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If you are hoping to change your life and help make the world a better placeyou will find MANY powerful ideas here!  

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God desires to bring Heaven to Earth and to raise Earth to Heavenbut He needs to work through us to achieve it. 

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This website is dedicated to making these dreams a reality . . . while doing so in a

Practical, Simple, Timeless, and Universal way!  

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“From ignorance lead me to Truth;

from darkness lead me to Light;

from death lead me to Immortality.”

– Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

To replace the Old with the New . . . 

to BE our True Selves and Remake Civilizationwe must maintain a clear  vision of Beauty, Purity, & Perfection.    

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“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

– Proverbs 29:18

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

– Matthew 6:22

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The Three Pillars of Purpose

* * * NOTE * * *


Those who visit this website will see that there are three sections called “Pillar 1”, “Pillar 2”, and “Pillar 3”. These contain many Practical, Simple, Timeless, and Universal Spiritual Teachings and Strategies for the improvement of Ourselves, Civilization, and the Earth.


However, a great deal of Introductory and Foundational Information is shared BEFORE the sections on The Three Pillars of Purpose. It is definitely beneficial to study the early sections in order to better understand the later sections, but not everyone is going to read through the entire website . . . or do so “from start to finish” in the order that it is all presented.


Therefore, it must be said here that The Three Pillars of Purpose consist of the “Practical” aspect of this website, while the other sections consist of the “Theory” aspect. That means the Pillars can be put into action right away by those who are interested. Instead of people only reading about the Pillars after reading everything else first, it felt VERY important to put them on the first page of this website so that people have immediate access to them . . . even before taking time to read through the rest of the website.


The Three Pillars were all combined into a single document with a Table of Contents for each section, and a PDF is located just below. This document can be downloaded, printed, and shared by anyone. It is copyrighted, but everyone has permission to send it to others who might be interested in reading it. There is no cost to access the information on this website or to read / share the PDF of The Three Pillars of Purpose.     

Freely Received . . . Freely Given.

There is a summary of The Three Pillars of Purpose on the “Sacred Path” page of this website. It is the last section on that page and can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink below or from the dropdown menu at the top. This relatively brief section is an introduction to the three pages of this website that discuss The Three Pillars as well as the vital PDF (just above).      


PSTU Standard

Practical / Simple / Timeless / Universal

Is it Practical?

Something that is truthful, useful, and relatively easy to apply in daily life – regardless of outer circumstances.


Is it Simple?

Something that is truthful, useful, and relatively easy to understand while creating a foundation for greater understanding to occur – regardless of outer circumstances.


Is it Timeless?

Something that would have been truthful and useful in the past, is truthful and useful in the present, and will be truthful and useful in the future – regardless of changes that take place among people, nations, and society.


Is it Universal?

Something that would be truthful and useful in any village, town, city, state, territory, or nation around the world – regardless of belief system, class, gender, or race.

Copyright © 2020 Thrust of Light

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