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Twin Flames

Your Divine Self

Aura & Chakras

Body Elemental

Merkabah / Deathless Solar Body


Root Races & the “I AM Race”

Thirteen Tribes


Dharma / Divine Plan

Tree of Life


Know Thyself

One of God’s greatest gifts to Man is “Individuality”. We were blessed with Life and Free Will so that we could experience God’s Creation while developing as Individuals through continual transcendence of Self-Realization and Self-Mastery. No two people on Earth are the same, including identical twins. We all have our own thoughts, feelings, interests, hopes, dreams, and personalities. It is not God’s Will for everyone to be the “same”. We should be a united humanity, but that must take place by mankind freely choosing to BE the unique individuals they are while also working together in harmony for the greater good of humanity and the planet. Unity cannot (and should not) be forced, because we must maintain our individuality as Individual Expressions of God while understanding the power of True Community and striving to achieve It. This is not about the false community that we see in the system created by Fallen Ones called “Communism” . . . but rather a “Community of the Holy Spirit”.

“For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.”

- Matthew 12:50


The concept of a “melting pot” was never really accurate, because the process of melting and then mixing different materials into one substance does not allow for the maintaining of individuality for each material after they are all combined. A better expression could be that of a “stew” . . . because it contains ingredients that all maintain their individuality while also combining to make up the stew as a whole. That is the beautiful (and powerful) concept . . . to BE Individuals while coming together as a United Whole. This is what God (and the Ascended Masters) envision for All of Mankind at All Levels . . . locally, nationally, and globally.        


We are all unique Individuals, and we are on Earth to share our uniqueness with others in whatever ways we choose. Everything is meant to be an Expression of Love from our hearts and delivered in a manner unique to us as Individuals. In order to better understand what Sacred Gifts we can offer our Spiritual Brothers & Sisters around the world, we need to better understand who we are as Individuals. Throughout history, one of the most important questions that people ask themselves is . . .

“Who am I?”

When people have severe retrograde amnesia, they sometimes cannot even remember who they are. It would be a very strange (and frightening) situation that most people will never have to experience. However, most people in the world do suffer from “spiritual amnesia”. Many do not know who they are . . . where they came from . . . why they are here . . . or where they are going. Their souls remember the answers to these questions, but their human minds do not. The reason they are not frantic about it is because society is filled with people in a similar situation, and there is little around them that brings their attention to the most important questions that they should be asking about God, Life, and Themselves. We are surrounded by countless distractions and stimulation . . . all of which is intended (by the Fallen Ones) to keep us in a state of ignorance / “spiritual sleep” / “spiritual amnesia”. When we increase in our understanding / “wake up” / “realize our True Identity”, then the game will be up . . . and they will lose all of their power.


This vital question of who we are can be asked on two levels: Physical and Spiritual. Those who wonder about themselves in a physical sense are focused on physical characteristics: gender, race, genetics, body type, personality, interests, careers, and their “place” in the physical world. They believe that they are their individual human body / human mind and nothing more. This is also why so many people defend their beliefs as if their lives depend on it . . . because to them it does. Their entire sense of identity is based on what they believe to be true. When their beliefs are challenged and/or proven to be wrong, many people cannot deal handle it and react in very intense ways. Some people will do everything they can to censor, silence, attack, or even eliminate those who says things that they disagree with . . . because everything they do not believe is a threat to their understanding of Themselves and Life around them.


Of course, it is correct that our physical aspects do contribute to who we think we are. However, these aspects only make up a small percentage of EVERYTHING that makes us who we truly are in God’s Eyes! This is why it is so unfortunate that many people around the world are constantly focused on Race, for example, when the color of our skin is among THE LEAST important aspects about ourselves. Every Race that was created by God is Beautiful and should be respected and appreciated, but it was never God’s Will for people to oppress or hurt others because of their skin color . . . as if one color is somehow “superior” to the others. All colors of the rainbow are equally amazing, and the same is true with the Races established by Almighty God.


However, people’s fanatical views about Race are (at present) extremely superficial and mean very little in the Grand Scheme of our souls Walking the Spiritual Path. They are not even focused on the issue from a spiritual perspective; for them, it is all about the physical. Instead of celebrating the different Races and working together to uplift them All . . . too many people are attacking certain Races and trying to manipulate them, exploit them, ruin their reputations, and/or seek retribution after claims of wrongdoing against their “ancestors”. Judging people because of the color of their skin is as ridiculous as judging people because of the brands of clothes that they wear. What truly matters is our Character . . . what is in our hearts, what kind of people we are, and how we treat others.  


There are many people who do wonder about their identity from a spiritual perspective and not only a physical perspective. Unfortunately for some (who do believe in a “soul”), they are only focused on their individual soul within their individual human body . . . but do not focus on all of the other aspects of their True Identity. This happens mostly because of a lack of spiritual knowledge. It is said, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” This is true, and what we do know is a tiny fraction of what there is to know.

Meditating on Mountain.jpg

It is natural (and essential) that we desire to know who we are. It is not God’s Will for people to be in a limited state of consciousness that prevents them from knowing their Divine Identity. The true purpose of the world’s religions and spiritual movements / organizations is to help people to better understand God . . . and Themselves. If these institutions are not achieving that, then they are a waste of people’s time, energy, and money. Ultimately, legitimate religions and spiritual groups can only provide some Fundamental Truths about who we are in a general way. Learning who we truly are as unique individuals must come from within each of us. No Master or Messenger is going to fully tell us WHO WE ARE, because we must Walk the Spiritual Path and enjoy the Journey of Self-Discovery for ourselves!   


The ancient Greek aphorism, “Know Thyself”, was inscribed above the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. This demonstrated that the Wise Teachers of that time understood that everyone must come to better understand who they are. And who are we, exactly? The Bible also addresses that very question in a general way . . . while still allowing us the opportunity to figure things out for ourselves as Individuals:

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”


- Psalm 82:6

“Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”


- John 10:34

Mario 30.jpg
Universe - Creation.jpg

This entire website is dedicated to leading mankind from the slavery of human consciousness to the New Age Freedom in the Holy Spirit. This particular page is dedicated to sharing very important spiritual information about who we are that will be unbelievably beneficial to anyone in the world who reads it. The “need of the hour” is for God’s Sons & Daughters to have a greater awareness of who they are. They must know their Origin in God. We are “Children of The Sun” and must return back to The Father . . . back “Home”. And while we are still here, it is our destiny to make Heaven and Earth One. Through Perfect Love, we must restore the Purity of God in All Four Planes of the Earth (i.e., Etheric, Mental, Emotional, Physical) and throughout the Matter Universe. We must bring everything back into Perfect Alignment with the Original Blueprint of The Creator.    


Over the last century, the Ascended Masters have blessed the general public with incredible Spiritual Teachings that previously would have been found only within various Mystery Schools. Among these Teachings is more detailed information about who we truly are as Spiritual Beings. Again, nobody can tell us the fullness of who we are . . . since we must learn that for ourselves. However, the Teachings of the Masters do provide priceless spiritual knowledge about God, Creation, Life, and Ourselves that cannot be found in ANY of the world’s religions or holy books. The more information that we have, the more opportunities there will be for achieving higher degrees of Self-Realization. The more we “Know Ourselves”, the more opportunities there will be for helping to establish a Golden Age of Aquarius.


For those who already know this information, it will be an excellent “refresher course”. For those who do not already know such things, it is not an exaggeration to say that it will definitely be life-changing . . . and they will NEVER be the same! People cannot possibly study the content on this website and remain unchanged . . . unless they try hard to forget about it. However, their souls will still remember even if their human minds choose to ignore it! This section, in particular, will help people to reverse “spiritual amnesia” and lead them on a Joyous Path of Awakening. How exciting it is to learn MORE about Our True Selves! How exciting it is to better understand the Cosmic Vision that The Creator (Our Father) has for Us . . . His Beloved Sons & Daughters!  

“What we think, we become.”


- Gautama Buddha

Tatiana F. Light - Gautama.jpg

If we believe that we are unworthy sinners, then that is what we will become . . . or at least, that is how we will feel about ourselves. If we believe that we are merely “human beings”, then we will live in ignorance and be hindered in our spiritual growth due to our limited state of consciousness. If we believe the negative opinions that others have about us, then we will become what they claim . . . or at least, we will be “frozen” in a state of non-growth / stagnation in which we fail to develop and share the beautiful gifts of our unique individuality. We must be the Masters of Our Minds, so that we can control our thoughts and what we become. Do we want to become what the Fallen Ones seek to force us to become . . . or what God Envisions and offers Cosmic Support for us to freely strive to become?!


Why would we accept negative thoughts (i.e., lies) of limitation, lack, weakness, impurity, guilt, and unworthiness when it comes to our identity that others (especially the Fallen Ones) project at Us . . . when we can accept positive thoughts (i.e., Truth) from an All-Loving God who sees Us as “Gods” and “Co-Creators” with Him?! Who is going to tell God that He is wrong in maintaining a Beautiful Vision of Us as Magnificent Spiritual Beings?! And who is going to choose a miserable human existence of degradation, depression, and death . . . when God wants Us to experience Transcendence, Joy, and Eternal Life with Him?! 

Who are we?

We are who God created Us to BE.

We are Children of the Light!

Now, it is time for Us to REMEMBER what that means!

Radiating Light.jpg



Twin Flames

Twin Flames

In order to better understand our True Selves, we must “go back to The Beginning” when we were created by God. As with every aspect of God’s Creation, there is infinitely more that could be said . . . most of which we would not know about in our current state of consciousness. If the Ascended Masters said that even they are still learning about God and Creation (and that the learning process never ends), then we can be certain that we understand very little while in our limited human bodies with our limited human minds. However, there are Fundamental Truths that we can (and should) seek to understand. And upon that Foundation, we can develop greater Wisdom and discover greater Truths by rising higher in consciousness.


It is important to understand that we were firstly created as Spiritual Beings of Consciousness from out of the White Fire Core of God’s Being. Perhaps unknown to most people, we have existed for a very long time. Many people associate themselves ONLY with their current physical bodies and the names that they were given by their parents when they were born. However, this embodiment (i.e., lifetime) is an incredibly short period of time when compared to the millions of years that many people have “existed”. That may be surprising for some people to hear, but our Souls have indeed been around for a very long time!

Light Body.jpg

Of course, the timeframe is different for various “groups of souls” on the Earth. This planet is currently “Home” to many Evolutions of Beings from around the Universe and from different Dimensions / Planes. That, too, may surprise many people to hear! We all have human bodies, so our limited physical vision may give the impression that we are all the same and that all humans have existed for the same length of time. The Truth is that some individuals / groups have existed for millions of years and others for a shorter period of time. For example, some Cosmic Beings that we know about (e.g., the Elohim) have existed for billions of years . . . which makes sense, considering They are the Creators of the Matter Universe and “Primordial Man”.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: . . . ”


- Genesis 1:26

Adam Kadmon.jpg

It is definitely good to “stretch the mind”, but we also do not want to push things too far . . . too quickly. Simply put, we must develop the understanding that we are not simply our current physical bodies . . . because our Souls have been around for a long period of time. Our life right now is just one of many lifetimes . . . on Earth and on other planets before coming to Earth. We are “Pilgrims on Earth” and did not originate here. Our life on Earth is not the beginning of our creation by God (and will not be the end). Our Souls have had countless experiences over the millennia. Although many people would like to access those memories (because they would be fascinating), it is a blessing that we do not remember EVERYTHING all at once . . . it would be extremely burdensome due to “information overload” and the confusion it would cause within our minds.


It is also important to understand that we were NOT initially created to have Physical Bodies like we do today. We were created for our Souls to have Etheric Bodies (i.e., Light Bodies). We were NOT initially intended to embody in the Physical Plane but rather the Etheric Plane. This was the original state of the Garden of Eden before “The Fall” . . . it was Etheric and “fell” / descended in consciousness to become Physical. The creation of our Physical Bodies is a complicated story that most people would probably dismiss as “fiction” . . . more specifically, “science fiction”. The purpose of this website, however, is to focus primarily on Spirituality, our True Selves, and establishing a Golden Age Civilization in this Age of Aquarius. For those who are interested in learning more about the creation of mankind’s physical body, they could study the writings of individuals like the Patriarch Enoch and Zecharia Sitchin to name a couple of examples.         

The symbol of the Tao depicts that All of Creation is in a state of Balance and Harmony. This is a Cosmic Principle that applies to every aspect of Life in the Macrocosm and Microcosm. Therefore, we must understand that it also applies to God’s Plan for creating Us. Some people do not believe in God and reject the idea that we were intentionally created by a Higher Power. Many people who do believe in God think that their current life in a human body is the beginning of their existence. And even those who do believe that their Souls have existed for a long time may think that they were created “alone”.

Twin Flames - Tao.jpg

The Truth is that the capitalized word Man is used when referring to All of Mankind; it is not only in reference to “men” / “males”. We are Sons & Daughters of God; we are His Children; we are the “Divine Man” created in the Image and Likeness of The Creator. Our Souls were not created with men coming forth from God first and then followed by women. Both were created at the same time . . . Male & Female / Yang & Yin. 

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”


- Genesis 1:27


When our Souls were created, they came into manifestation in Spiritual Pairs. These Divine Polarities were / are Two Halves of the Whole. Many people mistakenly refer to them as “Soul Mates”, but they are more accurately known as “Twin Flames” . . . which are also referred to as “Divine Complements”, “Solar Twins”, or “Twin Rays”. This concept was mentioned earlier on this website when providing more details about Saint Germain and Lady Portia, because they are the Hierarchs of the Aquarian Age and are Twin Flames. They were created together by God and are in Perfect Balance and Harmony with each other, which is the “Original State of Oneness” from The Beginning. The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm. If God is Father & Mother, then we should understand that Twin Flames reflect the Father / Mother nature of God’s Oneness . . . As Above, So Below.

TSL - Creation of Twin Flames.jpg
TSL - Twin Flames.png

The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse Glossary

Twin Flame: The soul's masculine or feminine counterpart conceived out of the same white-fire body, the fiery ovoid of the I AM Presence.

The Hearts Center Dictionary

Twin Flames: Each soul, as well as each heavenly being and every planet and star, was created by God in the beginning with a sacred complement, or counterpart—a loving companion, opposite in polarity. When twin flames, also called solar twins or twin rays, of incarnated beings are able to work together to fulfill their combined divine mission, whether they are both embodied or one is embodied and the other has ascended, the positive results for Earth are immense. Most embodied souls have been separated from their twin flames by karma. One day, a glorious reunion will occur—a reuniting in heaven that creates an atmosphere of cosmic-love oneness and initiates the explosive action of concentric waves of light moving ever outward to encompass a universe and more.

Twin Flames - Universe.jpg

We will have countless “Soul Mates” throughout our many lifetimes, but we only have one Twin Flame. For those who understand that we do reincarnate, it will also be understood that we do not always marry our Twin Flames. Just as our incarnation will vary from lifetime to lifetime, our relationship with our Twin Flame will as well. In one life, our Twin Flame may indeed be our spouse. In other life, our Twin Flame could be one of our parents, a sibling, extended family member, a friend, or someone else in our community. Often, we may not have anything to do with our Twin Flame . . . depending on what we and our Twin Flame need to achieve in that lifetime. Negative karma can keep us separated from each other, but it can also happen because the souls need to experience different situations for different reasons. Often, Twin Flames will come together (e.g., as married couples, colleagues, or business partners) in order to fulfill certain Spiritual Missions that are beneficial to the planet.


There are also some people in the world whose Twin Flames are already in the “Ascended State”, which means they no longer reincarnate and will not be born again in a physical human body. This can take place because one Twin Flame made spiritual progress more quickly than the other person and already earned their Ascension, while the other person still requires more time in a physical human body to balance negative karma or to fulfill a Spiritual Mission. This was the case with Saint Germain and Lady Portia, for example. Saint Germain had many incarnations / embodiments (which were mentioned earlier on this website) while Portia remained in the Ascended State. This was done intentionally, because a great Balance of Light can be held by the Twin Flame from the Etheric Plane while the other remains embodied in the Physical Plane working to achieve very important things for mankind and the planet. It is a powerful Figure-Eight Flow between “Heaven and Earth”, and a situation like that can accomplish incredible things that could not have been done if both Twin Flames were in embodiment together.


When both Twin Flames are in the Ascended State and no longer need to reincarnate, they work together “in Heaven” (i.e., Higher Realms of Consciousness) and are engaged in many types of Cosmic Service that benefits mankind, Earth, and other “Systems of Worlds” throughout the universe that has Life. As mentioned earlier on this website, it is the Divine Destiny of Twin Flames (as Father & Mother) to one day “Rule” their own planet . . . their own Solar System . . . their own Galaxy . . . and even their own Universe. This is done by following the example of Alpha & Omega, who are the Highest Representatives of the Father / Mother God for our universe. With our Twin Flame, we will have the Perfect Balance, Harmony, Love, Wisdom, and Power to literally create “Worlds” and populate them with Our Children . . . by emulating Our Father / Mother God. 

Examples of Twin Flames

Adam & Eve

Krishna & Radha

Jesus & Mary Magdalene

Nicholas & Helena Roerich

Guy & Edna Ballard

Mark & Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Examples of Soul Mates

Saint Joseph & Mother Mary

Saint Francis & Saint Clare of Assisi

Vladimir Suvorov - Twin Flames 1.jpg
Vladimir Suvorov - Twin Flames 2.png

Vladimir Suvorov



Your Divine Self

Your Divine Self


Part of “knowing ourselves” involves discovering our strengths / weaknesses . . . our personal interests . . . and what gifts / skills / talents we have within us that can be developed and shared to help make the lives of others better. However, it also includes learning more about the different aspects of our Being. We want to know WHO we are, but it is also very important to know WHAT we are.


Many people believe they are the physical body that they currently have. However, it has been correctly said by some that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. People must come to realize the Truth that we are NOT the body! An astronaut is not the spacesuit, and a diver is not the diving suit. A Spiritual Being is not the physical human body. It is the Hindu concept of an “Avatar”; our bodies are chalices, instruments, outfits, vessels, or whatever expression people would like to use that represents how our Souls are simply “wearing” our bodies like we wear clothes for our physical bodies.


Every section of every page on this website is important and contains fascinating (and Fundamental) Spiritual Teachings that everyone should study and better understand. However, this section is definitely among THE most important because of how vital it is for people to learn more about their True Selves. How can we BE Our True Selves if we do not know WHO or WHAT we are? How can we achieve the greatest service for mankind and help to make the world a better place without “knowing ourselves” first? This section will contain information that is unbelievably valuable and will be very interesting / exciting for people to learn . . . or to be reminded about, if they already know such things.


We are Spiritual Beings that function at different Levels / Planes at the same time. We are truly “Orbs” / “Spheres” of Consciousness that are formless but can take on form . . . such as being born into a human body. We have a Soul (located in the Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra), but that Soul leaves with our physical death or by entering our Light Body / Etheric Body in order to interact on “Inner Levels” (i.e., Higher Dimensions / Planes / Realms). This takes place consciously through advanced meditation and practice, and it can also take place unconsciously while our physical bodies are sleeping and our Souls are free to leave.   

A typical university campus is a large environment of open land and buildings that all serve a purpose. There are many different aspects that function individually, and yet everything is still connected and working together as a whole. It is a “Community” and is intended to be a place of great learning, working, sharing, and developing. The Matter Universe is a “Cosmic Campus”. It is a Sacred Space for our Souls to study, experience, learn, and grow. We are on a never-ending Journey of Transcendence. Our Higher Self remains at a Spiritual Level while our Soul can then experience life in a physical body, for example, and still remain connected to Our Higher Self.


The Matter Universe was created for Us! We are Exalted Sons & Daughters of God . . . Unique Expressions of The Creator . . . Individual Extensions of The One . . . Extraordinarily Designed to Exist in an Exhilarating Cosmos of Exhaustive Detail for Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing, and Expanding Exponentially in Excellence, Exquisite Beauty, Exceptional Purity, and Exacting Perfection.     

Chart of the I AM Presence Bridge to Freedom

Bridge to Freedom.jpg

I AM Presence Marius Michael-George

Marius - 1.jpg
Marius - 2.jpg

Higher Self Mario Duguay

Mario - Higher Self 1.jpg
Mario - Higher Self 2.jpg
Mario - Higher Self 3.jpg
Mario - Higher Self 5.jpg
Mario - Higher Self 4.jpg

Many times throughout this website, three important expressions have been mentioned:


  • “Macrocosm & Microcosm”

  • “As Above, So Below”

  • “Image and Likeness of God”


These are all references for the same powerful concept that everyone must come to understand in order to fully embrace The Three Pillars that are discussed on this website. With greater Wisdom and Truth, we will see that every aspect of Our Being, Our Path, Our Service, and Our Creations is intended to be modeled after God and His Creation. This absolutely includes Our True Self . . . which is Our Divine Self / I AM Presence.


If Our True Self consists of the I AM Presence & Causal Body . . . and we are indeed created in the Image & Likeness of God . . . and the Microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm on All Levels . . . then we can deduce that God is also an I AM Presence & Causal Body.


The picture below is extremely powerful, because it depicts the Spiritual Truth mentioned in the paragraph above. Pictures can be very helpful in trying to represent important Truths, even though they are quite limited as a medium of expression. The picture below is still amazing by providing a beautiful illustration of God and His Children as their True Selves. It is a seemingly simple image, and yet it contains incredible Cosmic Truths. It is an “Open Door” to Higher Mysteries and is very important for people who want to learn Fundamental Spiritual Teachings so that they can continue striving to rise higher in consciousness, BE their True Selves, and radiate the most amount of Light possible in order to bring Heaven to Earth . . . and raise Earth to Heaven.            

God & IAMP.jpg



Aura & Chakras

Aura & Chakras


The Chart of Your Divine Self (mentioned above) is among THE most important images presented in our modern times, because it contains priceless Spiritual Truths about ourselves that we would not normally have access to outside of a Mystery School. That one picture alone contains important, powerful, and useful information that no religion in the world can provide. It tells us more about who we truly are than any religious doctrine or philosophical theory.


On this page of the website, many vital topics will be discussed that can help us to better understand Our True Selves. In this particular section, the focus will be on the Aura and Chakras. Unfortunately, both of these spiritual concepts are ignored by Christians and those who rely on The Bible as their only source of spiritual information. Anyone who does have some understanding would have acquired it through their own personal study, learning from others, or Divine Inspiration. These concepts have been known in Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, for a very long time. They are also known among people considered a part of the “New Age Movement”.


There is basic spiritual knowledge that can be found in the world’s religions. It all serves a very important purpose, but most of them do not provide specific details about anything. Even the idea of “Heaven” is generalized and vague, and the same is true with any understanding about God, Creation, and Ourselves. This is why the general public having the opportunity to study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters is THE most important development in recorded history! We now have access to spiritual information that could not have been found ANYWHERE on Earth in “outer society” (but only in a few ancient / secret Monasteries, Temples, or Holy Orders).


Most people still do not realize how unbelievable this is, and they have no idea that answers to their most important questions (including the ones they do not even know to ask) are answered in the Teachings that have been made available for approximately 150 years (beginning with the Theosophical Society and continuing through others with Higher and Greater Revelations). Most people do not know that these Sacred Teachings can help them to BE their True Selves and literally change the world in magnificent ways that they never thought was possible! There is an incredible amount of very detailed Spiritual Truths that are freely given to mankind as steps on the “Spiral Staircase” / “Cosmic Ladder” leading to Higher Dimensions / Planes / Realms. It is similar to learning Quantum Physics and then comparing it to the world’s religions that are teaching Arithmetic!


One fascinating topic that we should come to better understand is the Aura, which is the energy field around our bodies. More and more people are beginning to be open-minded to discussing such things, because they are realizing that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Topics of this nature are more “subtle” due to the fact that an Aura is not physical and cannot be experienced with the five senses. As we rise higher in consciousness, we will have less to do with the physical aspect of ourselves and more to do with the higher / subtler aspects that involve working more with Energy / Light / Vibration / Frequency. The Aura can be seen with our “Third Eye” (i.e., Inner Sight), and even something physical like Kirlian Photography has the ability to capture the Auras around living beings . . . including humans.  


The Summit Lighthouse

The Aura is very important and very interesting to learn about, such as the basic understanding that our Aura reflects (in various colors) what we are thinking and feeling. If someone has the ability to “see” Auras, they can look at other people and tell what kind of mood they are in or if they have a lot of Light or Darkness within them. The Aura is intended to be pure, and the colors that it contains are meant to be beautiful and radiant. If our Aura is full of dark colors, then it proves that we must work harder to become spiritually purer. Even though most people cannot see the Aura of others, it can often be “felt”. This happens when we come across people and “feel” pleasant energies or unpleasant energies . . . depending on who those people are and what sort of Aura they have. 


Many people are aware that the “Halo” around the heads of saints in paintings, for example, symbolizes the Aura. While the Halos are usually depicted as Golden Yellow or White, our Auras can also contain other beautiful colors that are associated with specific “Colors of the Rays” . . . like Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, Green, Purple / Gold, Violet, or various shades of these colors and/or combinations of them.

Ananda Vdovic - Peace and Prosperity on Earth.jpg
Ananda Vdovic - Tryptichon Madonna.jpg

Ananda Vdovic 

Krishna & Radha Halo.jpg
Gautama Halo.jpg
St. Mark.jpg
Catherine of Siena.jpg

Most of the sections on this website have been focused on “Spiritual Concepts”, which required a writing style that would be used for essays or books in order to share more details and examples that help to make the concepts more easily understandable . . . while also providing valuable links for further information (if people are interested to learn more than just an introduction). However, this section is focused on “Spiritual Terms”. Therefore, it is unnecessary to provide detailed descriptions of the Aura or Chakras because that has already been done in great detail by the Ascended Masters through sponsored Messengers.


Extremely useful definitions and links will be provided below for people who are excited to learn more about these topics. And it will be quickly apparent that the amazing links always contain many other amazing terms / words that can be clicked on in order to learn even more! The links that are provided throughout this entire website are intended to be “Open Doors” into a Spiritual World that few people on Earth know about right now . . . but that EVERYONE will one day come to discover!    

The Summit Lighthouse Glossary

Aura: A luminous emanation or electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body. The atmosphere surrounding and interpenetrating the four lower bodies of man and his chakras upon which the impressions, thoughts, feelings, words and actions of the individual are registered, including his karma and the records of past lives.

The Hearts Center Dictionary

Aura: The aura is an energy field that radiates from the human body. The feelings, thoughts and actions of an individual affect the colorations and size of his or her aura.

The Chakras are also incredibly important to better understand, because everything that we express comes through these “Spiritual Centers of Light”. Like the Aura, the Chakras are not physical but are located throughout our Etheric Body . . . including the areas of the head, spinal column, thymus, hands, and feet. Each Chakra has a certain number of “petals” and color that correspond to vibration / frequency and the characteristics associated with it. There is so much that can be said . . . and must be known, if people truly hope to make real progress on their Spiritual Paths. The more we learn, the more we realize how little we actually know! There are endless Higher Teachings for mankind to discover, and we can already see an “Awakening” that is taking place around the world where people do not want to be stuck / trapped in old religions or even old ways of thinking / living that fail to provide them with knowledge, skills, and opportunities for more learning, experiencing, and growing.

TSL - Rays & Chakras.png
TSL - Meditating Chakras.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

The Spiritual Path of Light that is shown to Us by the Ascended Masters (i.e., Our Older Brothers & Sisters) is the Good / Pure understanding of the inverted Path of Darkness and “going down the rabbit hole” . . . the perverted concept depicted in the twisted / warped story of Alice in Wonderland. Instead of going downward (to lower levels of consciousness), the Ascended Masters and their Students are “Wayshowers” who help mankind to go upward (to higher levels of consciousness). The Path of Light is about climbing “Jacob’s Ladder” upward to God . . . individually, as a civilization, and even the planet Itself. But the idea of going down the rabbit hole is a popular expression that is incorrectly used to suggest that the more we learn . . . the more we will keep learning . . . and we will continue to realize Greater Truths! This is the case with the Spiritual Path; it is a never-ending Sacred Journey of learning about Ourselves, God, and Creation.

Chakras and Instruments.png
TSL Chart - Chakras, Crystals, Rays.png

The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse Glossary

Chakra: (Sanskrit, “wheel, disc, circle.”) Term used to denote the centers of light anchored in the etheric body and governing the flow of energy to the four lower bodies of man. There are seven major chakras corresponding to the seven rays, five minor chakras corresponding to the five secret rays, and a total of 144 light centers in the body of man.

The Hearts Center Dictionary

Chakra: Chakra is a Sanskrit term for “wheel” or “discus.” The chakras are spinning centers of energy that receive and emanate the flow of God’s light. They can also be called generating stations, or power stations, of light. There are seven main chakras aligned along the spinal column and head. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, the third-eye chakra between and a bit above the physical eyes, the throat chakra at the Adam’s apple, the heart chakra in the middle of the chest, the solar plexus chakra in the diaphragm area, the seat-of-the-soul chakra below the navel, and the base chakra at the tip of the spine. Five lesser-known chakras, called the secret-ray chakras, are located in the thymus area, hands and feet.

Buddha Chakras.jpg
Tara Chakras.jpg
TSL - Heart, Head, Hands.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

Zarathustra Fire in Hand.png
Mary & Chakras.jpg
Jesus Divine Mercy.jpg
TSL - Chakras & Geometry.png

The Summit Lighthouse



Body Elemental

Body Elemental


There is a spiritual concept that most people have probably not heard about before, including many of those who are a part of the New Age Movement . . . it is the Body Elemental. Our Matter Universe is beautiful and operates perfectly (unless it is negatively influenced by the Fallen Ones and burdened by the impure energies of people’s thoughts, feelings, words, and actions). Certain Spiritual Beings work very hard trying to maintain the Physical Plane so that mankind can continue to have a beautiful and healthy environment for spiritual progress, and they are called Elementals / Nature Spirits. There are Elemental Beings associated with the Four Elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth . . . the Salamanders, Sylphs, Undines, and Gnomes.


The Gnomes are probably the most well-known and relatable, even if most people do not believe that they are real. We see them depicted more often than the other Elemental Beings . . . such as decorations for gardens, as Santa’s elves, and in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Elementals have an incredible work ethic and understand the great importance of what they do for the planet and for God’s Sons & Daughters. They are also very childlike and joyful by nature. When we spend time outdoors and are rightfully in awe of God’s Beautiful Creation, we should remember to also give sincere gratitude to the Elementals for selflessly serving mankind from behind the Magnificent Scenery (i.e., beyond the visible spectrum).     

Gnome 2.png
Gnome 1.jpeg
Gnome 3.jpg
Santa's Elves.jpg

There is also an Elemental Being that is specifically connected to our Individual Soul. It is called the Body Elemental because of the work it does in helping to maintain the health and well-being of our physical body. However, the Body Elementals do not just assist Us in THIS LIFETIME . . . they remain with Us for ALL OF OUR LIFETIMES, going back to the first time our Souls embodied in the Matter Universe. Our Body Elemental is one of our “Best Friends” and “Spiritual Companions”, even though very few people consciously know that they have one.


We have been told by the Ascended Masters that the Body Elemental is around three feet in height and has a similar appearance to each of Us, like a “mini-me”. Body Elementals work closely with our Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence to help Us maintain the perfect health, wholeness, strength, and vitality of our physical bodies. They are helped or hindered by the Soul, however, because they are influenced by our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Their job is more difficult when we are experiencing (or expressing) energies in a negative manner. It makes sense that if we have a poor diet, fail to exercise regularly, and/or are consumed with negative self-talk and emotions that the Body Elementals will struggle to help Us remain as healthy as possible. Body Elementals are also burdened by the chemicals / toxins that we are exposed to everyday in our current “Toxic World” . . . in which our air, water, soil, food, beverages, and other consumer products cause significant harm to our minds, emotions, and bodies. We must do our part in helping our Body Elementals to help Us!     


When we eventually “win our Ascension” (i.e., return to our I AM Presence), we will not require a Body Elemental due to no longer needing a physical body to reincarnate in the Physical Plane. However, we can offer our Body Elemental the opportunity to continue working with Us from Higher Spiritual Planes while we pursue greater expressions of Cosmic Service. Our Twin Flame also has a Body Elemental, which means that at Higher Levels (after we have both Ascended) there will be a Sacred Foursome that is devoted to God, radiating Divine Love, and engaged in Selfless Service among the two Twin Flames and their two Body Elementals.    



Merkabah / Deathless Solar Body

Merkabah / Deathless Solar Body

It was mentioned earlier how the world’s religions do not provide people with the Higher Mysteries of God and only discuss spiritual concepts in a generalized manner. True Mystics know some of the “Secret Teachings”, but most people do not . . . including “leaders” of churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples. Many of these Greater Truths have been presented to the general public, but it has often taken place through stories . . . like the parables of Jesus. What he shared with the wider community was only a simplified understanding of spiritual topics. However, Jesus spoke privately about the Sacred Mysteries to his “Inner Circle of Disciples” (e.g., in the Upper Room) . . . and did so in great detail, which was not recorded in The Bible.  

Jesus & Disciples - Upper Room.png

Like Jesus, all of the Ascended Masters are True Teachers; they know what information to provide based on people’s level of consciousness and what they are ready to hear. We can see this through a simplified presentation of Truths that are intended for the general public, because most people are in varying states of consciousness and must still learn basic concepts before they rise higher in consciousness and develop greater understanding. It is important to realize (or to remember) that there are life-changing books that contain incredible Spiritual Truths. However, the higher people climb up the “Cosmic Ladder of Consciousness”, the Greater Mysteries cannot be found in a local bookstore or even on the Internet . . . they can only be accessed by learning from our own Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, and/or having the incredible privilege of working with a True Teacher / Spiritual Adept who is still in embodiment (e.g., Mystics / Himalayan Masters / Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood).  


The Teachings of the Ascended Masters that are expressed in great detail can often be difficult to grasp, as if they are spoken in another language. The reason is that the spiritual concepts are some of the Mysteries of God and are not well-known or a part of most people’s daily lives. It is like learning a new language, as the concepts are new to the outer waking consciousness (although, not necessarily new to the Soul itself). Of course, we can understand anything that we want in life without the need for words . . . which is why images and practical experience / hands-on learning are so important. If people are studying from books or websites, however, they must understand the terminology / words that are used in order to better understand the concepts that are being discussed. For example, people cannot read a book and fully understand how the human body functions without learning the vocabulary associated with all of the systems, organs, and parts of the body.  

Spiritually speaking, this particular section on this website is an example of this point. How many people have heard the word Merkabah before? Even fewer would have heard the expression Deathless Solar Body. This Spiritual Concept is incredibly fascinating; it can also be challenging to fully understand, even for people who have been walking the Spiritual Path for some time. Amazing topics like this are so exciting to learn about, but the purpose of this website is to provide Foundational Spiritual Knowledge / Fundamental Truths so that people will have what they need to better understand Themselves, God, and Creation as we progress in the Age of Aquarius. Then, they should continue to follow their hearts and study, pray, meditate, learn, and grow according to their own interests, karma, dharma, and perseverance on the Path of Self-Transcendence.   


Without making things too complicated, the topic of the Merkabah / Deathless Solar Body will be discussed here in some detail. It is very important for people to have at least a basic understanding of what It is and why It is such a vital aspect of our spiritual development. Of course, there is so much that could be said about this topic by truly Wise Masters to those individuals who are capable of comprehending the information and are ready to apply the wisdom on their Spiritual Journeys.


The topic of Merkabah / Merkaba / Merkavah (Hebrew: chariot) has been associated with a Prophet-Priest of ancient Israel named Ezekiel and became its own form of Jewish Mysticism. It was based on Sacred Visions received by Ezekiel and recorded in the Old Testament. In the Book of Ezekiel, there is a description of his Vision of God . . . specifically, God’s “Throne-Chariot”. Ezekiel’s Vision of God is not meant to be accepted literally but rather symbolically, for everything that he described represents specific spiritual concepts.

Ezekiel's Vision 1.jpg
Ezekiel's Vision 2.jpg

Some people believe that the Throne-Chariot / “four-wheeled vehicle” could have been a UFO, but that is not the case. Others speculate about what is meant by the “wheel within a wheel” and the “four living creatures” / Cherubim having “four faces” (man, lion, ox, and eagle) that were also seen by John (Book of Revelation), but they draw no definitive conclusions. While we are in human bodies using human language, it can be difficult to find the right words when trying to describe Cosmic Mysteries of God that would normally leave us speechless. How does the finite clearly explain the Infinite . . . the mortal clearly explain the Immortal?


It is also an issue in which the language of the person having a Vision is living at a time or place that speaks a different language than the people who will one day read the words describing the Vision. Even with accurate translations, it can be challenging to understand what was being shared. Then, of course, there is the issue that only the person who had the Vision would truly be able to FEEL the Divine Experience and have a deeper understanding of what was being shown . . . whereas, others would be dependent upon a detailed description and/or pictures of the Sacred Event. The ability to understand Higher Spiritual Truths is also dependent upon the level of consciousness that people have when they are focusing on the meaning of Visions.


Having said all of that, it is inevitable that people may struggle to “decipher” what was described in Ezekiel’s Visions and develop the proper understanding of what was recorded. However, people should study what was written and pray for clarity / illumination in order to learn the true meaning of the Visions and how the Wisdom Teachings given to Ezekiel can be used for their own spiritual progress as well.

For example, Ezekiel was describing the visible Presence of God / “Shekinah” (which was also experienced by Moses as the Burning Bush on Mount Sinai): “ . . . a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself . . . ”

Ezekiel’s description of God’s Being is referring to the I AM THAT I AM . . . which is the Divine Blueprint for our individual I AM Presence (i.e., made in the Image & Likeness of God). Ezekiel is speaking about God’s Causal Body when he says, “Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him.”

Ezekiel is referring to the 144 Chakras (Sanskrit: wheels) when he says, “The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.”

The “four faces” of the “four living creatures” is Ezekiel’s description of the “Four Cosmic Forces” that represent archetypes of the fourfold expression of the Holy Christ Self (exemplified by Jesus the Christ) by walking the Path of the Ruby Ray.

Four Cosmic Forces.jpg
TSL - Ruby Ray Gates.gif

The Summit Lighthouse

ECP - Ruby Cross.png

As people can easily see, there are incredible Mysteries within Mysteries! Spiritual Truths are as simple or complex as our level of consciousness can comprehend at the time. The more we learn, the more we discover how much more there is to learn. One Vision given to one person (Ezekiel) contains an incredible amount of Higher Spiritual Knowledge . . . that is layer upon layer of Cosmic Revelation about God, His Creation, and Our True Selves. Just imagine how much more there is for us to learn!


It is very exciting and makes a person wish that he/she could study, pray, and meditate much more often . . . instead of wasting so much time in our lives with unfulfilling / meaningless jobs or ignorantly working to maintain a lifestyle of mere comfort and empty entertainment / constant stimulation / idle chatter / destructive habits. It is all a distraction and “detour” that takes us away from God and having the Time / Energy / Opportunity to pursue Greater Understanding by walking the Spiritual Path. God wants us to know EVERYTHING that is important, but the Fallen Ones seek to keep us trapped in a Dark World that prevents us from knowing ANYTHING of true worth.       


The information provided above was necessary to present in this section first, because it lays the foundation for a more detailed description of the Merkabah . . . the Throne-Chariot that Ezekiel mentioned. It should also be mentioned here that people can find information about the Merkabah / Merkaba on the Internet, if they are looking for websites that discuss the topic. An issue that does arise with ANY topic, including this one, is that so much of what we see online is the expression of people’s beliefs, opinions, inaccurate / incomplete thoughts, as well as their understanding of things based on their current levels of consciousness. Everyone knows by now that we cannot blindly put our trust in every website and accept that it is presenting Pure Truth, which is why we must develop discernment and only study from the websites that we know are presenting information in the Purest Form possible.


Therefore, this website only provides links to a couple of websites for additional information (i.e., The Summit Lighthouse & The Hearts Center). These particular sites were created (and are maintained) by organizations / communities that are sponsored by the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, and the Messengers who received / receive the Spiritual Teachings have brought forth some of the Highest and Purest Information that the world has seen since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria (during their Golden Ages). The information provided in this section on the Merkabah, as well as everything else that is discussed in the Introduction and Foundation pages of this website, stays focused on what the Ascended Masters have shared in order to present the most accurate and powerful information possible. That is not to suggest that other websites or books cannot provide more information, but people must follow their own hearts and study what they choose.

For example, people will find information about the Merkabah as a Star Tetrahedron and that “Mer” means Light . . . “Ka” means Spirit . . . and “Ba” means Body. It is said that there are counter-rotating fields of Light (due to the spinning of the tetrahedrons) that create a “Light Vehicle” allowing Ascended Masters to travel throughout the many Dimensions / Planes / Realms. There is incredible power in Sacred Geometry, considering everything in the Matter Universe consists of It. The Star Tetrahedron is truly beautiful, and it is very important geometry on many Levels and for many reasons. It is worth praying about and meditating upon in order to develop a greater understanding. For the purposes of this website, however, the focus will remain only on what has been discussed by Messengers of the Ascended Masters.

Man & Star Tetrahedron.png

The Merkabah is also known as the “Deathless Solar Body”. This Sacred Mystery was spoken about in a parable by Jesus and was referred to as the “Wedding Garment” (Matthew 22:1-14). Our individual Soul “weaves” / “knits” this Garment of Light to one day become a “Bride of Christ” in the “Alchemical Marriage” (i.e., the Soul rising to the Heart Chakra and “marrying” / merging into Oneness with the Holy Christ Self) and in the “Ritual of the Ascension” (i.e., the Soul / Holy Christ Self merging into Oneness with the I AM Presence / “Union with God”).

Wedding Garment.png
TSL - The Alchemical Marriage.gif

The Summit Lighthouse

It is also referred to as the “Seamless Garment” that is woven by our Soul throughout our many lifetimes spent in devotion to God and developing a “Diamond Heart” / “Diamond-Crystal Heart” through decrees / mantras / prayers (i.e., “Science of the Spoken Word”), meditation / visualization, and countless expressions of pure thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds to All of Life. It is not something that is given to Us but rather something that We must strive to create for Ourselves. This is another reason why we must work to embody the Qualities of God and live virtuously. This is also one of the reasons for the Path of the Ruby Ray . . . the Path of Divine Love (Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness, Service).

TSL - Diamond Heart.png
TSL - Path of the Ruby Ray.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

The “thread” used to “weave” this “bridal garment” is Light. Our Spiritual Path (over a very long period of time) is intended to result in the development of this Eternal “Light Body” / “Light Vehicle” so that we can freely and safely travel throughout the Cosmos. The Deathless Solar Body is a “Sphere of Light”, and all of the Ascended Masters developed it (and have mastered the use of it) after striving to earn their own Ascensions and winning their freedom from the birth-death-rebirth cycle (i.e., Reincarnation). The Ascended Masters do not require spaceships or spacesuits to travel throughout the Spirit/Matter Cosmos; they use their “Ascended Master Light Bodies”. We have a “Tube of Light” (mentioned earlier) while we are in physical embodiment on Earth, and we will one day have a “Sphere of Light” after our Ascension . . . transcending from one forcefield to another.     

TSL - Chart & Real Scenery.png

The Summit Lighthouse

The Deathless Solar Body / Merkabah is more than just a strong forcefield for protection, it also makes up our “Sphere of BEing” and is said to be a duplicate forcefield of our Causal Body. In order to become our True Selves, we must purify ourselves. To BE like God (seeking His Righteousness) and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must spiritually cleanse all aspects of our Four Lower Bodies. If we hope to enter the “Holy of Holies”, then we must wear appropriate Spiritual Attire . . . and that means a Garment of Light. This concept was also depicted in Exodus 3:5 with Moses: “And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”

The highest of our Four Lower Bodies is the Etheric Body, which we only used before “The Fall” in the story of the Garden of Eden. This is our “Heavenly Body” that our Soul uses when visiting the Ascended Masters on the Etheric Plane during meditation and/or at night when our physical body is sleeping. It is the “Identity / Memory Body” and is connected to our Causal Body that stores our “treasures in Heaven” . . . which are the rewards of every good thing that we have thought, felt, said, or done throughout our many lifetimes. When purified, the Etheric Body will transform into (i.e., become One with) the Deathless Solar Body that we are working to create.

This is why the Violet Flame is among the greatest gifts that mankind has ever received. This Sacred Fire is used to purify EVERYTHING . . . individually and planetarily. Saint Germain and Portia (as Hierarchs of the Aquarian Age) are bearing a Spiritual Burden so that mankind has access to the knowledge of the Violet Flame in the hope that people will use it for spiritual cleansing / purification / transformation / transmutation . . . of the Four Lower Bodies of themselves and the planet. It is through Purification that we can restore God’s Creation to Its Original Pristine State and establish a Golden Age Civilization.

TSL - Earth & Violet Flame.png

The Summit Lighthouse

By purifying ourselves thoroughly, we will be fulfilling the necessary requirements to weave our Deathless Solar Body and “Ascend back to God”. The purer we become, the higher in consciousness we rise. The higher in consciousness we rise, the higher our spiritual initiations will be. The higher the initiations are that we pass, the more Power / Wisdom / Love we will develop. Four Sacred Initiations include the Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension that were all demonstrated by Jesus so that we could follow in his footsteps.


The Transfiguration is when Light descends into our Four Lower Bodies as a “Pattern of Perfection” necessary for us to endure the Crucifixion. The Crucifixion is when we hold a certain balance of Light to counteract planetary Darkness as well as the “death” of the lesser self / human ego. The Resurrection is when we overcome the challenges of the Crucifixion, step forward as a “Christed One”, and seal the Light within us that descended during the Transfiguration. Lastly, the Ascension is when we fully merge into Oneness with our I AM Presence and are no longer required by the Law of Karma to reincarnate in the Physical Plane.

The weaving of the Deathless Solar Body is connected to everything that we do on the Spiritual Path, especially our initiations. As we rise higher up the Cosmic Ladder, we will become more and more Light. We must have Light consuming every atom, cell, and electron of our Four Lower Bodies. As we Ascend and put on our Garment of Light, we are taking with us everything that is OF GOD and OUR TRUE SELF. This is why it is said that we will be in a “Sphere of Light” that is our “Sphere of BEing”.       


When we develop mastery of the Seven Rays of God (and the Five Secret / Crystal Rays), we will develop a “Rainbow Body” that is taught by the Tibetan Buddhists and was demonstrated by Padma Sambhava. This is another reference to the Merkabah / Deathless Solar Body. It is known that when the Colors of the Rays are mixed together, they become Mother-of-Pearl in color. . . as depicted when the Threefold Flame spins to become the Resurrection Flame with the colors of Blue, Yellow, and Pink transforming into Mother-of-Pearl. As the Resurrection Flame spins more quickly, it becomes the Ascension Flame . . . and then the Mother-of-Pearl transforms into Pure White. 

Padma Rainbow Body.jpg
TSL - Threefold Flame with White.jpg

The Hearts Center Dictionary

Deathless Solar Body: Also called the “seamless garment”, this spherical light body is woven around the soul aspiring to become one with her Buddha Nature. Its numberless threads are the result of the soul’s every virtuous act, loving thought and uplifting word throughout her embodiments. The deathless solar body prepares the soul for its graduation from Earth through the ascension process.  

* * * NOTE * * *


While it seems that the Star Tetrahedron was not specifically mentioned among the Spiritual Teachings used as additional information for this website, people can / should still meditate upon it and may receive illumination from their own Higher Self or the Ascended Masters. Even though we have received incredible Teachings from the Masters, there is no end to what we will continue to learn about regarding God and Creation through Progressive Revelation. Therefore, is worth trying to better understand the Star Tetrahedron when focusing on the Merkabah / Deathless Solar Body.  


It may be interesting to contemplate the relationship between the Star Tetrahedron and the Star of David (which is also known as the Star of Victory). Ascended Masters have shared a great deal about the Star of Victory that is within our Heart Chakra. We know that the descending triangle represents Alpha / Spirit / Father / Yang and the ascending triangle represents Omega / Matter / Mother / Yin. When these two intertwine, they merge into Oneness and create the Son / Christ in the center. It is called the “Star of Victory” because it represents how we must become Whole within ourselves by balancing the Alpha/Omega & Yang/Yin qualities within us in order to earn our Victory by becoming One with our Holy Christ Self (and then becoming fully One with our I AM Presence), which was demonstrated by Jesus . . . the “Son” / “Christ”. It represents God’s Energy descending to us and our purified energy ascending to God . . . the descent of the “New Jerusalem” and the ascent of the “City Foursquare”.

TSL - Star of Victory.jpg

A picture of the intertwined triangles is a hexagram / six-pointed star and is two-dimensional, of course, but that Sacred Process would actually take place as a multi-dimensional experience . . . hence, the Star Tetrahedron. Instead of two triangles intertwining, it is two pyramids intertwining. And instead of this happening only in the Heart Chakra, it has expanded to envelop the entire body. It could be similar to the development of the Threefold Flame, which is said to be only about 1/16th of an inch in height but can expand to one day envelop the entire body (as was the case long ago before “The Fall”).

Man & Star Tetrahedron.jpg
TSL - Jesus, 3FF, Causal Body.png

The Summit Lighthouse

We also know that Energies descending from Spirit move in a clockwise motion, and energies ascending from Matter spin in a counter-clockwise motion . . . which would support the idea that the Star Tetrahedron consists of counter-rotating fields of Energy / Light. We know that Light descends daily from Above (our I AM Presence) through our Crystal Cord, and we strive for Light to ascend daily from Below (our Base-of-the-Spine Chakra / Kundalini). This creates the intertwining of Alpha & Omega . . . As Above, So Below . . . “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” (John 5:17)


So, could this Star Tetrahedron then be enclosed in the Sphere of Light mentioned by the Ascended Masters . . . considering we are Spherical Beings with Spherical Consciousness and spheres by nature are multi-directional (and a Sphere of Light would also be multi-dimensional)? Could this add further detail to our understanding of the Merkabah, which we are told is our Deathless Solar Body? It is all very interesting, and we are so blessed to have Eternity to continue learning the Sacred Mysteries of The Creator!   

TSL - Flow of Energies.gif
TSL - Figure-Eight Flow.png

The Summit Lighthouse





The following is from the Lost Years and Teachings of Jesus website:

* * *  A “Keynote” is a beautiful spiritual reality, but it may not be something that too many people have learned about. A very basic understanding begins with the Cosmic Truth that everything is Energy, and that Energy moves as Waves of Light. Our entire universe consists of Energy / Light, and it is Sound (at varying frequencies / levels of vibration) that creates the many structures and patterns that we see across the Matter Universe, on Earth, and within all of Life.


It is complex, but people can acquire a higher understanding through spiritual development regarding the “Blueprint of God” when it comes to His Creation. Because everything is created from Sound, the Matter Universe itself consists of “Spiritual Music” through its mathematical harmony of form and movement. Many wise people throughout history understood the special relationship between Mathematics and Music, which is why they taught both subjects together. They referred to the Cosmic Tones as the “Music of the Spheres”. It cannot be heard with our physical ears, but it can be heard with our “Inner Ear” that allows us to sense spiritual things at a higher frequency / vibration.


This means that the movement of Celestial Spheres creates Sound, which is “Music”, but it also means that people would have their own unique Sound that is individual to them alone. We all have a specific melody that reflects that frequency / vibration of our unique individuality in God. It is the beautiful music of our Higher Selves in spiritual realms and can be “heard”, even while our souls are embodied in our present lifetime, by those capable of tuning into the harmony of the soul. This “Music of Individuality” is also known as a “Keynote”.


Some extremely gifted people have been able to achieve a certain level of spiritual attunement during their lives and could “hear” various Keynotes of incredible Spiritual Beings: Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Michael the Archangel, and so on. These Spiritual Keynotes were brought into our physical world by amazing composers: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Elgar, Grieg, Handel, Liszt, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schubert, Sibelius, Strauss I & II, Verdi, and Wagner to name a few examples. This is why Classical Music (and similar genres) has been so important for the peace and harmony of society, as well as the spiritual development of civilization itself.  


So, why is this amazing concept being spoken of here? Because this website is dedicated to the Lost Years and Teachings of Jesus . . . the Higher Teachings that most Christians and lovers of Jesus may not have heard about in their churches and Holy Books. It is very exciting to understand what a Keynote is and to also learn the Sacred Music associated with Beloved Jesus the Christ! When we listen to the specific songs that contain the Light of Jesus, we can feel his Presence with us . . . and that allows us to experience the incredible radiance of his Great Love and Peace.


There are three primary songs that capture the melody of Jesus, and it will benefit everyone who is devoted to him to listen to this Sacred Music. Two of the songs are probably not a surprise to most people; they have heard them many times and associate them with Jesus . . . but did not know just how special and important the songs truly were!  * * *

“Hallelujah Chorus” – from Handel’s Messiah

“Joy to the World”

“The Holy City” 


Information & Examples of Ascended Masters’ Keynotes – The Summit Lighthouse

Keynotes & Universe.jpg
Jesus - Greg Olsen.jpg

Greg Olsen



Root Races & the “I AM Race”

Root Races & the “I AM Race”

In striving to better “know ourselves”, it is also important (and very interesting) to better understand the “Root Races”. Again, this may be a concept that is new to most people. A Root Race is a Group of Souls that take embodiment at certain times during the Spiritual Evolution of Man and the Earth, and they each have a Special Mission to achieve that is unique to them. While we do have our own Individuality, it can also be beneficial for people to learn more about the Root Race that they are a part of . . . as it may help them to develop a better understanding of their overall Purpose. They may want to know that they belong to a Sacred Group of Souls; perhaps, some of them already have an “Inner Feeling” that they are connected to certain people and yet do not understand the reason.


There are said to be Seven Root Races associated with the Earth. The First, Second, and Third Groups embodied long ago . . . and only at the level of the Etheric Plane. It was not until the Fourth Root Race that Man began to have physical bodies in the Physical Plane. This is when the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden took place (i.e., Lemuria). The Guru in the Garden of Eden was Maitreya, and the Serpent (a Fallen Angel) was his “antithesis” . . . the False Hierarchy Imposter / False Guru who tempted Adam and Eve.

It was “The Fall” in consciousness that led to the “expulsion” from Eden . . . which meant a vibrational descent from the Etheric Plane to Physical Plane. Of course, Adam and Eve were not the only two people on Earth at the time. The allegory depicts what was taking place with everyone living at that time as well. It is unbelievably exciting, however, to also know that mankind is coming full circle (i.e., an upward spiral) . . . and We are on the Sacred Path leading to Our Victorious Return to the “Garden of Eden”! That is what rising higher in consciousness and trying to establish a Golden Age Civilization is all about!


The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Root Races are continuing to reincarnate on Earth. The Seventh Root Race will be the final to embody . . . but will not do so (entirely) until the Earth has been prepared, purified, and made ready for the Pure Souls eagerly waiting to come. Their coming will take place in stages from the First Ray to the Seventh Ray over the course of many years. This is yet another reason why there must be a Spiritual Awakening and Miraculous Transformation during the Age of Aquarius . . . for Us to elevate Ourselves and the Earth (to higher levels of consciousness and greater levels of purity) and to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth so that these Beautiful Souls will feel “at Home” and can radiate the incredible amount of God’s Light that they will bring with them!

Souls Descending.jpg
PFC - Indigo Children.png

Peter Fich Christiansen

Boris Olshansky.png

Boris Olshansky

There is also a “Manu” for each Root Race (Sanskrit: lawgiver). This Spiritual Being and His Twin Flame are “Divine Sponsors” for each Group of Souls. They embody the “Christic Image” for them and hold a certain Balance of Light so that these Souls have the opportunity to fulfill their Divine Plans (Individually and as a Group). 

Among the most interesting (and exciting) Teachings from the Ascended Masters is knowledge of the “I AM Race”. When speaking of the Root Races or the I AM Race, it is important to mention that these topics are not about something as superficial as the skin color of human bodies. Instead, it is about Groups of Souls embodying on Earth and the “Immaculate Concept” that God has for All of Them. It is about WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY ARE HERE TO DO.


Having said that, the I AM Race is a Group of Lightbearers embodied in nations around the world . . . including America, which is destined to be the “Center” / “Hub” of a future Golden Age Civilization. These Souls are the “Seed of Light” (i.e., “Christic Seed”) and have a Threefold Flame and an I AM Presence (i.e., their God-Identity). Many of these people may not consciously remember that they are Individualizations of God; however, their Souls have an “Inner Memory” of this Cosmic Truth regarding their Divine Reality.  

I AM THAT I AM Individual I AM Presence

I AM Affirmation.png
TSL - I AM Affirmation.png
TSL -St. G & America.png
TSL - Memory.png



Thirteen Tribes

Thirteen Tribes


In the previous section, some information was provided regarding the Root Races and the “I AM Race”. It is a very interesting topic and certainly worth reading about and praying / meditating on. Another fascinating topic that people would learn so much from is about the “13 Tribes”. We have heard a great deal about the “12 Tribes of Israel”, but there is so much more to the topic than what world religions and historians have taught us. There is also the 13th Tribe that is spoken of in greater detail by the Ascended Masters.


What most people understand is that the 12 Tribes of Israel are the “Families” of the ancient Hebrew people . . . the Israelites. These Tribes are the descendants of the Patriarch Jacob through his 12 sons. This is the same Jacob who is well-known for “wrestling with the Angel of the Lord” (i.e., Archangel Michael) and having a Vision of a ladder / staircase going to Heaven (called “Jacob’s Ladder”). They are known as the Tribes of Israel because that was the name given to Jacob. He was a son of the Patriarch Isaac, who was a son of the Patriarch Abraham. And it was Abraham (an embodiment of El Morya) who was promised by God to be “The Father of Many Nations”. We know that the 12 Tribes are represented by the 12 Sacred Stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites. We also know that Jacob’s son, Joseph (an embodiment of Jesus), had two sons . . . and the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh became a special part of the Lineage of the Tribes.

12 Sons of Jacob.jpg
Patriarch Abraham.jpg
El Morya & Clouds.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

What most people may not know is that the Tribes consist of Souls whose time on Earth goes back a very long time ago and did not begin with Jacob or even Abraham. This is yet another reason proving how unbelievably blessed we are to have Ascended Masters’ Teachings, which provide us with Spiritual Truths that we cannot find anywhere else (other than in ancient records hidden somewhere or by “going within”). The Tribes are the Lightbearers who volunteered to come to Earth with Sanat Kumara (“The Ancient of Days”) to embody the Threefold Flame and hold the necessary Balance of Light for the saving of those living on Earth at the time. The story of this “Rescue Mission” is incredible! Most people, including those who are a part of the New Age Movement, have not heard of this before . . . and yet EVERYONE will know the Truth in the Aquarian Age.

Sanat Kumara - Vladimir Suvorov.jpg

Vladimir Suvorov

Sanat Kumara - Marius Michael-George.png

Learning about the Root Races is amazing, because we can learn more about the origin of our Souls in the Spirit Realms. Learning about the Tribes is amazing, because we can learn more about the “Lineage of Light” that we have been a part of while incarnating on Earth . . . especially since the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Family Lineages (physically / genetically speaking) are very important, because the Light / Christic Seed is passed down through the generations “by blood”. This is where the word Bloodline comes from. And in this particular case, we are discussing the Sacred Bloodline of Abraham. The Fallen Ones know the importance of such things as well, which is why they create / maintain their own “Bloodlines of Darkness” while also trying to destroy our “Bloodlines of Light”.

Having said that, it is also vital to understand the reality of Reincarnation. While there is great importance in Bloodlines, the Higher / Greater Lineages are those involving the Souls themselves and not just human families on the Physical Plane. For example, the 12 Tribes are not simply “Jewish” / “Hebrew” as some people may believe. The Souls of those Tribes are embodied around the world in all nations, because the Souls reincarnate and live in different places during different lifetimes. Abraham is “The Father of Many Nations” . . . and this was not only a reference to his grandson, Jacob, having 12 sons that started the 12 Tribes of Israel but also that those Tribes would reincarnate and spread throughout the Earth. 


The Ascended Masters have also shared that the “Half-Tribes” of Joseph’s sons (blessed by Jacob) have continued to reincarnate mostly within the United States of America (Ephraim) and the United Kingdom (Manasseh) . . . but also within great nations like Australia. These were the Souls in Ireland (the reincarnated Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh) that Saint Patrick was trying to help . . . and who would one day in the future reincarnate in the United States, for example, to help Saint Germain usher in a Golden Age of Aquarius.   

Saint Patrick.png

Of course, this topic could be studied and discussed in much greater detail. However, it is still worth reading a short summary here in order for people interested to pray for illumination to discover if they are a part of the 12 Tribes of Jacob or the 2 Tribes of Joseph. While we can FEEL (and BE) Whole without full knowledge of all aspects of our True Selves and our previous lives, it can be beneficial to learn some specific things . . . such as the Root Race and Tribe of Israel that our Soul is connected with.


God, the Ascended Masters, and our I AM Presence certainly know everything about us . . . but knowing EVERYTHING is not always necessary or beneficial for us to have a great life and fulfill an important Spiritual Mission. However, we should pray for greater understanding and let our Higher Self illumine us with everything that we need to know and even some things that we simply want to know. As it says in Luke 12:32, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”


What is the “kingdom”? It is the Ascending States of Consciousness that consist of Oneness with our I AM Presence, God, and All of Creation . . . and, therefore, the ability to tap into the Cosmic Mind of God, learn His Sacred Mysteries, utilize His Universal Substance, and apply His Sacred Laws (i.e., His Righteousness) through continued Cosmic Service that expands and magnifies His Great Love / Wisdom / Power . . . His Beauty / Purity / Perfection.


People may wonder why there were 12 Tribes of Israel, and there is spiritual significance in the number 12 (with a brief list of examples provided on the previous page of this website: “God and Creation”). We know that there are 12 Lines on the Cosmic Clock, 12 Petals of the Heart Chakra, and that Jesus had 12 primary Disciples. So, it is obvious that the number 12 is very important for various reasons.

The Last Supper.jpg

However, the number 13 is also very important. When we have “walked around” the Cosmic Clock and passed our initiations (the 12 Lines / 12 Gates), we can then enter the Center / White Fire Core . . . which is the 13th, where we can access “The Holy City”. This is depicted through the understanding of the 12 Petals of the Heart Chakra and entering the Center / White Fire Core to fully embrace the Christ Consciousness and become One with our Holy Christ Self. Jesus is the 13th person, along with the 12 Disciples, and represents (in physical form) what the White Fire Core represents on the Cosmic Clock and in the Heart Chakra. Of course, there are much greater details that could be shared about this particular topic.     


Returning to the 12 Tribes of Israel . . . it was said that the Tribe of Levi was set apart from the 12 Tribes and that the 2 Half-Tribes of Joseph took its place. As a result, the Tribe of Levi has been called the 13th Tribe . . . the “Tribe of Priests”. What makes that very interesting is that we also have read in The Bible about what is called the “Priesthood of Melchizedek”. Melchizedek (the man) was a Priest-King of Salem. The Patriarch Abraham is famously depicted as bringing a Tithe (i.e., one-tenth or 10% of his spoils) to Melchizedek.

Abraham & Melchizedek.jpg

What many people may not know is that Melchizedek was more than just a Biblical character; he is an Ascended Master and a member of the Great White Brotherhood. There is also a very ancient “Order of Melchizedek” that consists of “Priests and Priestesses of the Sacred Fire”. Sanat Kumara, Gautama, Maitreya, Jesus, Krishna, Zarathustra, El Morya, and Saint Germain are just a few examples of such Priests in this Holy Order.


So, the “Priesthood of Levi” is the 13th Tribe (among the 12 Tribes) representing the Priesthood on the Physical Plane, while the “Priesthood of Melchizedek” is the 13th Tribe (among the 12 Tribes / 144,000 mentioned in the Book of Revelation) representing the Priesthood on the Etheric Plane (and beyond).  

Melchizedek - Marius Michael-George.jpg

Marius Michael-George






This page of the website is focused on sharing information that is very important for people to understand so that they can better “know themselves”. Of course, what is provided here is only a summary . . . for so much could be said about this topic and all of its aspects. Hopefully, people will find the information on this page illumining and extremely useful for their Spiritual Paths. It is crucial to share a little more about Reincarnation, even though this Spiritual Truth has already been mentioned a few times on this website.

People who do not believe in God, Heaven, or a Soul would also not believe in Reincarnation. Most (if not all) Christians also do not believe in Reincarnation, even though they do believe in God, Heaven, and a Soul. People involved with other religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, do believe in Reincarnation. And the concept itself has been a fundamental belief among people throughout recorded history. The Truth is that Reincarnation is Real, and it is unfortunate that Christians today (for example) are unaware that it was taught and understood by early Christians . . . but was removed from “Christian Doctrine” because of leaders in the Church as well as influential individuals like Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire. People might be very surprised to know that Jesus, Saint Joseph, Mother Mary, the Essene Community, the Disciples, and many others fully accepted Reincarnation as a Reality. This is one of the primary Spiritual Teachings that Christianity is missing, which has been holding it back for centuries and is preventing it from achieving what Jesus (and the Great White Brotherhood) would want.

Reincarnation - Vedas.jpg

We are NOT the human body, which was explained earlier. The Soul can (and does) change bodies after each lifetime. We have all lived many lives . . . in many places . . . doing many things. We have been both a male and a female, and we have lived among many different races, classes, and cultures around the world. The lack of knowledge about Karma & Reincarnation is definitely among THE biggest factors hindering mankind. If people simply understood these two intertwining concepts, the world would be so different . . . for the better. They answer so many questions that people have, and they would solve so many problems that we are dealing with.

Mario - Reincarnation.jpg

We were all Created Equal” by God, but we are not all Born Equal”.

This means that God created All of Us in the Beginning with Life, Light, Liberty, and Equal Opportunity for Spiritual Adventure . . . to increase our Self-Realization and Self-Mastery in order to develop as Individualizations of God and become Co-Creators with Him. However, we are not born equal for many reasons . . . including Positive / Negative Karma, Initiations / Tests, Spiritual Missions / Dharma, and Free-Will Choices that influence future embodiments to name a few examples.


This is why people must understand that we were blessed with Equal Opportunity (spiritually-speaking) but not Equal Outcome . . . which is one of the diabolical principles of Marxism (i.e., Socialism, Communism, Progressivism). People are unique individuals and have the God-Given Right to live however they choose, but we do not have a Right to hold others back from making Spiritual Progress, from working hard and earning their rightful rewards, or for a government to take from those who do work hard and strive to rise higher (in all aspects of life) in order to give to those who do not. That is a forced and false sense of “equality” focused on outcome instead of on providing equal opportunity on the Physical Plane in emulation of the Equal Opportunity that God provided for Us on Higher Planes throughout the Matter Universe.


Even though we do not usually have conscious memory of our many lifetimes on Earth, our Souls and Higher Self remember. Sometimes, people are able to access memories of previous embodiments. Sometimes, people are able to access the skills / talents in THIS life that they developed in a PREVIOUS life . . . which we see with “Child Prodigies” who are able to do remarkable things that they could not have possibly learned or developed at such young ages.


What is also very exciting to think about is that we have had many lifetimes on other planets, moons, and suns in our Solar System, Galaxy, and beyond! We are older than we know, and we have more knowledge and skills than we know. Right now on Earth, there are Spiritual Beings from many different places around the Universe all “wearing human bodies” . . . so we all may look the same, but we have incredibly different backgrounds and experiences. What we see in front of us is a “Play” on the Physical Plane, and everyone is a “Character” acting out a certain “Role”. Behind the scenes (i.e., at Higher Planes), we are our True Selves and consist of so much more than we realize at this time. 

Starseeds 1.jpg

For example, we see “human beings” around the world living out their lives in countless ways. If we were to “See” who they really were and where they have been over a long period of time, we would be absolutely amazed to learn how many different Beings are actually here on Earth. There are Ascended Masters, Angels, Elementals, and Unascended Sons & Daughters of God from around the Universe living in human bodies right now. However, there are also Fallen Angels, Laggards, and their “godless creation” from around the Universe in human bodies right now as well.

The most important thing to take away from this section is that our previous lives all contribute to our overall experience / growth as Spiritual Beings while we were embodied in different places and on different Planes throughout the Matter Universe . . . including the Earth, right now, on the Physical Plane. We are NOT just the person living this current life; it is only a tiny fraction of what makes Us who We are. This may sound too fantastical for many people to understand or accept, but it is the Truth. And the more people rise higher in consciousness and understand the Nature of God and Creation, the more they will realize that it makes perfect sense that we would Reincarnate . . . and that we would have many lives on different Planes of Existence, as a key part of the Path of Self-Transcendence.

Starseeds 2.jpg



Dharma / Divine Plan

Dharma / Divine Plan


Along with developing a better understanding of the various aspects of our Being, it is also very important to understand that we all have a Special Purpose . . . a Special Role to play. This is something that far too many people in the world do not know (including most young people), for they sadly believe that their lives have no purpose and that existence itself is meaningless. God created Us to live meaningful and purposeful lives . . . in which we would BE our True Selves, come into Oneness / Alignment with God (and His Will), and follow our hearts in order to figure out what Unique Gifts are within Us that We can develop and then share with others.

Tatiana F. Light - The Painter and the Muse.jpg

As mentioned throughout this page of the website, our Souls are older than we consciously know . . . and we have embodied many times and in many places. We were created by God as Unique Individualizations of Him; we also belong to different Root Races and different Tribes of Israel; we each have more of an interest (and mastery) on different Spiritual Rays; and we have different personalities / characters. All of this contributes to WHAT our Souls will do throughout our many lifetimes. We cannot BE someone else or DO what someone else is meant to do; we must BE who we truly are and DO what only we can do. In cases where it seems like we are doing what others are doing (i.e., having a similar Purpose), it is still up to us to do such things with our own unique Energy / Light / Love. It is said that no two snowflakes are alike; the same is true about our Souls.     


It is correct that God has a certain Vision for our Souls and created Us with the potential to achieve specific things, which some people might refer to as being “preordained”. However, we are NOT slaves to “God&rdq