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The Creator (i.e., God) designed and created the Cosmos for Souls to experience life, individuality, creativity, and to transcend to greater levels of Realization and Mastery. The Grand Vision was for us to do so in a Pristine Environment of Love, Freedom, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Health, Abundance, and Safety. This included All Life everywhere throughout the Cosmos . . . on all dimensions / realms; in all galaxies; in all solar systems; on all suns, planets, and moons. Wherever Life was present, God envisioned a Sacred Space of Love for those Beings to Spiritually Evolve. Saint Germain (and the Great White Brotherhood) envision the same for the Earth, as it was during the time of the Garden of Eden and can be once again in the Golden Age of Aquarius. This is what “Saint Germain’s New World” is all about. The Creator, Ascended Master Saint Germain, and all Great Beings of Light want the same thing for Life everywhere, including mankind.



The Purpose of Vision & the Power of an Image


“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

Proverbs 29:18



  • We are what we think we are . . . for better or worse (Individually and as a Civilization).

  • Whoever controls what people See, Hear, Think, Say, and Learn can control people's Imagination and their Reality . . . which leads to control over what people will become and what kind of society will be established. It is control over the “Outer Senses” in order to also control the “Inner Senses” (e.g., Heart Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra).



There are two visions for Man and the Earth:

1.)  A “Dystopia” of Darkness, Hatred, Slavery, and Misery created by the Fallen Ones and their puppets

2.)  A “Utopia” of Light, Love, Freedom, and Joy created by God’s Sons & Daughters flowing in Oneness with each other, with God, and with His Creation

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Third-Eye Chakra.png
Crown Chakra.jpg



Activities, Movements, & Organizations of Light




Thrive Movement

  • Excellent work at pointing out what is wrong in the world today and coming up with solutions for the problems (in all aspects of society)

  • Leading the “Transition Stage” – moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age


Thrive II.jpg

The Ringing Cedars of Russia

  • Incredible book series by Vladimir Megré about his encounters with “Anastasia”,     a Siberian Mystic

  • Life-changing ideas regarding:

    • Spirituality

    • Nature

    • Kin’s Domains / Family Homesteads

    • Parenting

    • Education

    • Health


Ringing Cedars of Russia.jpg

Celestine Vision

  • Excellent book series by James Redfield & The Celestine Prophecy movie

  • Inspiring messages for spirituality, personal development, “conscious living”, and working to create a better future


Celestine Prophecy - book.jpg
Celestine Prophecy - movie.jpg

Ascended Master Sponsored Organizations

  • Divinely-Inspired Messages delivered through “Messengers” of the Great White Brotherhood and the organizations they created to share the priceless Wisdom Teachings for the betterment of Man and establishing “God’s Kingdom” on Earth




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Saint Germain’s New World

  • Fundamental concepts / principles for the Aquarian Age. Powerful strategies and resources for transforming the “human” into the “Divine” (individually & globally). Blueprint of a Golden Age Civilization envisioned by Saint Germain, Lady Portia, and the Great White Brotherhood.


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Additional Websites:

Lost Years and Teachings of Jesus

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Thrust of Light

  • Book, Presentations / Programs, & Website dedicated to “True Education” for people’s lifelong journey of Spiritual Growth and Selfless Service for the betterment of Mankind and the Earth in the Aquarian Age


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