a different “Rung of the Spiritual Ladder” . . . and has different beliefs, personalities, interests, gifts, karma, and so on. There is no way that one religion could (or should) ever become “The World Religion”. It would be better to have billions of religions on Earth than just one. However, at the heart of all the major religions is LOVE . . . the most powerful Force in the Cosmos and the Divine Essence of God, Creation, & Man. 

If there ever was a “World Religion”,

it could only be one that was based on The Love of God.

4 - TSL - St. G & Earth.png

Different people are attracted to different religions, and that is perfectly fine. It was mentioned earlier how many different Spiritual Beings are living on the Earth right now. Everyone is at a different stage regarding Spiritual Development. While we may find others of “like-mind”, and even join a religion to interact with such people, we are not exactly alike. The Spiritual Path is only wide enough for ONE PERSON; we do not Walk the Path in a group, even if we belong to a group. We can live spiritual lives with other people, such as our family, friends, religious group, and community . . . but nobody can Walk the Spiritual Path for us, and we cannot Walk the Path for anyone else. Therefore, people can benefit a great deal by belonging to a certain religion. They must keep in mind, however, that they are still Walking an “Individual Spiritual Path” even while they are members of a Religious Group / Institution.


It is also important for people to understand that the Great Souls various religions focus on did NOT create those religions themselves . . . as they were established after the Wise Teachers were gone (i.e., when they “died” / earned their Ascension). Many people may find it uncomfortable to hear such a thing, because of their belief-system, but it is The Truth. For example, Gautama did NOT establish the religion of Buddhism . . . and Jesus did NOT establish the religion of Christianity. They were both Magnificent Teachers who shared their Great Wisdom with others. They did have Students / Disciples and formed a Sacred Community / Spiritual Movement . . . but they did NOT seek to establish an “organized religion” or a “human institution”. They understood that the Fallen Ones would eventually take control of a religion / institution and corrupt their Spiritual Teachings. They wanted people to have their True Teachings and understand the True Path so that they could follow in their footsteps. Plus, Great Souls are genuinely humble and would never start an organization / institution that was focused on worshiping them.


This is one reason why Jesus spoke to the general public outdoors as often as possible . . . so they could absorb his Light / Love / Wisdom while surrounded by Nature (i.e., God’s Creation) instead of trying to help their Souls while they were surrounded by Temples of Idolatry, Deception, Control, and Corruption (i.e., the Fallen Ones’ Creation). God is found within His Creation, so we do not have to be in a physical building in order to find God and pray to Him. Religions can be a good experience for many people, but it may not be what some people’s Souls need for continued spiritual development. This is why we have Free Will; we must be allowed to follow our hearts and freely choose what we feel is the best option for us at the time. If we are sincere in our Spiritual Quest, and if we surrender to God’s Will, then we can be assured that we will be illumined / guided to the right places at the right time . . . and we will have the right tools that we need while working with the right individuals who can help us.


There are those who do not feel guided to join a certain religion and do not want another person to come between them and God (e.g., a “religious leader”). These people are seeking a direct experience with God, and they are known as “Mystics”. Many Great Souls (past and present) have understood that the Spiritual Path is individual and that God could be found WITHIN THEM. They did not believe that joining an organized religion would help them to find what they were looking for, assist them with their spiritual progress, or answer the questions that they had. They chose to look “inside” themselves instead of looking “outside” themselves. This is the difference between Walking the “Inner Path” instead of the “Outer Path”.


Earlier in this section, it was mentioned that people usually end up Walking Both Paths . . . because the Outer Path can only achieve so much until people transition to the Inner Path. This is the Path of Mystics. This is the Spiritual Path that must be Walked at some point if people truly want to become One with their Holy Christ and their I AM Presence. If we want to BE who God created us to BE . . . and we want to earn our Ascension and no longer reincarnate . . . then we will have to Walk the Inner Path. It is the Higher Path of Higher Consciousness leading to the Higher Spiritual Teachings that cannot be found in ANY of the doctrines presented to the general public by the world religions.

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The Ascended Masters have said that one of the biggest issues hindering Mankind’s Spiritual Development and delaying the establishment of a Golden Age Civilization is the lack of knowledge that people have regarding “Cosmic Law”. This is not only referring to the “Laws” that are used to help people govern their own behavior (e.g., The Ten Commandments); this is also about the Natural Forces that govern the entire Cosmos. Knowing such things would allow us to understand God and Creation in ways that we cannot imagine right now.

The Fallen Ones know a great deal about the Cosmic Laws of God, and they have spent a very long time trying to make sure that we remain in a state of ignorance. We MUST come to understand the Sacred Laws of The Creator and how to use them wisely, because they are vital to our Spiritual Development . . . Individually and Planetarily. God wants us to embody His Wisdom and for us to “have dominion” (Genesis 1). What some people may not know is that the spiritual meaning for Wisdom is “Wise Dominion”.   


This is why the Inner Path of Mysticism is more beneficial than the Outer Path of Religion. This is why many Mystics have been (and still are) ignored, slandered, or attacked by the Fallen Ones and their manipulated puppets. Many people in high positions within Church & State do not want to lose their Power, Money, and Control. They do not want us to “find God” and have a direct / personal relationship . . . with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Mother. They do not like Mystics, because they cannot control these Great Souls and worry that these individuals will inspire other people to follow in their footsteps instead of remaining loyal / faithful to their corrupt institutions. The Fallen Ones do EVERYTHING that they can to prevent us from truly knowing God, Creation, and Ourselves. They are terrified of God’s Children becoming Enlightened . . . because that will lead to our Freedom and to us becoming more Powerful than them. If they really believed that we were “weak” and “inferior” to them, they would not be acting so afraid by desperately trying to control or destroy us!    

The “Unholy Trinity of Control” used by the Fallen Ones throughout history to hinder, discourage, enslave, and destroy the Sons & Daughters of God:

Ignorance . . . Fear . . . Guilt

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8 - Plato's Cave 2.jpg

This is also why it is one of the greatest blessings in the history of mankind to be receiving the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. It provides us with incredible spiritual knowledge that we could NEVER get from the world religions and fully supports people in becoming Mystics . . . by going within themselves to receive more illumination from the Masters and our own Higher Self. If a religion or spiritual movement of any kind does not support Free Will and seek to empower its members to find God within and become Christed Ones (like Jesus), then we can be certain that it will not help us on our Spiritual Journey. Again, religion is not bad and can be quite beneficial . . . especially for people at certain levels of consciousness. However, it is the Inner Path that more people will be Walking during the Age of Aquarius.


Organized religions will still exist, but fewer people will want to be members. More “Spiritual Communities” will spring up consisting of Beautiful Souls who are spiritually like-minded. However, more people will understand that our True Spiritual Path is an Inner Path where we learn to follow our intuition and listen to the “still, small voice within” (i.e., our Holy Christ Self). More people will understand that we are solely responsible for our own growth or stagnation . . . just as we are solely responsible for our own use of God’s Energies through every thought, feeling, word, and deed (i.e., positive / negative karma). 

The Spiritual Path is a

Path of Personal Responsibility.

The spiritual understanding of Salvation is that it means “Self-Elevation”. With the help of the Ascended Masters, True Gurus in embodiment, and our own Higher Self . . . we are intended to “Save Ourselves”. This takes place Individually and as a Civilization. Some people may not like hearing that, because they believe in “Automatic Salvation”. However, we can see that this is true by simply looking at what has taken place in our lives and around the world throughout history. People love God and pray to Him, and yet so many terrible things continue to happen. If God was going to magically save us, people would ask the obvious question: “What is taking Him so long?” And they would be right to wonder about that.


The Truth is that God (through Cosmic Beings and the Ascended Masters) does so much to help us, but He also respects our Free Will. God wants His Children to be Loving, Wise, and Powerful . . . and to continue developing spiritually so that we can BE who He created us to BE. He wants us to work together in Unity and Harmony so that we can ALL help to make the world a better place and restore the Purity of His Original Blueprint. He does not want to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves, because that does not teach us any important lessons and does not help us to become Strong, Independent, and Self-Sufficient. We CANNOT become Ascended Masters if we are not Self-Realized and Self-Mastered Individuals . . . and that CANNOT be done for us by ANYONE. Even God Himself would NOT cheat us out of the Priceless / Sacred Opportunity of Walking the Spiritual Path and striving to become Great Beings and Co-Creators with Him!      

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Now, some people may like a few examples that can help to clarify the difference between the “Outer Path” and “Inner Path”. Below, they will find a number of comparisons that may provide some illumination and were taken from the “Lost Years and Teachings of Jesus” website.

  • Outer – Omega / Matter / Physical 

  • Inner – Alpha / Spirit / Etheric


  • Outer – world’s religions / indirect experience of God

  • Inner – mysticism / direct experience of God


  • Outer – looking for God “outside ourselves”

  • Inner – looking for God “inside ourselves”


  • Outer – thinking that Heaven is “without”, as a location somewhere in the universe

  • Inner – knowing that Heaven is “within”, as higher states of consciousness


  • Outer – a spiritual path that can be walked with others

  • Inner – a spiritual path that can only be walked alone


  • Outer – praying to God for things that we want to happen

  • Inner – praying to God for illumination / guidance so that we can be “instruments” for Him to make things happen through us


  • Outer – asking God what we should do

  • Inner – telling God what we would like to do and then surrendering it to His Will 


  • Outer – the “parables” that Jesus gave to the masses

  • Inner – the “mysteries” that Jesus gave to the Disciples


  • Outer – mostly focused on “Holy Books” for knowledge of God and His Creation

  • Inner – some focus on “Holy Books”, but mostly on Divine Inspiration, for knowledge of God and His Creation


  • Outer – illumination / understanding comes mostly from “outside” (i.e., other people)

  • Inner – illumination / understanding comes mostly from “inside” (i.e., ourselves)


  • Outer – much time reading books and only putting some things into practice

  • Inner – little time reading books and yet putting everything important into practice


  • Outer – worshipping Jesus or other Enlightened Beings

  • Inner – striving to become like Jesus or other Enlightened Beings 


  • Outer – looking for “outer salvation” through someone else (e.g., Jesus)

  • Inner – looking for “inner salvation” through one’s own spiritual mastery


  • Outer – people with some degree of wisdom are Teachers / Gurus 

  • Inner – very wise people, one’s Higher Self (“Inner Teacher”), and Spiritual Beings are Teachers / Gurus


  • Outer – focus is on “Doing”

  • Inner – focus is on “BEing”


  • Outer – trying to be a “good person” and live a “good life”

  • Inner – trying to be a “saintly person” and live a “holy life”


  • Outer – some focus on having only pure thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds

  • Inner – constant focus on having only pure thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds


  • Outer – some humility, respect, and integrity

  • Inner – constant humility, respect, and integrity  


  • Outer – some following of the heart and using the Christ Mind 

  • Inner – constant following of the heart and using the Christ Mind


  • Outer – some praying / meditating / fasting

  • Inner – regular praying / meditating / fasting


  • Outer – some focus on devotion to God

  • Inner – constant focus on devotion to God


  • Outer – dos & don’ts considered “spiritual” in the outer world (e.g., going to church)

  • Inner – doing things only based on intuition and receiving Divine Illumination


  • Outer – interested in belonging to a certain religion and going to church

  • Inner – interested in belonging to a spiritual community with similar ideas / lifestyle


  • Outer – more time spent with “blood-relations” (i.e., family) than with others

  • Inner – more time spent with those who are “spiritually like-minded” than with others


  • Outer – living a “worldly life” and with some focus on spirituality

  • Inner – living a “worldly life” (or not) and with constant focus on spirituality


  • Outer – some degree of discipline and mastery

  • Inner – high degree of discipline and mastery 


  • Outer – some degree of living by “strait is the gate, and narrow is the way”

  • Inner – high degree of living by “strait is the gate, and narrow is the way”


  • Outer – some focus on embodying the Qualities of God

  • Inner – constant focus on embodying the Qualities of God


  • Outer – some focus on God’s Creation but still mostly on Man’s Creation

  • Inner – mostly focused on God’s Creation and only what is needed on Man’s Creation


  • Outer – some understanding, connection, and enjoyment of Nature

  • Inner – greater understanding, connection, and enjoyment of Nature


  • Outer – some attunement and flow with the Cosmic Tai-Chi

  • Inner – constant attunement and flow with the Cosmic Tai-Chi


  • Outer – some focus on working WITH Mother Nature

  • Inner – constant focus on working WITH Mother Nature


  • Outer – some flexibility, non-attachment, and acceptance

  • Inner – constant flexibility, non-attachment, and acceptance


  • Outer – some focus on Balance, Wholeness, Attunement, and Oneness

  • Inner – constant focus on Balance, Wholeness, Attunement, and Oneness


  • Outer – some willingness to sacrifice the human ego to become the Divine Ego

  • Inner – constant willingness to sacrifice the human ego to become the Divine Ego


  • Outer – some surrender to God’s Will

  • Inner – constant surrender to God’s Will


  • Outer – some acts of selflessness but still some selfishness, attention-seeking, pride, greed, impure motives

  • Inner – constant acts of selflessness with humility and purity


  • Outer – some focus on service to humanity and “bringing Heaven to Earth”

  • Inner – constant focus on service to humanity and “bringing Heaven to Earth”


  • Outer – some focus on self-improvement and then making the world somewhat better

  • Inner – considerable focus on self-improvement and then making the world considerably better 


  • Outer – some focus on doing everything to “Glorify God”

  • Inner – constant focus on doing everything to “Glorify God”


  • Outer – some gratitude to God for everything

  • Inner – constant gratitude to God for everything


  • Outer – some offering / tithing of one’s time, money, and resources

  • Inner – regular offering / tithing of one’s time, money, and resources


  • Outer – some positive thoughts / visualization of oneself, others, and All of Life

  • Inner – constant positive thoughts / visualization of oneself, others, and All of Life


  • Outer – “imbalanced development” and the order of one’s focus: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

  • Inner – “balanced development” and the order of one’s focus: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical


  • Outer – still focused “outside oneself” for comfort, security, and a sense of wholeness

  • Inner – only focused “within oneself” for comfort, security, and a sense of wholeness


  • Outer – some focus on the spiritual aspects of oneself: soul, aura, chakras, kundalini, threefold flame, etc.

  • Inner – regular focus on the spiritual aspects of oneself: soul, aura, chakras, kundalini, threefold flame, etc.


  • Outer – some focus on the human intellect and some on intuition

  • Inner – constant focus on intuition 


  • Outer – focused on acquiring knowledge

  • Inner – focused on acquiring wisdom  


  • Outer – some degree of responsibility, reliability, and constancy

  • Inner – high degree of responsibility, reliability, and constancy 


  • Outer – some elimination of “bad habits”

  • Inner – complete elimination of “bad habits”



The Three Pillars of Purpose

The Three Pillars of Purpose


This particular section . . . on this particular page . . . is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT on this particular website! While it may seem to be just another section of spiritual content on a website full of information, people will come to realize the incredible significance of it. In fact, if people were too busy to read anything else on this website, they would only have to read THIS SECTION . . . and with its brief explanation, they would immediately see EVERYTHING more clearly than ever before! Even without going into a great amount of detail, their lives would never be the same.


The longer people Walk the Spiritual Path, they will understand just how little they actually know. This is because The Creator is Infinite & Eternal, and our limited consciousness while in human embodiment can barely fathom such concepts. God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent, & Omnipresent . . . as Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Mother. There is so much for us to learn . . . so many Discoveries to make, Mysteries to solve, and Secrets to uncover! What most of us know right now is a “grain of sand” compared to what there is to learn as we continue to rise higher in consciousness. 

1 - Cosmos 1.jpg
2 - Cosmos 2.jpg

Even a simple website like this can be overwhelming for some people . . . not because they lack the ability to understand spiritual concepts but because even the basic information consists of many different topics. And every topic that is presented on this website is only a mere summary of what could be said about these Fundamental Spiritual Truths. When some people read even a single paragraph in any section on this website, they will immediately KNOW and FEEL just how much there is that was NOT said! The content here is unbelievably exciting to learn, but it is also quite intense when trying to fully understand the information. We are like sponges absorbing water . . . and in this case, it would be Holy Water!


When people contemplate some of the biggest questions about God, Creation, and Themselves . . . they wonder Who they areWhere they came fromWhy they are here; and Where they are going. Hopefully, this website has done its job in trying to address those essential questions. However, one of those questions seems to be THE KEY QUESTION . . . because the answer to that question will inevitably lead to the answering of the other questions. And that question is “Why am I here?” When we strive to answer this question, we will gradually develop the Wisdom to one day answer the others. This is, of course, if people have not already been able to answer all of the questions.

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The reason this is being mentioned is because The Three Pillars answer that crucial question. What people will also find amazing is that The Three Pillars are TIMELESS and UNIVERSAL. Every Intelligent Civilization (Past, Present, & Future) must know The Three Pillars. This is what makes them “Timeless”. Every Intelligent Civilization that is focused on the Spiritual Path, no matter what planet, moon, or sun they live on . . . throughout the entire Matter Universe . . . must know The Three Pillars. That includes every Spiritual Being living at Higher Dimensions / Planes / Realms and not just those living on the Physical Plane (like human beings on Earth). This is what makes them “Universal”.


If people knew NOTHING ELSE about God, Creation, Themselves, or the Spiritual Path . . . they must know “The Three Pillars of Purpose”. Once they do know, everything else will fall into place. They must have this understanding and then apply their newfound knowledge by putting the Theory into Practice. That will allow them to express the fullness of their Hearts, Heads, and Hands through meaningful action . . . through the Balance & Harmony of “The Threefold Flame” (i.e., Love, Wisdom, & Power). There is NOTHING without The Three Pillars of Purpose! There would be no Transcendence. There would be no Life. There would be no God.

Pillar One: Self-Perfectionment

Pillar Two: Service to Life

Pillar Three: Co-Creating a New World

Pillar One is focused on the importance of people striving for Self-Perfectionment. We cannot make “the human” perfect, because everyone makes mistakes in life. However, we can Perfect Our Soul through many lifetimes of Walking the Spiritual Path, bonding with our Holy Christ Self, fulfilling all of the requirements for the Ascension, and achieving Oneness with our I AM Presence / Union with God. We cannot BE who we truly are or DO greater things until we are Prepared, Purified, and Ready. This is “The Great Work” that must be done on Ourselves.


Pillar Two is focused on the importance of people dedicating their lives (and their entire existence) to Serving Life. We are our Best Selves when we are helping others and providing support to All of Life. Of course, we should only be helping people who want it; they have Free Will, and we cannot force our “Good Deeds” onto anyone if they do not want it for various reasons. However, Selfless Service is what gives our lives meaning, and there are many Souls who want (and need) help and would be eternally grateful for it. There are many ways of trying to assist our Spiritual Brothers & Sisters, and we must follow our hearts and do what we feel guided to by our Higher Self (e.g., donating, tithing, praying, starting groups / charities that serve in specific ways, and/or volunteering in the community). Our Service is not only about helping our fellow “human beings”, it also includes finding ways to improve the lives of animals, the environment, and even to assist the Ascended Masters, Angels, and Elementals.  


Pillar Three is focused on the importance of people freely choosing to come together in Peace, Love, and Harmony . . . to be United as God’s Children . . . and to strive to Co-Create a New World in collaboration with God and our Spiritual Brothers & Sisters. The expression New World is Magnificently Meaningful on Many Levels, which makes it so exciting! It refers to establishing a New World within ourselves, as we Walk the Spiritual Path of Self-Perfectionment. It refers to establishing a New World for our family, community, state / territory, and nation as we strive daily to Serve Life in countless ways. It refers to establishing a New World / a Golden Age Civilization on Earth by Man, Masters, Angels, and Elementals working together for the Greater Good of All. It refers to establishing a New World regarding the Earth (as a Platform for the Evolution of Souls) fulfilling Its Divine Destiny and becoming a “Freedom Star” / “Victory Star”. It refers to establishing New Worlds when Man one day populates other planetary homes (Physically and/or Etherically). It refers to establishing New Worlds on the Etheric Plane after we earn our Ascensions. It refers to establishing a New World with our Twin Flame after we have both earned our Ascensions and can work together in a Greater / More Powerful Way. More examples could be given, but this was enough to explain what is meant by a “New World” and why this website is called “Saint Germain’s New World”.

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Without “Purpose”, there is no point to ANYTHING. Life would be empty and meaningless. God maintains the Sacred Vision that His Children will freely choose to live “Meaningful Lives” dedicated to “Purposeful Service”. This is true for Human Beings with physical bodies living on the Earth; it is also true for All Spiritual Beings living throughout the Cosmos on All Levels of Existence (e.g., Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels, Elementals, and so on.) The Three Pillars of Purpose are indispensable for the Spiritual Path, and this Truth applies to EVERYONE . . . EVERYWHERE . . . FOREVER.    

Spiritual Advice for Sons & Daughters of God on Earth (and throughout the Matter Universe):

Seek Purpose . . . not Power, Praise, or Prosperity.

During most people’s lives, there are times when we want more Power of some kind . . . from small things to big things. We cannot live without Power; it is the Strength, Will, and Determination that we need to do anything . . . from simply getting out of bed in the morning to using a position of influence where decisions could affect the lives of billions of people. Power is not “bad”; in fact, God used Power to create Everything in the Cosmos. However, some people desire Power more than anything, like an addiction to drugs, and it can lead to them doing things that should not be done to get it, maintain it, or expand it . . . thereby, creating negative karma for themselves and causing others to suffer in various ways.


Most people also desire Praise during their lives for different reasons. It may be as simple and innocent as just wanting to be appreciated, treated with courtesy, shown respect, or given approval. It may also be based on the pride of the human ego by wanting constant attention, admiration, and accolades. These individuals cannot live without others focusing on them, because their sense of self-worth is dependent upon what others think of them or say about them. Similarly to desiring more Power, the overwhelming desire for constant Praise can lead people to be very unhealthy and unstable . . . spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


The vast majority of people in the world would appreciate having more money. Few can live without it, and that is because those individuals have a lifestyle that most people would not want (e.g., an Ascetic Seeker of Truth living in the mountains / meditating in caves or a homeless person living in alleys / on city streets). God has provided His Children with the Abundant Life, but we see that people often still want MORE. They want Prosperity in the form of bigger houses, more vehicles, more belongings, more cash, and so on. Similar to Power and Praise, there is nothing wrong with Prosperity . . . we can live good lives and do wonderful things for others if we had more money / resources. However, too many people desire money / material possessions for selfish, greedy, gluttonous reasons. Human desires are insatiable, and people will just crave more and more . . . and the desire will never be satisfied.  


The statement given above (in big and bold font) may seem like it is spiritual advice that is focused on helping to prevent politicians from becoming corrupt, because most of them desire Power, Praise, and Prosperity more than anyone else in our society today. However, this Teaching is essential for EVERYONE, because it addresses the Fundamental Spiritual Principle discussed in this particular section on this website . . . which is a Cosmic Truth.  


If we focus on Purpose, then Power, Praise, and Prosperity would naturally follow . . . and it would happen in a Beautiful, Harmonious, Joyful manner that is in accordance with God’s Will for our lives. When we are focused on the Right Things, then Good Things will come to us without seeking them. If we seek Power, Praise, and Prosperity without first seeking True and Selfless Purpose, then we may get what we desire . . . but it will be a nightmare for our Souls and possibly everyone around us.


One of the most important keys to the Spiritual Path is “Purity”. When we have Pure Motives / Intentions and we strive everyday to maintain a Pure Heart, then Good and Pure Things can come to us without any extra effort on our part. The more focused we are on Purity and Purpose, the less desire we will have for Power, Praise, and Prosperity . . . especially that which hinders our Spiritual Path.

Instead of seeking Power for ourselves,

we should seek to Empower Others.

Instead of seeking Praise for ourselves,

we should seek to Encourage Others.

Instead of seeking Prosperity for ourselves,

we should seek to Uplift Others.

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The Three Pillars of Purpose


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