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Pillar 3: Co-Creating a New World

The Sacred Third of The Three Pillars of Purpose is “Co-Creating a New World”. Pillar 1 was focused on “Self-Perfectionment”, and Pillar 2 was focused on “Service to Life”. Pillar 3 is incredibly exciting, for it contains many Vital Keys to establishing a Golden Age Civilization during the Age of Aquarius. Saint Germain & Lady Portia, as well as the entire Great White Brotherhood, envision countless Activities of Light taking place over the next 2,150 years.

Saint Germain – (December 11, 1983 / The Summit Lighthouse)


“…be pillars of fire in a wilderness of darkness.”


“The solution to world problems is the Christ consciousness.”


“Let there be one God, one Law, one Union, and one will of the people.”

The world may seem to be in a Dark State right now, but a Transition Stage (which is already underway) will lead to an Age of Magnificence that most people might believe is impossible to occur. The time frame largely depends on how quickly Mankind will choose to progress Spiritually. We can accelerate as fast as we want or move more slowly. Of course, the majority of people within society are “pulled up higher” by the small minority that chooses to move more quickly along the Spiritual Path, so they cannot hold things back too much or bring Spiritual Evolution to a halt during this New Age. This is especially true of the Fallen Ones. The Light is increasing, and that means Greater Acceleration!   

The Light of God never fails!

No matter how hard the Fallen Ones try, their Darkness will never fully consume the Light. There will always be a “Candle” shining somewhere. Like a single spark that can lead to many small fires or even one huge fire, the Fallen Ones can never fully block out the Radiant Light of God from Blessing Mankind, the Earth, and the entire Cosmos. Love and Freedom are the “Pillars of God’s Being”, and All of Creation / All of Life inherently seeks to BE FREE and to EXPRESS LOVE. For God and Creation to continue Transcending, there must be Freedom. We are God’s Children, so we must also have the necessary Freedom to continue Transcending. God is a Being of Love; We are Beings of Love. The recurring theme is “Love & Freedom”, and those are the Primary Focuses of the Aquarian Age!

“So what is God’s image? Light, Solar beingness, consciousness, energy, loveliness, love itself. Without love, there would be no creation. Without love, God could not sustain the creation and we would be simply unsustainable. Love is what holds us together, even as love is what holds the universe, the cosmos together, because God created out of love, from love, through love. And because God created out of, from and through love, that love is at the core of everything that is created.”


- David Christopher Lewis

(overshined by the Divine Director / October 21, 2017 / The Hearts Center)

Like “cracks” in the “dams” of Fallen Ones holding back the Light (and Spiritual Progress), they cannot hold it back forever . . . for the dams will crack even more and eventually break . . . and then a Flood of Light will rush forward, freely flow, and bless Everything & Everyone on Its way! God’s Light is Everywhere and within Everything. The Fallen Ones can try to prevent the Light from Shining, but It is God’s Light and will always be Victorious within His Creation . . . including within Us! We can do ANYTHING . . . with God!

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

- Matthew 19:26

We must always remember that we are motivated by Love, not Hate. We do not hate the Fallen Ones or their counterfeit creation. We do not even hate the Darkness. We Love God & Creation, and we Love the Light. Yes, we must challenge the Darkness (when necessary), but our focus is on bringing forth more Light. The more Light we bring into the Earth, the more Darkness is consumed. To light a room, for example, we do not “remove the darkness” . . . we simply turn on the light switch, and the darkness is gone. We bring a permanent end to a World of Darkness by Co-Creating a New World of Light!

The Age of Fear & Slavery is over!

The Age of Love & Freedom is here!

We are striving to establish a New Civilization during this New Age, and it is the Sacred Act of Co-Creating a New World envisioned by God, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Elementals, and our own Higher Selves. The expression “Co-Creating” might be new to many people, so what does it mean? It refers to a few things:


  • Working Individually with our Higher Self – (i.e., Holy Christ Self & I AM Presence).

  • Working Together with our Fellow Brothers & Sisters / Sons & Daughters of God.

  • Working Together (while fully merged with our Holy Christ Self & I AM Presence) with Angels, Ascended Masters, & Elementals.

  • Working Together (as “God-Beings”) with God.



When we are talking about Co-Creating a New World, people will understand that we cannot mention every single thing that will happen during the entire Aquarian Age . . . especially on a simple website. Plus, we do not know exactly how things will unfold, because there are many factors that play a role during the Transition Stage and establishing a Golden Age Civilization. Everyone is constantly making Free Will decisions, and we are being influenced (positively or negatively) by other people, Ascended Masters, or Fallen Ones. Some things are predictable, but other things are not. This is why even legitimate Prophecies are not “set in stone”.    


We may not know ALL of the specific details of what will take place during the Aquarian Age, but we can certainly focus on the Foundation of the Aquarian Age. We already know what the New Age is Destined to BE (generally speaking), which means that we already know what we should be focused on for it to be successful . . . Personally & Planetarily. This is why it is so very exciting! When we have a Vision for a New World, we can then strive Individually and Together to make it a Reality. 

What needs to change?



By doing the opposite of what we have done and what we are currently doing!

The second answer above may not be entirely accurate, but it is very close. There are definitely some Good Things taking place in society, and we should not dismiss them or ignore them. In fact, many Good People are trying to make positive changes around the world. However, the “World of Man” is dealing with so many problems that were created by “Human Beings”, and these human problems cannot be solved with human solutions . . . we need Divine Solutions. We are Destined to bring God’s Kingdom to Earth, but that requires Mankind coming into Alignment with God and His Divine Will.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

- Matthew 6:10

What we are striving to achieve in this New Age is the Transformation of Civilization. We are working to establish a World of Love, Peace, and Unity. We are attempting to Restore Mankind and the Earth to their Original State of Pristine Purity. We are initiating a Great Revival of Life on this planet. This “Holy Crusade” requires a “Revolution in Higher Consciousness” and the “Reformation of Society”. This is “The Mighty Work of the Ages”. This is “Man’s Victorious Return to Eden”. Therefore, EVERYTHING must be done in a New & Higher Way!

To Man be the Victory, and to God be the Glory!

The Three-Dimensional World has been controlled by the Fallen Ones for eons, and we have been enslaved (to varying degrees) within their “counterfeit creation”. It means that to establish a New World, which is the Hope of God and the Ascended Masters, we must look at what has been taking place (and is still taking place) and come up with a specific plan of how to change things for the better. This must include the Fallen Ones losing their usurped positions of power, the end of their “systems of control” . . . and for the Sons & Daughters of God to BE FREE. We should work to save what should be saved, which includes the Creations of God and even the Worthy Creations of Man. However, we are not interested in saving ANY aspects of the counterfeit creation of the Fallen Ones. Instead of laboring to reform them, we should work together and with God / Ascended Masters to Co-Create New Things.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

We want Freedom from the Fallen Ones and their diabolical systems of control. We also want Freedom from our own human egos and that which prevents us from BEing our True Selves. Our focus must be on “We The People”, instead of allowing ourselves to be “We The Sheeple”. We want a worldwide “Golden Age Civilization”, and not just “Golden Age Communities” in a few isolated locations while the rest of the world remains in Darkness. That is a great start, of course, but it is not enough for the Age of Aquarius. We want a Planetary Network of Light connecting All of God’s Children. We want the whole world to be Infused with the Infinite Light of God! We want an entire Civilization that is One with God and The Light!  


We must have Noble Ideas and the “Can-Do Spirit” to Co-Create a New World that will affect the entire Globe and All of Humanity . . . and will “stand the test of time” so the Fallen Ones cannot infiltrate, manipulate, or destroy the Divine Plan for this Age of Light. Earth is intended to Transform into a “Freedom Star” / “Victory Star” that will be an example for countless other Civilizations throughout the Universe. We are blessed with the incredible opportunity to be embodied RIGHT NOW in order to achieve one of the Greatest Victories that will be talked about and emulated for eons to come!       

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

- Aesop

(The Four Oxen and the Lion)

E Pluribus Unum / “Out of Many, One”

- Great Seal of the United States

“All for One, and One for All.”

- Alexandre Dumas

(The Three Musketeers)

The purpose of this website is to provide people with Fundamental Truths and Foundational Ideas so that they can better understand Themselves, God, and Creation. With so many books and websites for people to choose from, it can be difficult and time-consuming to figure out which ones contain the most important information that is needed for the Aquarian Age. This is not to suggest that there is nothing else to learn or share, but this website was designed to give people the Core Information / Strategies / Tools they need for the Spiritual Path in one place and in a manner that is easy to understand and apply.

“…Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

- Matthew 18:3

When a Good Foundation is prepared, people can then use it as a solid platform to reach Higher in Consciousness and continue making incredible strides on The Path. A True Foundation applies to everyone, which is why it is Timeless and Universal. However, we are all unique Individuals . . . which means our Spiritual Paths are not identical. The same is true even when discussing the Aquarian Age. It is crucial to provide Information / Strategies / Tools in order to lay a solid foundation, but it is up to all of us Individually and Planetarily to build a Great Golden Age Civilization upon that Foundation . . . which can happen in many ways and with so many amazing Activities of Light that most of us cannot imagine at this time.


There are people around the world who already know something about the Aquarian Age and what a Golden Age can be like. For them, this section of the website should be an excellent reminder and a source of encouragement. For those who do not know about the Aquarian Age or what a “Golden Age” entails, this section should contain some of the most exciting content they have ever heard! There is “something for everyone” on this website, unless people are already Spiritual Adepts / Unascended Masters . . . which means that they already know everything on this website and so much more! However, most people are not Adepts yet (but one day can be); therefore, they should find this website fascinating and beneficial for their Spiritual Development.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

- Matthew 5:3

Pillar 3 will provide a great deal of useful information in order for us to contemplate on how to change EVERY aspect of society. Our Goal is an Earthly Paradise, which is God’s Will for Mankind and the Earth. We are focused on Transformation & Transcendence, and this section will provide many valuable tips for creating Saint Germain’s New World. We need to establish a “New Renaissance” during this “New Age”, which will surpass anything that has been done before. It is no small task to bring God’s Kingdom to Earth, but it can (and must) be done! The information shared in this section will be a Reminder to some . . . and a Revelation to others.

Sibylla: “You’ve been given a patch of dirt, and it seems you will build a New Jerusalem here.”

Balian: “It is my land. Who would I be if I did not try to make it better?”


- Kingdom of Heaven

(Movie - 2005)

* * * NOTE * * *

This opening section was kept rather brief, for there is no need to repeat everything that was already said in different sections of this website. It was very important, however, to introduce Pillar 3 in an exciting and powerful way. Hopefully, that was achieved. It is incredible to think about Co-Creating a New World . . . let alone to begin striving to make our Heavenly Vision manifest before our eyes!


For people who do not read through this website in the order of how the topics were presented, but instead choose to go to different sections at different times, it is worth mentioning here that they can read more about the “Aquarian Age” and “Golden Age” by clicking on the hyperlinks below. This will bring them to a few earlier sections on this website that provide more information that is important to understand for Pillar 3.

Aquarian Age

Golden Age

Sacred Vision

There is also a link below that takes people to The Summit Lighthouse Encyclopedia page regarding a “Golden Age”. At the bottom of that page, people will find more links for truly amazing information about previous Golden Ages throughout Earth’s History (and Beyond) . . . which people will find unbelievably fascinating and extremely helpful when thinking about how WE are going to establish our own “Golden Age Civilization” during this Age of Aquarius. 

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The Destiny of Aquarius

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Vision for the Aquarian Age

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​Helpful Information

Helpful Information

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that Prove God Exists

The Eight Pillars

of Helping the Youth

Three Levels

of Spiritual Warfare

Saint Germain,

Master of Aquarius

Science and Religion Bring in the Golden Age

A Golden Anvil


Men & Women

Lord Maitreya

in a Golden Age

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Erial Ali

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Vital Keys

Vital Keys

Pillar 3: 

Table of Contents

Pillar 3: 

Co-Creating a New World

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Erial Ali

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