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This section is very important, for there are a few key concepts that people must understand so that the rest of this website is relevant and useful to them. Some people have already heard about such concepts and have knowledge about them (to varying degrees), but others may not have heard about these types of topics at all . . . or at least not the specific language that will be used to explain them.


In this section, “the stage will be set” for all the other information to be shared that this website contains. There is so much to say, but people are busy . . . and time is limited. Therefore, it is important to be concise so that people are not overwhelmed or discouraged with having to read paragraph after paragraph to learn what is on this website.


The information is intended to help people improve themselves, their families, their communities, and even the world. It is important to present the information in a manner that takes the least amount of time to read so as to maintain interest and so that people can put more of their valuable time into the practical application of the effective strategies.


Questions that will be answered in this section include:


What is the “Aquarian Age”?


Who is “Saint Germain”, and why is he important?


What is the “Violet Flame”, and what does it do?


What is a “Golden Age”?


Keynote of Saint Germain’s Etheric Retreat - “Rakoczy Mansion” (Carpathian Mountains)

“Tales from the Vienna Woods” - Johann Strauss II

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