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Sacred Aspects of Saint Germain

Some of Saint Germain’s Embodiments



Saint Germain

“Remember, these are My Words, and let no human being on Earth doubt it when I say to you that Saint Germain has performed the greatest Service ever attempted by one being on Earth. With your continued assistance and the gathering of more of mankind—to give the Call and assistance which He asked for—you will see manifested upon Earth, the greatest achievement ever known since the Second Golden Age upon Earth!” 


- Message from Jesus

(“I AM Activity” / Saint Germain Foundation)

May DaCamara - Master Jesus.jpg
St. Germain Press.jpg

May DaCamara



For over the last two centuries, a mysterious individual named “Saint Germain” has been seen and spoken of in many nations. Not known by the wider public (yet), his name was whispered in private circles and now is being openly praised and promoted among spiritual groups around the world. A simple Internet search will quickly produce many websites, books, videos, and pictures of Saint Germain. It is only the beginning of people learning about him; he and his Twin Flame, Portia, are the New Hierarchs for the New Age of Aquarius.


This website is, by its name, dedicated to the “New World” that Saint Germain hopes to create by working with Portia, other Masters, Angels, Elementals, and Humanity. This particular section is dedicated to providing more detail about Saint Germain and Portia for people who do not know about them or who only have a little information about them. There is so much to say, now and moving forward, but this will be a good starting point for many people.

St. G & Portia.jpg

Saint Germain’s name means “Holy Brother”. He is our Older Holy Brother on the Spiritual Path. He experienced the trials, tribulations, and victories on Earth (that we all will have to as well in our own individual way) while climbing the Spiritual Ladder of Consciousness and ending the cycle of birth-death-rebirth (i.e., reincarnation) by Ascending back to God. He showed us “The Way Home” like many other Great Beings, such as Krishna, Zarathustra, Gautama Buddha, and Jesus to name only a few examples.

Buddha - Globe.png
Jesus - Globe.jpg

There is only ONE God, but there are many Paths to Him. The Foundation of each Path is the same, but each is unique and individual due to the unique and individual needs of the billions of souls living on Earth (or waiting to be born). Therefore, many Great Beings who have developed the balance of Power, Wisdom, Love, and Mastery to demonstrate various Paths do come to show the way . . . as “Wayshowers” . . . for different souls who will be magnetized / attracted to them and the Unique Path that they walked.


Also, every Age is different because of astronomy and astrology, the spiritual progress of civilization, and what is intended to be achieved during that particular 2,150-year cycle. This means that every Age will “FEEL” different and “BE” different. They require different spiritual assistance from Heaven through the release of Energies, Dispensations, Teachings, and Teachers. For example, Jesus was an incredible Teacher for the Piscean Age and will still be a very important Ascended Master working with humanity in the Aquarian Age. However, Saint Germain and Portia will now have a more prominent role as the Hierarchs of the Age . . . and other Cosmic Beings, Masters, Archangels, and Angels will be doing everything They can to assist them and support the Divine Plan (i.e., God’s Will) for what the Aquarian Age has the potential of achieving. This is why it is important for people to know more about Saint Germain and Portia, because this is only the beginning of our understanding and interaction with them!

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Sacred Aspects of Saint Germain

Sacred Aspects of Saint Germain 

Symbol / Emblem



Electronic Pattern

Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross.jpg






Amethyst Heart.jpg

Music - to magnetize the presence of Saint Germain & Portia

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15 (“Rákóczy March”) - Franz Liszt


The Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Chohan of the 7th Ray. A “Chohan” is a Master / Lord of a certain Aspect / “Ray” of God that focuses the Christ Consciousness in a specific way and with specific qualities / attributes. In a physical manner, white light shines through a prism and produces the colors of the rainbow. In a spiritual manner, the Pure White Light of God shines through His Children, for example, and produces the Rainbow Colors / Rainbow Rays. There are seven primary rays and five “secret” / “crystal” rays:


            1.) Blue

            2.) Yellow

            3.) Pink

            4.) White

            5.) Green

            6.) Purple & Gold

            7.) Violet

            8.) Ruby


(Received by The Hearts Center)

            9.) Aqua-Teal

           10.) Golden-Pink / Peach

           11.) Indigo

           12.) Crystalline & Light Blue / Silver

Charles Sindelar - 1935.jpg
St. G - Ruth Hawkins.jpg

Charles Sindelar 

Ruth Hawkins


The color of the 7th Ray is violet; therefore, Saint Germain is often depicted wearing violet or purple clothing. He is also the “Master Alchemist” who received the Dispensation to present the “Violet Flame” to the world through Guy Ballard (“I AM” Activity / Saint Germain Foundation) in the 1930s, which is discussed in greater detail in the next section.

St. G - Troika.jpg
St. G - Magical.jpg

During the Aquarian Age, Saint Germain and Portia will oversee the helping of mankind to better understand and embody the God-Qualities / Virtues / Attributes of the 7th Ray. Those are discussed in much greater detail throughout this website because they will be the foundation for the next 2,150 years. However, a few examples include: Joy, Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness, Opportunity, Diplomacy, True Community, Brotherhood / Sisterhood, Unity, Abundance, Transmutation, Transformation, as well as the continued Spiritual & Scientific Progress of mankind.


Saint Germain is known as the God of Freedom. He has passed specific Spiritual Initiations and developed his Self-Mastery to a certain level whereby he has earned the Title of “God”, just as a Female Master can work to one day become a “Goddess”. These Masters will then be a God or Goddess of something . . . some Aspect / Quality of God. In Saint Germain’s case, he is the “Representative of God-Freedom” to the world.


These Spiritual Titles do not mean that they are THE “Great God” and “Creator”; they are Representatives / Individualizations of The Creator. We are all destined to become “gods” and “co-creators” in our own right, but the Spiritual Title of Saint Germain is a High and Holy Office among the Spiritual Hierarchy. Other examples of Spiritual Titles include: Elohim, Archangel, Lord of the World, Mother of the World, Cosmic Christ, Planetary Buddha, World Teacher, and Chohan to name just a few.          

Since Freedom is a such an important part of Saint Germain’s Being and Spiritual Mission to the Earth, it should come as no surprise that he is among the Sponsoring Masters of the United States. America has a Divine Destiny to be a Beacon of Light, Hope, & Freedom for the World; it is Saint Germain (primarily) who has been working tirelessly for hundreds of years to make that a reality. Saint Germain embodies the “Spirit of Freedom” in America (and the World), and the national symbol / character known as “Uncle Sam” embodies the Spirit of Saint Germain.

Uncle Sam - Praying.jpg
St. G - America.jpg
America Our Own Beloved Land.jpg
Cosmic Angel.jpg

It was Saint Germain who overshined (i.e., illumined and guided) the Founding Fathers of America. It was he who encouraged them to sign the Declaration of Independence, to frame the U.S. Constitution, and even to design the original American Flag. It was he who anointed the first President, George Washington. It was also he who later sponsored Guy and Edna Ballard to start the “I AM” Activity / Saint Germain Foundation; Guy was George Washington in a previous life, and Edna was Benjamin Franklin. 

Betsy Ross Flag.jpg
Founding Fathers.png
Godre & Lotus.jpg
Washington & Franklin.jpg

Saint Germain sponsored (physically and from spiritual levels) important spiritual / moral Orders throughout history, such as the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons (before they were all negatively influenced by immoral / corrupt individuals who ruined the purpose and reputation of each group). He sponsored the establishment of the Scout Movement and Girl Guide / Girl Scout Movement from spiritual levels by working through Robert and Agnes Baden-Powell (before the Movements were also negatively influenced). He also sponsored The Walt Disney Company (before it was negatively influenced as well). An unfortunate recurring theme is that Saint Germain (and the Ascended Masters) sponsor incredible “Activities of Light”; however, that Light always attracts Darkness (and Dark Individuals) . . . which can lead to the perversion / downfall of such Noble Endeavors, if those of the Light fail to keep out the Darkness or at least overcome It after the poisoning of the Sacred Movements.    

Templar Praying.jpg
Christian Rosenkreuz.jpg
Washington - Freemason.jpg
Robert Baden-Powell.jpg
Agnes Baden-Powell.jfif
Scouting Logo.png

Saint Germain has also been among the Sponsoring Masters behind the Theosophical Society, “I AM” Activity / Saint Germain Foundation, The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, Radiant Rose Academy, The Hearts Center, as well as many other individuals, groups, and organizations that are focused on bringing more Light into a Dark world for the Age of Aquarius.  

St. G Press 3.jpg
St. G Press 2.jpg

May DaCamara

St. G - Norman Thomas Miller.jpg

 Norman Thomas Miller

Saint Germain - Marius.jpg

Marius Michael-George

Saint Germain is also the “Seventh Angel” referenced in the Book of Revelation:


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.”


- Revelation 11:15

7th Angel.jpg



Some of Saint Germain’s Embodiments

Some of Saint Germain’s Embodiments

Ruler of a Golden Age Civilization

Sahara Desert

St. G - Ancient.jpg

Prophet Samuel

Prophet Samuel.jpg

Saint Alban

St. Alban.jpg

Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon.png

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon.jpg

High Priest on Atlantis

- Violet Flame Temple

St. G - Violet Fire.jpg

Saint Joseph

St Joseph.jpg



Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus.jpg

Comte de Saint Germain

Comte de Saint Germain.jpg
St. G - Embodiments 1.jpg





The Ascended Lady Master Portia is the “Twin Flame” of Saint Germain. She is to him what Mary Magdalene is to Jesus, for example. The entire Cosmos operates in Balance and Harmony; Twin Flames are intended to be the Perfect Balance of Alpha / Omega, Father / Mother, Masculine / Feminine. When God created us (through the Elohim), we were created together with our “Other Half” / “Divine Complement”. This is different to most people’s understanding of “Soul Mates”, which are souls that can have wonderful relationships with each other and can come together for many important reasons . . . but are not Twin Flames.   


It has been said that, after winning her Ascension, Portia remained in the Spiritual Realms while Saint Germain continued to reincarnate in order to fulfill various Missions that would help the Earth and humanity. When one Twin Flame remains in the Spirit World and the other continues to embody in the Matter / Physical World, it allows a figure-eight flow between Heaven and Earth. It also allowed Portia, in this case, to have held a great Balance of Light so that Saint Germain had the necessary support “from on High” to do what he needed to while in a physical body.

St. G - Marius.jpg
Portia - Marius.jpg

Marius Michael-George



It has happened in many relationships with the Ascended Masters where one Twin Flame would stay in Higher Realms while the other would continue to have many incarnations. This was done by choice for the greater good of humanity and not necessarily because the soul that continued to re-embody had to do so because of “personal karma to balance”. They are “Bodhisattvas” and chose not to Ascend (i.e., remain in Heaven) so they could continue reincarnating to help humanity achieve enlightenment and win their Ascensions. It was a Free Will decision of Self-Sacrifice to be separated from their Beloved Twin Flame in the Paradise of Spiritual Realms so that they could provide a greater Service to mankind and bring more Light into the world.  


When such individuals are in a human body, they will often find other beautiful souls to marry and have families with and/or to fulfill important Spiritual Missions with them. These are Soul Mates, but they are not Twin Flames. In the Age of Aquarius, however, it is destined that more and more Twin Flames will be embodied together. It does happen now, but for most people the relationships are not a “dream come true” because they have karma between them (and others) that needs to be balanced. This can make the relationships very challenging and painful instead of the “happily ever after” Fairy Tale relationships that most people wish they could have. This is also why Soul Mates usually get along better than Twin Flames; they have less karma together than most Twin Flames do.

TSL - Creation of Twin Flames.jpg
Twin Flames.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

Twin Flames - Sun.jpg

Portia is known as the Goddess of Justice and Goddess of Opportunity. She is also a member of the “Karmic Board”. There is a Divine System of Justice in the Cosmos, because God’s Creation is Perfect, Ordered, Structured, Balanced, and Harmonious. There is a Spiritual Board of Eight Ascended Masters who oversee the Earth (and more). They might be comparable to a nation’s Supreme Court, except that these Spiritual Beings are Pure and Wise. Therefore, they are able to properly handle the responsibility of providing justice, mercy, and opportunity to mankind . . . and do so free of bias, corruption, fear, hatred, ignorance, pride, or any of the other negative qualities that can affect human judges who have not surrendered their “lesser selves” to BE their “Greater Selves” and make rulings that are Just and Righteous.  

Portia 2.jpg
Portia 1.png


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