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When trying to better understand Who / What God is, we must also understand Who / What God is not.

Who / What is God?

The Word

Four Aspects of God

Quantity of God

Names of God

Flames of God

Rays of God

Three Primary Attributes of God

Creator, Preserver, & Destroyer

The Great Tao

Tree of Life

Spirit & Matter

Where is God?

Foundation for Creation


Music of the Spheres

Secrets of the Suns

Cosmic Clock

Solar System

The Great Lawgiver


God & Creation

Throughout history, people from every nation around the world have believed in a “God”, “Gods”, or “Higher Power”. There was always an innate feeling / understanding that there was something Greater than Us. Belief in a Creator led to the formation of many different activities, groups, movements, organizations, and religions so that like-minded people could come together in love, devotion, and worship to the God / Gods they believed in. It encouraged people to live moral lives . . . to be good individuals, to help others, and to live among those who chose a similar lifestyle based on their belief-system.


When God is eliminated, there is always degradation, decline, destruction, despair, and death. This can be seen in homes with the family unit, in schools, in governments, and in all aspects of society. It has been witnessed countless times in the Past as well as in the Present. When there is no God allowed in people’s lives (or even when religion itself has been corrupted), life becomes much more difficult and things fall apart. Mere human beings with a desire for Power, Money, and Control will seek to make themselves “gods” and enslave all those who are deemed to be ignorant, weak, and inferior to them.


As we transition into the early stages of the Aquarian Age, we can see a fierce attack by those who have rebelled against God (or do not believe in God at all) against those who do believe in God. It is the Battle of Armageddon . . . Darkness against the Light . . . the Separation of the Tares and the Wheat. It is a clear difference in Lifestyles for everyone as an individual and for all of society as a whole. It is a time to use our Free Will and choose what is Right, Good, and True . . . to make the choice for Man to be Free and Victorious without being “lukewarm” or “sitting on the fence”.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

- Joshua 24:15



“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

- Matthew 6:24



We can also see that many people are moving away from “organized religions” and are simply becoming more “spiritual”. They value the freedom to show their devotion to God in their own way without the restrictions / doctrine / dogma of certain religions. They seek more direct contact with God instead of having to go through another person acting as a mediator. The “New Age Movement” demonstrates that people’s souls want something MORE that they cannot receive in the churches, synagogues, and mosques of the world. They want a greater understanding of God, to improve themselves, and to help make the world a better place . . . free of control, manipulation, fear, guilt, ignorance, and unworthiness.


The Aquarian Age will see a global awakening unlike anything that has taken place throughout the history of the Earth. People are rising higher in consciousness and will continue to do so. This Spiritual Journey (individually and planetarily) will accelerate and eventually lead to people becoming Enlightened Beings . . . and achieving Self-Realization and Self-Mastery. We will finally BE what God envisioned from the Beginning, and we can then do absolutely amazing things for the planet (and beyond) as Co-Creators with God.


Therefore, it is very important for people to better understand God. Who / What is God? People have their own beliefs, and many unfortunately have created God in Man’s image . . . instead of remembering that God made Man in His Image. People have come to falsely believe that the “human” is God, which is not true. This is where some religious people sadly have something in common with Humanists . . . and even Satanists. Man’s understanding of God will always be based upon people’s current level of consciousness (i.e., understanding / awareness). As we rise higher in consciousness, our understanding of God will expand and become clearer. We will continue to learn Higher Truths and get closer to Pure Reality.  



“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

- 1 Corinthians 13:12



The “human” cannot comprehend the “Divine”. God is Infinite . . . and the finite human mind could never truly understand or explain God. It requires “Cosmic Consciousness” to understand the Cosmos. It requires the “Buddhic Mind” and “Christic Mind” to better understand the Mind of God and His Beautiful, Intricate, and Perfect Creation.



“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

- Philippians 2:5-11



Knowing God means knowing ourselves – the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. It can also be said that knowing ourselves means knowing God. The Aquarian Age will be an incredible time of people coming to know more about themselves . . . which also means knowing more about The Creator and His Creation. Those who desire to walk a “Spiritual Path” must have a certain foundation of knowledge regarding God, which they may not find in their local churches or “Holy Books”.


This entire section of the website is dedicated to providing Fundamental Truths for Spiritual Seekers. Upon these Truths, they can build their Spiritual Knowledge at their own pace and based on their own interests. The Spiritual Path is individual for all of us, but there are Timeless Truths that we need in order to then follow our hearts back to God in our own unique way. For example, people must have a fundamental understanding of mathematics (i.e., arithmetic) to learn higher mathematics, such as Quantum Physics. The same concept applies when it comes to understanding God and Creation . . . as well as understanding Ourselves, the Spiritual Path, the Age of Aquarius, and the Ascended Masters / Great White Brotherhood.      

The Meditating Buddha - Leah Marie King.jpg

Leah Marie King

Jesus Christ, Universal Teacher - Nicholas Hodgson.jpg

Nicholas Hodgson



Who / What God is not

When trying to better understand Who / What God is, 

we must also understand Who / What God is not.


  • God is not an “Old Man”, as He is often depicted . . . with long white hair and a beard, wearing a robe with sandals, and sitting in the clouds. That may seem obvious, but it is important to mention here just in case. That would be an example of making God in Man’s image or assuming that God must be “human” because we were made in His Image . . . also assuming that we are “human” in the first place, which we are NOT.


  • God is not “Jesus”, as many people believe. They use God/Jesus/Lord interchangeably, as if they are one and the same. It is absolutely true that Jesus was an Individualization of God, but so are ALL of the Sons & Daughters of God. However, that does not mean we should be referred to as “God, The Creator”. We have the Qualities of God within us, but we do not have the Quantity of God. Again, that may seem obvious, but it is important to mention here as well. Jesus was “God-Incarnate”, but we ALL have the potential to BE “Incarnations of God” like he was . . . for the Seed of Divinity is within each of us.


  • God is not a “Wrathful Deity”, as He has often been portrayed. If God is our Father and is Wise, Merciful, and All-Loving, then why would He be angry and seek to bring suffering and judgment to His Own Beloved Children? People have not understood God’s absolute respect for Free Will, the Law of Cause & Effect (i.e., Karma), and His Pure Desire for His Children to BE incredible Spiritual Beings and Co-Creators with Him. As a result, they wrongly blame their hardships and the miseries of the world on Him. They get upset thinking that God should fix the problems created by mankind by forcing everyone to live in “peace and harmony”, as if God wants to be a “Tyrannical Father” controlling the lives of His “feeble children”. People have forgotten (or never knew in the first place) that God created Beauty, Purity, and Perfection . . . anything less is not His Divine Design. God envisioned Man to BE His Greatest Creation . . . and to BE Powerful, Wise, and Loving just like Him!  


  • “God” is not plural; He is singular . . . One Great Being. The concept of “many gods” / “deities” is true when speaking of many Spiritual Beings of Great Attainment and Self-Mastery, for they have earned the Sacred Title of “God” or “Goddess”. For example, Saint Germain is called the “God of Freedom” and Lady Portia is called the “Goddess of Justice”. Many other Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters are also referred to as Gods and Goddesses of different aspects of what we call God.

These Spiritual Beings are not to be confused with THE ONE GOD . . . THE CREATOR OF ALL. They are Individualizations of God at Higher Levels of Spiritual Development. The Creator (i.e., God, Brahman, Ein Sof, Yahweh, Jehovah, The Great Spirit, etc.) is Perfect . . . and Wholeness / Oneness (along with Purity) is Perfection. It is the Balance and Harmony of Alpha & Omega / Masculine & Feminine / Yang & Yin as ONE. It is the “Cosmic Tai Chi”.


However, there is Truth about deities at the core of various religions as well as the myths and legends of history, such as the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism, Buddhism, and ancient Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. For example, there is the story of Hercules and him being a “half-god” / “demigod” . . . with a human mother and Zeus as his father. We have learned through Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood that Hercules is a REAL Spiritual Being known as Elohim Hercules (and his Twin Flame, Amazonia).


It has been revealed that Hercules did take on human form at some point in the distant past . . . that he was very strong, fought against the Dark Ones and their monstrous creations, and was a “Hero of Humanity”. Also, the “Labors of Hercules” from mythology symbolize the 12 Zodiac Signs and a very important Spiritual Science known as “The Cosmic Clock”, which will be discussed in greater detail on this website.

Other Examples of Deities:

– “Gods” & “Goddesses” who are Cosmic Beings & Members of the Great White Brotherhood

Alpha & Omega






















Vajrasattva -  

White Goddess / Tara

Greek Mythology




Hermes / Mercury


Roman Mythology







Norse Mythology


Cosmic Beings.jpg
Ascended Masters.png



Who / What is God?

Who / What is God?


What people call “God” . . . The Creator / The Source . . . is a “Being of Pure Consciousness”. The fullness of God cannot possibly be understood with the extremely limited human mind; the finite cannot comprehend the Infinite. In reality, even Higher Spiritual Beings cannot understand the fullness of God. However, our understanding / awareness of God increases as we rise higher in consciousness.


It is similar to planets inhabited by intelligent life (e.g., human beings) that orbit around a Sun . . . the Sun will be experienced more directly and be better understood by those living on planets closer to the Sun than those living farther away. The same is true with God (as a “Great Central Sun”); the closer we get to the “Core” of God’s Being, the more direct experience we will have and the more we will understand. People’s ability to experience and to know God is based on where they are on their individual Spiritual Paths . . . how pure they are, what initiations they have passed, and what level of consciousness they have reached. Therefore, some people have more spiritual experiences and a much deeper understanding of God while others do not.


What we do know is that God is in ALL; without God, there is nothing. God is “The Creator” and “The Creation”. Everything in the Cosmos is God’s Energy. There are trillions of cells in a human body; however, it is ONE BODY in which everything is connected and works together in harmony. The same is true about God and Creation . . . the Cosmos is the “Body of God”; the suns, planets, moons, intelligent life, etc. are the different cells, and everything is connected and designed to work together in perfect harmony. God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. It is true that God is already Perfect and, therefore, cannot be “More Perfect”. However, that Perfection can increase through never-ending forms of expression. The “Law of Being” is Transcendence (for God and for Man) . . . to be “Self-Realized” and “Self-Mastered” in order to Create, to Multiply, to Rise Higher.


“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”


- Genesis 1:28



The Word

The Word

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

- John 1

The Summit Lighthouse Glossary

Word: The Word is the Logos; it is the power of God and the realization of that power incarnate in and as the Christ. The energies of the Word are released by devotees of the Logos in the ritual of the science of the spoken Word. It is through the Word that the Father-Mother God communicates with mankind. The Christ is the personification of the Word.

The Hearts Center Dictionary

Word: The WORD, or Living WORD, is the indwelling Christ/Buddha Self of every child of God upon Earth. The Christ/Buddha Self is an aspect of God that lives within our hearts. It is a step-down transformer connecting the soul with its Solar Presence. The WORD is the Mediator between God and man. The WORD allows heaven and earth to meet in the heart center of the soul.

1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2 - And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3 - And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

- Genesis 1: 1-3



Four Aspects of God

Four Aspects of God


Many people, especially Christians, believe that God has three distinct Aspects . . . Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. However, there is a fourth Aspect . . . Mother.


Learning this will be exciting to those who always wondered why we refer to God as “He”, as if God is only a “Cosmic Patriarch” that led to worldly patriarchs being established on Earth. The Truth about God being Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit was intentionally omitted by powerful people in the Church who wanted to not only oppress women but also suppress knowledge of the fullness of God’s Nature and the importance of the Divine Feminine Aspect within all of mankind. They wanted to separate people from God and Creation . . . and to go inside THEIR buildings, give money to THEIR institutions, listen to THEIR doctrine / dogma, and turn to THEM as self-appointed “mediators” between God and Man.     


There is so much that could be discussed regarding this particular topic, because each Aspect of God could be an entire book or an entire website by Itself. The Nature of God is Infinitely Complex, but we can still understand certain fundamental Truths to begin our Spiritual Journey of Discovery . . . of both Ourselves and Our Creator.

God (as Father) . . . is Spirit / The Creator

God (as Mother) . . . is Matter / The Creation

God (as Son) . . . is The Word / The Christ

God (as Holy Spirit) . . . is The Energy / Light / Sacred Fire

The Creator is also The Creation; that is Alpha & Omega. God is Perfect, and Perfection requires Wholeness. That Wholeness is comprised of the Four Sacred Aspects in Balance, Harmony, and Oneness.


It will please many people to know that it is entirely appropriate to love and respect nature, for that is the purity of “Paganism” . . . before “Satanism” and “Humanism” corrupted the original beliefs / lifestyle. It is not about worshipping false gods or even nature; it is about sincere gratitude for the Magnificent Creation given to us by our Creator and understanding our Oneness with It. The entire Matter Universe was created by God for His Sons & Daughters! The Creator is within His Creation, and it is through “The Mother” that we can come to better know “The Father”. It is the “Mother Universe”, “Mother Earth”, and “Mother Nature”. This is why people should spend as much time as possible in nature; it is God’s Creation for Us and contains so many of the Mysteries of God and the Universe.     

Examples to Illustrate the Four Aspects of God

Four Aspects.jpg



Quantity of God

Quantity of God


When it is said that we are “Individualizations of God” and contain all the Virtues of God within us, it is understandable that we embody the Qualities of God . . . not the Quantity of God. That is common sense; however, keeping this in mind helps us to better understand more of the Nature of God and our relationship to Him.


If we imagine God to be a Cosmic Sun, then we can see ourselves as being rays of that Sun. If we imagine God to be a Cosmic Fire, then we can see ourselves as being flames of that Fire. If we imagine God to be a Cosmic Ocean, then we can see ourselves as being droplets of that Ocean. Each ray, flame, and droplet all have the Qualities of the Sun, Fire, and Ocean . . . but they do not contain the Quantity of Them. Spiritually-speaking, the same is true of the Sons & Daughters of God. We do not contain the Quantity of God within us, but we do contain the Qualities of God within us. 

Rays of the Sun.jpg



Names of God

Names of God


An aspect of The Creator that most people have always found interesting, and also believed was very important, is the Name. Human Beings understand the importance of their own names, for it helps to support people’s individuality as a “unique person”. The Ascended Masters have also shared Teachings on the “Power of Names” because of the Power of the Spoken Word. This includes the Power of Their Names, which is why it is priceless for mankind to know who the Masters are and what Names we can use to ask Them for assistance. Every word is a “Cup of Light” and contains a specific Frequency / Vibration / Energy / Light. This is also why affirmations, chants, decrees, devotional songs, mantras, and prayers are so important and so powerful.  


When it comes to The Creator, people may never know the Highest and Most Powerful Name. Perhaps, even the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings do not know. As we rise higher in consciousness and get closer to the “White Fire Core” of The Creator, we will learn Higher and More Powerful Names. Some Names for The Creator are considered too Sacred to be spoken by anyone other than a High Priest (e.g., YHVH). Most people know The Creator as “God”, but every religion and culture throughout history has different Names for The Creator. The key for everyone to remember is that there is only ONE GOD . . . with countless Names.


One of the Most Powerful Names of God given to Man is . . . I AM THAT I AM. This was described in the story of Moses on top of Mount Sinai where he spoke with God (through the Burning Bush) and received His Name and The Ten Commandments.

“And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.” 

- Exodus 3:14

Moses & Burning Bush.png



It is also important to remember that there is not only the Name of The Creator as One Being, but there are many other Names for the different Aspects of The Creator. For example, this can be seen in Jewish Mysticism (i.e., Kabbalah) and “The Hebrew Names of God”.   


Adonai, “Lord” (Malkhut)

Shaddai, “Almighty”

El Hai, “Living God” (Yesod)

Elohim Tzevaot, “God of hosts” (Hod)

YHVH Tzevaot, spoken Adonai Tzevaot, “Lord of hosts” (Netzah)

YHVH, spoken Adonai (Tiferet)

Elohim, “God” (Gevurah)

El, “God” (Hesed)

YHVH, spoken Elohim (Binah)

Yah, “the Eternal” (Hokhmah)

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, “I AM THAT I AM” (Keter)

Hebrew Names of God.jpg

Along with the Names of God just mentioned (regarding the “Tree of Life”), there are also the 72 Names of God that were said to have been given to Moses by God . . . which he used to part the Red Sea (Exodus 14). Of course, these Powerful Names would have been known to many other Great Beings throughout history as well, especially during previous Golden Age Civilizations. There are 72 three-letter combinations (i.e., triads) resulting in a total of 216 letters. It is truly a “Sacred Science” to understand the meaning of the individual letters, the meaning of the triads, the most effective manner in which to recite them, and the many incredible uses for speaking the Holy Names of God as separate triads, as different combinations of them, and as the 72 spoken in consecutive order.   

72 Names of God.jpg



Flames of God

Flames of God


In the “outer religions” of the world, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to learn more about God’s Nature in greater detail. Such sacred information is usually found among the mystics who sought direct experience of God instead of trying to do so through other people or institutions. Even most priests, rabbis, etc. do not have knowledge of the Higher Mysteries of God and only focus on their particular doctrine / dogma. In the Aquarian Age, people’s understanding of God and Creation will expand in a way not seen before in recorded history. It is because of the Ascended Masters and their true Messengers / Prophets that the general public has access to information about God that they never would have received outside of mystical experiences or “Mystery Schools”.

For example, most people have probably not heard about the “Flames of God”. It was mentioned earlier that God is like a Cosmic Fire, and within that Fire are different Flames that represent different Aspects of His Being. They are Individual Flames and yet ALL ONE within God’s Being. At the Core of God is the Purity of the White Light / White Flame. Out of this White Fire Core comes forth every other Flame . . . each with Its own Color and Characteristic. Like white light shining through a prism, the White Light of God shines through His Prism of Being to radiate many Magnificent Colors representing the many Magnificent Aspects of Himself.


The more we understand the Nature of God, the more we can allow Him to work through us to make our lives and the world better. When we know the specific Aspects of His Being, we can pray and meditate upon them in order to bring that specific Energy / Vibration / Light / Flame into our individual lives and into civilization. We can meditate on God in a general and non-specific manner, and that can still serve a purpose. However, we can achieve much more powerful things when we are specific in what we hope to achieve and in what Aspects of God to call upon for assistance.


Rays of God

Rays of God

The same can be said about the “Rays of God” as was said about the Flames of God; very few people have knowledge about the specific Aspects of God’s Light. People do speak about “God’s Light”, but it is usually said in a general way to express God’s Love, Goodness, and Radiance. That is wonderful and certainly has its purpose; however, there is much more to understand about God’s Light and greater detail about how to use it.


It was mentioned earlier that God is like a Cosmic Sun radiating His Light throughout the Cosmos. Each Ray of Light is unique and has a different Color and Characteristic. There would be many Rays of God that mankind does not have any knowledge about right now, but we do have some knowledge about the “Seven Rays” and the “Five Secret Rays” (a.k.a., “Five Crystal Rays”). It is important for people to understand these Rays in order to better understand God and to better understand how to work with these Rays on their Spiritual Paths.

(Received by The Hearts Center)

Seven Rays: The seven rays emanate from the Great Central Sun as well as our individual Solar Presence. It is through these seven rays the Great Central Sun focuses its light. These rays compose the color spheres that surround the Solar Presence. (See Buddha Nature Chart.) They are concentric spheres, together referred to as the Causal Body, and they bless the Earth with the vibrations of their qualities, helping mankind to progress in the mastery of each ray:

1.) Blue—the first ray: will, faith, protection and power

2.) Yellow—the second ray: wisdom, illumination and understanding

3.) Pink—the third ray: divine love, compassion and creativity

4.) White—the fourth ray: purity, holiness and the light of the ascension

5.) Green—the fifth ray: wholeness, healing, abundance, science and music

6.) Purple and Gold—the sixth ray: service and ministration to life

7.) Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy, soul-freedom and alchemy

Crystal Rays: Spiritual frequencies beyond the seven rainbow rays in vibration that proceed from out of the white-fire core of being of the Great Causal Body of the Godhead in the Great Central Sun. Formerly known as the secret rays, these five light-energies are focalized in man within the sacred chakras in the palms, feet, and in the secret cham­ber of the heart, corresponding to the stigmata, the places where Jesus the Christ was pierced during his crucifixion. The crystal rays are streams of light through which the higher siddhis, Buddhic virtues, and divine quintessences are utilized in higher mindfulness through meditation and heart-centered, conscious living. Also see “five crystal rays.”

Five Crystal Rays: The five crystal rays, known previously as the “five secret rays” until new information about them was revealed through The Hearts Center dispensation, reside in dimensions beyond the Seven Rays. Some teachings place the crystal rays in vibration between the white and yellow causal body spheres. In fact, the crystal rays have a mysterious and multi-dimensional quality that may defy placement in a chart or diagram. The five crystal rays scintillate, sparkle and vibrate. The activation of the crystal rays causes a greater sensitivity in the consciousness of the student as the rays clear and spiritualize our auras and widen the crystal-cord connection between our Christ/Buddha Self and our souls. Although there is a primary focus of color for each crystal ray, it is best not to focus so much on the color as to allow the rays to work through us as they desire. In a darshan by Lord Maitreya from December 16, 2007, he tells us to “…move in their stream, which is the nature of the cosmos itself.” These rays become available to students whose purity, internal balance and love for God have been tested over time.

Big Bang.jpg
Big Bang 2.jpg



Three Primary Attributes of God

Three Primary Attributes of God


The Creator has countless Aspects / Attributes . . . most of which we know nothing about in our current limited capacity as “human beings”. It was said that even Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings do not know the fullness of The Creator even from the Higher Spiritual Levels / Realms where they reside. However, we have received illumination about the “Three Primary Attributes of God” . . . and all others arise from a combination of these three.


The Microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm . . . “As Above, So Below”. We know that the three primary colors (regarding paint) are Red, Yellow, and Blue. Similarly, the Three Primary Colors of God’s Essence are Pink, Yellow, and Blue . . . with Pink being a lighter shade of Red. Just as the mixing of the three primary colors of paint will produce many other colors, the mixing of the Three Primary Colors / Attributes of God will produce many other Colors / Attributes. Every Color represents specific Attributes / Characteristics / Qualities of God . . . and every Color has Its own Frequency / Vibration. 

Blue Power, Will, Courage, Protection

YellowWisdom, Illumination, Understanding, Enlightenment

Pink Love, Kindness, Compassion, Generosity

The “Flames of God” were mentioned earlier; the Three Primary Attributes of God combine to become what is called the “Threefold Flame”. From this Great Unfed Flame of three intertwining Flames arises all other unique Flames of God. These are the Three Primary Qualities of God and of Man . . . “As Above, So Below”.     



Blue + Yellow = Green Truth, Vision, Healing, Abundance

Blue + Pink = Purple / Violet → Peace, Ministration / Freedom, Forgiveness

Yellow + Pink = Peach Blending of Wisdom & Love / Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Threefold Flame is among the most important spiritual concepts Man has received. It allows us to understand God and Ourselves in ways not possible without such information. A seemingly “simple” intertwining of three flames can reveal many Secrets of the Universe and solve many of the Mysteries of God and Creation!


The two greatest gifts that God gave to Man are Life and Free Will. However, the greatest “spiritual” gift that was given to Man is the Threefold Flame. Within our Heart Chakra is a “Secret Chamber”; it is an Inner Sanctuary that contains a miniature Threefold Flame. This Holy Flame is our God-Identity . . . Seed of Divinity . . . Divine Spark from the Cosmic Fire of God.


This Sacred Flame is what gives us Life and sustains our existence; It is the Divine Aspect within us while we are in human bodies. Many Mystics, Sages, and Saints throughout history have felt the Flame within them. However, little was known about It among the general public until the Ascended Masters provided information about It through true Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. Even what we do know is still a tiny fraction of what we can still learn about It and how to use It . . . through the actions of Balancing, Blazing / Expanding, Accelerating / Intensifying, and Swirling It.   

Examples to Illustrate the Three Primary Attributes of God

Three Primary Attributes of God.jpg
3FF & White.jpg
Threefold Flame - Universe.jpg.png
Unfed Flame.jpg

May DaCamara

Threefold Flame - Radiating.jpg
Threefold Flame - Blazing.jpg
PFC - 3FF Temple.png

Peter Fich Christiansen

Creator, Preserver, & Destroyer



Creator, Preserver, & Destroyer

Learning more about the Three Primary Attributes of God makes it easier to understand the Three Sacred Activities of Creation. More attention is given to God as “The Creator” than is given to God as “The Preserver” and “The Destroyer”. This is especially true in the West, regarding Christianity and the New Age Movement. More people do focus on all three in the East, especially Hinduism.

Father / Son / Holy Spirit

Brahma / Vishnu / Shiva

Creator / Preserver / Destroyer

Power / Wisdom / Love

All three Activities are vital for the successful operation of the Cosmos. Of course, there is the Powerful Creative Process that sets everything into motion. Once God’s Creation came into Existence, it then needed to be Preserved. This required the Wisdom to maintain the Divine Blueprint (including Sacred Geometry & Laws of the Cosmos) in order for The Creation to be self-regenerating, self-sustaining, and self-transcending. God created Intelligent Life (e.g., Elohim, Archangels, Angels, Elementals, and Sons & Daughters), and some of the Expressions of Energy through Free Will decisions led to impure / tainted manifestations. In order for Creation to be restored to Its Original Purity, the misqualified Energy and miscreations need to be Lovingly Destroyed. For example, a cancerous tumor must be eliminated in order to prevent sickness / death regarding a human body. The same concept also applies to the “Body of God”.    

We also know that God’s Creation will not continue to Expand forever; at some point, it will Contract. This is the Outbreath & Inbreathof God. The Mother / Omega will return to the Father / Alpha. This can also be seen as an Activity of Destroying; although, everything is rising higher into The Light and attaining Union with God. The only things that are truly destroyed / “erased” are the Activities of Darkness by the Fallen Ones (i.e., their counterfeit creation) . . . and even the Fallen Ones themselves through the Final Judgment / “Second Death”. Since Creation operates through Cosmic Cycles, this Sacred Process would repeat . . . but at a Higher Level than before. God is Perfect, but God is always Transcending through Magnification / Multiplication / Magnificence.  

There is a fourth Sacred Activity that follows Creation, Preservation, and Disintegration that is referred to as Sublimation. After “evil” / impure energies have been dissolved / destroyed, the Pure Activities / Accomplishments / Consciousness that remain will Ascend back to The One Supreme God and merge with the White Fire Core & Causal Body. In an oversimplified comparison, it might be similar to people investing their money in certain endeavors / projects and then putting their profits into a bank account. God, Cosmic Beings, and the Ascended Masters invest Their Light, which is like the “Currency of Heaven”, and They ALL expect a “Good Return” on Their Investments . . . as any wise investor would, even at a human level on the Physical Plane.    

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.jpg

The Great Tao


God is Perfect.

Perfection requires Wholeness.

Wholeness requires Balance.

Balance requires Harmony.

Harmony requires Peace.

Peace requires Purity.

Purity requires Wisdom.

Wisdom requires Power.

Power requires Love.

God is Love.


God is Perfect Love!

The Creator is ONE . . . and maintains Wholeness through a Balance of equal-but-opposite Forces that are “two halves of the whole” in Harmony with each other. This concept has been depicted in the symbol of the “Tai Chi”, which shows the Cosmic Energies of Yang & Yin / Alpha & Omega flowing with each other in an eternal state of Balance and Harmony. This is the Nature of The Great Tao.   


The opening line of the Tao Te Ching says, “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.” However, we can understand the Nature of the Tao by observing how the universe operates. Similar to The Creator, Brahman, and Ein Sof . . . The Great Tao Itself is beyond Creation / Form. Therefore, It cannot be perceived with the limited human faculties we call our “senses”. It also cannot be fully understood by the human mind through philosophy or religion. It must be experienced through Natural and Cosmic Laws that compose the “Way of the Cosmos”.   


Tao means “Way”. It is the Absolute, Ultimate Reality, First Principle / First Cause. It is The Source from which everything came and will one day return. It is the White Fire Core from which God’s Energy created and sustains the Cosmos. The Tao Itself is Infinite / Boundless. It is Nowhere and yet Everywhere. It is Formless and yet Form. It is impossible to fully understand or describe.


However, everyone (like the Taoists) should seek Oneness with The Great Tao. We can do this by being Virtuous, remaining Peaceful, maintaining our Harmony with Creation and with other people, and by “Flowing with the River of Life” through Natural Living. Very concisely, that is “The Way” practiced in Taoism. When we speak of what is “Natural”, we are speaking about God’s Will. Our individual lives, and ALL of civilization, would change in magnificent ways if we all lived “Naturally” . . . in Love of God’s Will and Harmony with God’s Creation.


One of the most important Teachings from the Tao Te Ching (if not THE most important) is the last part of Chapter 25:            

Man follows the Earth.
Earth follows Heaven.
Heaven follows the Tao.
Tao follows what is Natural.

Examples to Illustrate the Nature of The Great Tao

Examples - The Great Tao.jpg
Lao Tzu.jpg
Yang & Yin Symbol.jpg
The Great Tao



Tree of Life

The “Tree of Life” is one of the most important Spiritual Teachings that people should know, and yet it is also one of the least understood. It is symbolic and shrouded in mystery. Most people who have heard about the Tree of Life received their knowledge from the biblical story about the Garden of Eden recorded in the Book of Genesis. However, very few have truly understood the deeper meanings of the allegory regarding Eden, Adam & Eve, the Serpent, and the Tree of Life.


Jewish mystics, known as Kabbalists, dedicated themselves to embodying the Qualities / Attributes of God. They focused on the 10 Aspects / Divine Emanations of God called “Sefirot”. The Tree of Life is a Blueprint / Diagram that depicts the sefirot as individual spheres descending from Ein Sof . . . which is the equivalent of Brahman and The Creator. The spheres each represent a different Aspect of God and reveal the “inner workings” of The Creator as well as the archetype of Man’s True Identity (i.e., Adam Kadmon). It is yet another example demonstrating the relationship between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.


The Sacred Energy of God descends through each of the 10 sefirot, starting with Keter and zigzagging downward in a “Lightning Flash” pattern and finishing at Malkhut. Those who wish to pray and meditate upon the 10 sefirot do so by starting from the bottom and moving upward toward God / Ein Sof . . . understanding the Names of the Sefirot, the Attributes of the Sefirot, and the Hebrew Names of God for the Sefirot.

TSL - Kabbalah.jpg
Tree of Life - Pillars.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

Lightning Flash.jpeg

Opportunity to understand the Tree of Life in greater detail was provided by the Ascended Masters releasing Higher Teachings through Messengers. It is also worth noting the benefits of better understanding the Sacred Hebrew alphabet . . . the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation correspond to the symbolism within the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and the 10 sefirot correspond to the deeper mysteries within the 10 Commandments.

Hebrew Alphabet.gif
Ten Commandments.jpg
Tree of Life





Spirit & Matter

Spirit & Matter


The Creator is Alpha and Omega . . . Formless and Form . . . Spirit and Matter. In the White Fire Core of God’s Being is the perfect balance of Masculine / Yang and Feminine / Yin Polarities. When people speak of God as “He” or “Him”, they are knowingly or unknowingly referring to God as “Spirit / Father”. When people speak of the Mother Universe, Mother Earth, and Mother Nature, they are knowingly or unknowingly referring to God as “Matter / Mother”. Both are Aspects of the One God; they are Two Halves of The Whole.

TSL - Alpha & Omega 1.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

TSL - Alpha & Omega 2.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

- John 4:24


“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

- Genesis 1:1


“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

- Genesis 1:31

God is Spirit, but God is also Matter. God is Perfect but can transcend and multiply, which is achieved through the Manifestation of Himself in Matter. There is a Cosmic Figure-Eight Flow between Spirit and Matter. “Heaven” and “Earth” are One, because they are both a part of God . . . “As Above, So Below” (which is a very important recurring theme on this website). The Divine Plan for a Golden Age of Aquarius is to bring Heaven to Earth while raising Earth to Heaven . . . and achieving this through higher consciousness and the amazing changes that will take place around the world as a result. Earth is destined to BE a “Victory Star” . . . in order to become a Beacon of Light and a Shining Example for countless civilizations scattered throughout the universe.  

TSL - Cosmic Figure-Eight Flow.gif

The Summit Lighthouse

Star of David.jpg

God only creates “Good” things, like Man. God also created our bodies, which are “Form”. Even though Spirit is Formless, It can still animate Form. For example, we experience this by having a Threefold Flame within the Secret Chamber of our Heart Chakra, by being “filled with the Holy Spirit”, and by the “Spirit flowing through us”. Just as we are not the human body (but rather the soul within the body), the Spirit is not the Form but rather maintains Its nature of being Formless. It is similar to Bruce Lee’s martial arts philosophy about being like water:

“Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Buddhists believe that the universe is “Mind”. This is true because our Matter Universe is based on a “Thoughtform” consisting of many smaller “Thoughtforms” that were created by God in The Beginning. Thought precedes Manifestation; human beings use this practice daily when it comes to creating anything in our physical world. God Envisioned what He wanted to create and designed a “Cosmic Blueprint”. Creation did not take place without God “Thinking” about every single detail first. Many people call this “Intelligent Design”, and it makes perfect sense that there MUST be a “Cosmic Intelligence” that created the Infinitely Complex and Perfect Cosmos.


We would never accept that a book could be written without a person writing it . . . that a piano could be used to play beautiful music without a person building it . . . that a computer or smartphone could be capable of performing countless functions without a person making it. Why would we ever accept the erroneous belief that our Magnificent Cosmos could exist without a Creator / Cosmic Intelligence?

Chaotic collision of particles


Random mixing of chemicals


Infinite Complexity & Perfection of Life???

Changed - Mario 5.jpg

G.O.D. – Geometry of Divinity


Recurring Patterns and Geometry (i.e., “Sacred Geometry”) can be seen at all Levels of the Matter Universe, and they cannot occur from chaos and randomness. The Matter Universe was built with Mathematical Perfection. So much can be learned even from a small amount of study about the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Egg of Life, Seed of Life, Fruit of Life, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Star Tetrahedron / Merkabah, Platonic Solids, Ovoid / Egg, Sphere, Cube, Pyramid, and the Torus to name only a few incredible examples.   


Patterns and Geometry require “Intelligence”, and that requires a “Mind”. Another example is that our genes contain information, which is passed between cells in the body. The information and communication between cells require “Intelligence” and a “Mind” as well. Complex and Perfect patterns, geometry, information, and function require a Complex and Perfect Mind.


Design and Operation of the Cosmos


MindIntelligence StructureInformationFunction

Golden Ratio in Nature.jpeg
Sacred Geometry Shapes.png
Toroidal Field.png
Helix Nebula, Eye of God, Hubble Telescope.jpg
Cosmic Egg.png

The Summit Lighthouse

The Spirit World is reflected in the Matter World; that is the Macrocosm and the Microcosm . . . “As Above, So Below”. What we see and experience as “Creation” is the Manifestation of God’s Ideas that come from His Cosmic Mind. Our minds / thoughts are more powerful than most people realize; this is why the Buddhists, for example, work so hard to control their minds and why the practice of “mindfulness” has become more popular around the world (even in the West). We are what we think we are; we create what we envision. We have thoughts; we have a “Third Eye Chakra” . . . our “Mind’s Eye”. We have everything that God has in order to create; we just need to learn what those things are and how to use them for the Greater Good.


God created the entire Cosmos, which consists of the Spirit World and the Matter World. There are different Levels within the Spiritual Realm that we know very little (if anything) about, and there are different Levels within the Matter Realm that we know a little about. Right now, human beings live in what we call the “Third Dimension” / “Physical World”. However, there are other Levels / Dimensions in the Matter Universe that are more subtle in nature and have a higher rate of vibration. Therefore, the Life that exists at those Levels cannot be seen or experienced with our five senses. To the Beings that live at the Higher / Subtler Levels, their Dimension is as solid to them as our physical world is to us. Their bodies are more of a “Light Body” in comparison to the dense physical bodies that we currently have.  


It is assumed by many people that no Life exists beyond our physical world because It cannot be seen with our physical eyes. Many people are open to the idea of there being Life on other planets and moons throughout our physical universe, but there is also Life throughout the universe existing at Higher Dimensions. The Matter Universe is full of Life . . . even if many humans currently believe that we are “alone” or believe that other Life Forms may exist but are too far away for us to find out.

Children on a Planet.jpg
Mario 63.jpg
Mario 50.jpg
Mario 9.jpg
Mario 1.jpg

It is believed by some that our Matter Universe has 12 Dimensions, with the 13th Dimension being the “Gateway” to the Spirit Realms . . . and our physical human bodies on Earth are in the 3rd Dimension. As a result, people call the Dimensions higher than the 3rd Dimension the “Spirit World” or “Heaven” when they are still a part of the Matter Universe.     


Most people do believe in what they call “Heaven”, but many people do not understand It and cannot explain the nature of Heaven or where Its geographical location might be. It can be easy to get confused when trying to explain spiritual concepts using human words, especially when concepts are expressed based on people’s current level of consciousness and understanding of God, Creation, and Themselves. The higher the levels of consciousness we reach, the more accurate and more detailed our understanding will be.


Our Matter Universe consists of Four Planes, and within them are many Levels. These Planes (and Levels) are separated by variations in Energy. The Purer / Higher the Energy, the higher and more subtle the Levels. The higher the Levels, the closer to God they get. The closer to God they get, they increase in Purity, Beauty, and Perfection. When people speak of the “Spirit World”, they are speaking about the Highest Levels of our Matter Universe. While we are in a human body, we will not have much understanding about the Spirit Realm of God but rather the higher Levels of the Matter Realm . . . which we call the “Spirit World” because it is beyond our physical world and our five senses.

For example, the Ascended Masters (e.g., Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, etc.) must “descend” to the highest Levels of the Matter Universe in order to speak with true Messengers, illumine mankind, and establish their Spiritual Retreats that are located around the world . . . but cannot be seen because they exist at a higher Level beyond the physical world. If Spiritual Beings must descend to this particular Level, that means they are “living” at even Higher Levels that we cannot understand within the Spirit Realm. This is where the issue of language comes in when trying to understand and explain spiritual concepts. We believe they exist in the Spirit World when they assist humanity, but that Level is truly just the higher Planes of our own Matter Universe and not the even Higher Levels of the Spirit Realm.

“In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”


- John 14:2

All of the Four Planes of the Matter Universe were intended to be Pure and will be again one day. However, they have all become impure to varying degrees. Each Plane deals with mankind’s expressions as a whole. For example, the Physical Plane is where we have human bodies and use our five senses to experience the world around us. At this Level, we can have a beautiful and peaceful world; however, there are many changes that must take place first and billions of people who must be a part of that Sacred Process.  


The Emotional Plane is also called the “Astral Plane” and contains the emotional patterns of mankind throughout history. It is also intended to be Pure and to reflect the Godly emotions of a civilization that is peaceful, loving, and devotional. However, it is known by most people as “Hell” because of the emotional turbulence of mankind and the Fallen Ones. It is not just a single Level but rather consists of 33 levels based on vibration / states of consciousness. The lowest levels of the Astral Plane are the ones that people would certainly associate with their understanding of the “Pits of Hell”; it is very Dark, depressing, and contains many of the most evil Fallen Ones and their monstrous creations.


It is complicated to discuss all of its aspects, but many Fallen Ones are imprisoned at the lowest levels and are waiting for their Final Judgment. Other individuals are at higher levels dealing with their own negative karma before they reincarnate into the Physical Plane again. Some souls are wanting to “rise higher” but are trapped and need assistance to be free from the density and the grip of the Fallen Ones. Archangel Michael and His Legions of Angels spend a great deal of time freeing souls from the Astral Plane, keeping a watchful eye on the nefarious activities of the Fallen Ones, and defending the Sons & Daughters of God.


Many Fallen Ones are in physical bodies, and they are the ones creating so many problems on the Earth right now (and have been for a very long time). However, many of them are also on the Astral Plane and work “through people” in our physical world like marionettes. Many of the grotesque sounds and images that we experience in our physical world right now come from the Astral Plane . . . like artwork, books, music, horror movies, and Halloween. These sounds and images are NOT the Beauty, Purity, and Perfection of God. We should not be exposed to them, especially our pure and innocent children. If we hope to create a Paradise on Earth, then we must stop allowing such Hellish influences into our lives and into society as a whole . . . and we must replace them with Heavenly Sounds and Images that inspire us and help to raise our levels of consciousness.     


The Mental Plane vibrates at a higher level than the Astral Plane but still has impurities and is not the Plane that we should strive to reach. The Astral Plane deals mostly with the collective emotions of mankind, whereas the Mental Plane deals with the mind and thinking patterns of mankind throughout history. This Plane is the third highest (in terms of density and vibration), but it is the Plane where the human mind / intellect has not yet been replaced by the Christ Mind and Pure Intuition through the Heart Chakra. Here, we would find the thought-patterns of people based on the many levels of consciousness they are at, but the thoughts may be negative in nature and/or still limited because they have not risen to the Highest Plane of the Matter Universe.   


This Plane is more difficult to explain than the Physical and Astral Planes, and the Highest Plane (i.e., Etheric) is more difficult still. This is because each Plane is more subtle and further removed from our immediate five senses in the Physical Plane. The Mental Plane would also contain many levels with a wide range of thought-patterns based on varying vibrations / states of consciousness. It has been said by the Ascended Masters that there are Fallen Ones on the Mental Plane (like on the Astral Plane) and can negatively influence the thinking of mankind who may believe their “wisdom” to be truthful . . . when it is not the Purity of Truth that we would receive from the Ascended Masters themselves. An example includes “The Serpent” (depicted in the allegory of the Garden of Eden); he is a Fallen One and his deceptive “Serpentine Logic” is the opposite / antithesis of the Truth and Wisdom of the Ascended Masters, the Christic Mind, and the Mind of God.   

Spirit World.png
Archangel Michael & Legions.jpg

Without getting too complicated, it is important to mention that the Four Planes of our Matter Universe are: Etheric, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. They correspond to the Four Elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Entire books and websites could be dedicated to each of these Planes, but a simple introduction will be presented here. It is important to note that even Jesus discussed the Truth of there being different Dimensions / Levels / Planes / Realms within our Matter Universe:

The Etheric Plane is the highest of the Matter Universe and contains 33 levels. When people become more of their “Christ Selves” by following the examples of the Ascended Masters (e.g., Jesus), they will reach higher levels of purity, self-realization, and self-mastery. This leads to them rising to higher vibrations / states of consciousness. This Plane is the “Heaven” that people refer to when discussing the concept of an “Afterlife”. This is where people can “Walk and Talk” with Spiritual Beings . . . like Angels, Ascended Masters, and Elementals. This is where people can visit the Cities of Light, Universities of the Spirit, and the Spiritual Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood in order to learn Cosmic Truths that are beneficial for their Spiritual Paths, Civilization, the Planet, and the entire Universe. This is the Plane (at certain levels of consciousness) where people must rise to if they hope to receive pure illumination and messages from the Ascended Masters, such as genuine Messengers and Prophets.


This is also the Plane where we find the “Akashic Records”, which contain all of the events that have ever taken place on Earth. The Etheric Plane is also known as the “Memory Plane”, because it stores mankind’s collective memory of life on this planet. If we raise our consciousness to this Plane, we can read books from ancient civilizations and “view” any event that we wish to see from the past. Nothing is hidden from God; everything is recorded. There is no bias, beliefs, manipulation, or propaganda . . . the Records are Pure Truth with Crystal Clarity of Detail. Watching events can be experienced in a similar way to watching movies in 3D on a big screen . . . but MUCH BETTER!

We can see all of the wonderful things that have ever taken place on Earth (and throughout the Universe), because very little has been recorded in our history books (and definitely not in a very accurate manner). It also means that we can see all of the atrocities that have taken place by the Fallen Ones, if we choose to view those Records. While in physical embodiment, the Fallen Ones like to behave as if they are “above the law” and will never be held accountable for their misdeeds. They engage in countless activities of Darkness and falsely believe that they will never be held responsible, because they corrupted the justice systems of the world and do so many things “behind closed doors” (i.e., in secret). However, God SEES EVERYTHING and KNOWS EVERYTHING. The Fallen Ones are just fooling themselves by trying to fool us!   

“For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”


- Matthew 5:18

Gateway to Dimensions.jfif
Thomas Cole - The Ages of Life - Youth.jpg
Akashic Records.jpg



Where is God?

Where is God?

When people think about (and discuss) “God”, they rightfully wonder where He is. Most would say that He is in “Heaven”, but they may not have specific details about what that means or where Heaven is actually located. Others might say that God is everywhere, but they may also not have specific details explaining what that means either. Atheists will often claim that it is proof there is no God because we have not seen Him and cannot explain where He is. However, it is a very important question to ask . . . and a topic that is very important to better understand.


God is “Spirit” and “Matter”, and yet God is truly beyond Both. Spirit and Matter are the Twin Polarities (i.e., Tai Chi) through which God expresses Itself. God, The Creator, is Infinite and Unknowable to mankind with limited understanding. God, as Spirit, is slightly more knowable but only through the Great Wisdom given to mankind by Ascended Masters and Illumination / Revelation that is received by Messengers, Prophets, and through personal experience. God, as Matter, is how we can learn the most about God . . . and that includes our understanding of the Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit Aspects of God that then allow us to have greater awareness of God as Father.


Especially while in a human body, and without the ability to access the Etheric Plane in a conscious manner, people will find it very difficult to understand God as Spirit. This fact was known even by the Fallen Ones who manipulated the situation to keep people in states of lower consciousness, cut them off from direct experience with God, and claim that only through “them” and “their institution” could we ever hope to know God. Many beautiful souls rose above the systems of control and contacted God directly, and many Children / Mystics / Saints / Sages have had incredible experiences, visions, and prophecies that proved people do not need “human mediators” or “human institutions” in order to rise higher in consciousness and experience God.


When people say that there is no God because we have not “seen Him”, they are basing that belief upon the mistaken idea that God is either a human being or even a Spiritual Being who would take on a specific Form in order to appear to mankind. Firstly, God is not a human being; we were made in His Image, and we are not mere human beings either . . . we are Spiritual Beings using human bodies to experience life in the Three-Dimensional World. God would not take on a singular Form in order to prove something to mankind, because that Form would never capture the Fullness of God and would never satisfy everyone’s “requirements” of being evidence of His Existence. How can an Infinite Being of Pure Consciousness manifest in one Form (like a human body), and how would that prove that It is THE actual Creator?

The Creator can be found within His Creation.

If we have never met certain artists or composers, we can develop a better understanding about them based on their artwork or musical compositions. This is because the artists or composers can be found within their creations . . . their works of art or musical masterpieces. The same is true about God. We may not be able to access the White Fire Core of God at this time; we may find it difficult to access even God as Spirit. However, we can absolutely access God as Mother. We can learn more about “The Father” by better understanding “The Mother”. Through our increased understanding about the Mother Universe, Mother Earth, and Mother Nature, we can better understand Creation . . . the Blueprint behind It and the Laws that govern It. By better understanding Creation, we can better understand the Wisdom of the Mind of God . . . as well as the Love and Power that were needed for the Creation of ALL THAT IS.


People can (and should) study the Sacred Teachings of the Ages as well as pray and meditate in order to develop a better understanding of God as Spirit through direct experience. People can (and should) study and enjoy Nature in order to develop a better understanding of God as Matter through direct experience. Mankind was intentionally cut-off from the Mother Aspect of God, because the Fallen Ones knew that through The Mother we could contact and better understand The Father. They knew that love, reverence, and devotion to The Mother was complementary to our love, reverence, and devotion to The Father . . . as Omega and Alpha . . . as Matter and Spirit.


The Fallen Ones never wanted people to maintain their connection with God, because they sought to make themselves “gods” over mankind. This is why people who loved nature and connected with God through His Creation were persecuted by the early Church; why even God-believing scientists (e.g., Galileo Galilei) were also persecuted by the early Church; why God spoke to Moses through a Burning Bush on a mountain top (which was also an example of the Shekinah); why Gautama Buddha meditated for 49 days under a Bodhi Tree and reached Enlightenment; why Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days / nights; and why Jesus preached to the people outside in the fields and hills instead of inside the man-made buildings that were controlled by the religious authorities of the time. They all understood that God could be found within His Creation.      

This also leads to one of the greatest secrets that the Fallen Ones wanted mankind to forget:


God is within us!

Since God can be found within His Creation, and His Children are His Greatest Creation, that means God can be found within Us . . . His Sons & Daughters. Not only did God create our Souls and our Four Lower Bodies (i.e., Etheric, Mental, Emotional, and Physical) . . . but He also gave us a Spark of His Flaming Divinity that we call the Threefold Flame, which is located in the Secret Chamber of our Heart Chakra. It is not merely a figurative statement; God can LITERALLY be found within us!


Along with the Truth that the Spirit of God can flow through us (as the Holy Spirit), there is a Sacred Seed (i.e., the Threefold Flame) within the Sons & Daughters of God as well. Within this Spark / Seed is the Divine Blueprint for each of us to become a “God-Being” and “Co-Creator” that God intended from The Beginning. Just as the seeds of trees and flowers contain the blueprint of what they might one day become in the right environment, we also have a Spiritual Blueprint within us of what we might one day become . . . in the right environment and through our Free Will choice to rise higher in consciousness and strive to BE what God Envisioned.   

“The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

- Psalm 24:1

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”

- 1 Corinthians 3:16

“Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.”

- 1 John 4:13

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

- Luke 17:21

It is true that “God is in Heaven”, and people would refer to that when discussing God as Spirit / Father. However, we must better understand the nature of Heaven. If God is Omnipresent, which means He is Everywhere, then Heaven cannot be a single location somewhere in the universe. God is Spirit and Matter; this means that God is Everywhere . . . and Everything is of God. So, it is true that God is within His Creation (i.e., Matter / Mother) and within Heaven (i.e., Spirit / Father), but what is “Heaven”?


When many people discuss Heaven, they believe it to be a Spiritual Paradise where loved ones reside after they die . . . which they will one day reunite with. Even with this belief, most people do not have greater details about where Heaven is or what takes place There. Souls cannot play the harp and have picnics with Loved Ones in the Gardens of Heaven forever. That would not provide them with the necessary opportunities for the continued Spiritual Growth of their souls. Spiritual Progress NEVER ends . . . unless we choose to become stagnant, which is the opposite of the Transcendent Nature of God and Our Higher Selves. In fact, everything “in Heaven” is more accelerated than in the physical world . . . which means that the Spiritual Beings there are thinking / acting more quickly than human beings and want to continue progressing spiritually and helping souls here on Earth (and elsewhere throughout the universe).


It was mentioned earlier that what human beings call “Heaven” is the Etheric Plane, which is the highest of the Four Planes of the Matter Universe. It is Higher and Subtler than the physical world, and it contains more purity, love, beauty, peace, and harmony than we are currently experiencing in the physical world. However, those Sacred Qualities can be experienced by people in physical bodies as well as by rising higher in consciousness to experience them at the various Levels of the Etheric Plane. This demonstrates that “Heaven” consists of ascending levels of consciousness. We may use the word Heaven when speaking about the Etheric Plane, but there is no single geographic location for It . . . and there are 33 different Levels within It.

This is also why the Fallen Ones cannot “take Heaven by force” and were “cast out” of the Garden of Eden, because it requires a certain state of consciousness (as a minimum) to access this Plane. If we hope to reach this Higher Plane, we must use our time for self-purification, selfless service, and loving surrender / devotion to God. Many souls do “go to Heaven” when they die, because they had risen high enough in consciousness to do so and fulfilled certain requirements in order to earn that blessing (and that God-Given Birthright). While there, souls spend time healing, studying, praying, meditating, learning from Wise Teachers, and preparing to reincarnate . . . unless they have met the Spiritual Requirements and no longer need to re-embody (i.e., the Ascension / ending the birth-death-rebirth cycle).

However, we do not need to die in order to reach the Etheric Plane / Heaven; we can do so while still alive by rising higher in consciousness. This proves that Heaven is not so much a “Place” as it is a Spiritual Plane consisting of different levels of consciousness. Therefore, we can say definitively that “The Kingdom of God is within us.” Access to Heaven / Etheric Plane takes place by walking the Spiritual Path, reaching those higher levels of consciousness, and making contact with Heaven and Heavenly Beings through our Heart Chakra. We enter by being “childlike” and pure. We can experience and enjoy Heaven on Earth in a spiritual manner . . . and, hopefully, in a physical manner when people work together to make it so. We can bring Heaven to Earth and build a Magnificent Civilization of Light . . . a Golden Age of Aquarius.    

“...Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

- Matthew 18:3