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Pillar 1: Self-Perfectionment

People will recognize that this website is divided into Two Parts . . . Theory and Practice. The Introduction and Foundation sections are intended to provide Timeless and Universal Spiritual Truths, which make up the “theory” for people to study. The Three Pillars and Resources sections are intended to provide Practical and Simple plans / strategies / tips for Walking the Spiritual Path, which make up the “hands-on practice” for people to engage in.


This website (or any other) could never possibly provide a comprehensive list of Spiritual Activities or Spiritual Tools that people could use on The Path . . . including when they are focused on The Three Pillars of Purpose. It would also be inappropriate for anyone to attempt such a thing, because people must follow their own hearts and do what works for them. Part of the excitement on the Spiritual Path is learning more about Ourselves, and that means learning more about our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, interests, skills, and the manner in which we best make progress with our Spiritual Development. People should experiment with various Practices (preferably, those supported by the Ascended Masters . . . which are certain to be safe and effective) in order to find out which ones achieve the best results for them. Of course, even that will change as time goes on . . . because they will require different Practices / Tools for different Purposes at different Levels of Consciousness.


What this website hoped to achieve in the Theory section was to provide Fundamental Spiritual Truths, so that people could then build upon that Solid Platform by studying any other aspect of Spirituality that sparked their interest and/or that they felt guided to learn more about. The same is true with the Practice section of this website. The hope was to provide enough ideas for each of The Three Pillars to help people “get the ball rolling”; however, they must make their own Path a unique one to them . . . which means doing what they feel is right for them. People have different personalities / interests, and that means Walking the Spiritual Path will be done (and should be done) according to their personal choices . . . and in alignment with their own Higher Self.


The hope with The Three Pillars is to present Fundamental Practices that ANYONE . . . ANYWHERE . . . can engage in. Then, they must put their strategies for the Spiritual Path through “The Refiner’s Fire”, just as we do with Ourselves. It is important to remember that “The Refiner’s Fire” should be used for EVERYTHING, because it is a Sacred Process of Refinement where only the Best, Purest, Highest, Strongest, Most Beautiful, Most Powerful, Most Effective things will remain . . . and that certainly applies to Ourselves as well as to Our Spiritual Practices or any of Our Spiritual Plans / Projects that we might pursue.


It is also important to mention here that every idea that is shared in The Three Pillars could be expanded to create Layer upon Layer of Spiritual Knowledge / Practices. Instead, most of the ideas will be presented in the simplest / easiest manner possible for people to quickly read them and immediately begin trying to apply them on their Spiritual Paths. This will be the format for the remainder of the sections on this website.


Having said all of that, it makes sense to provide a summary of what each Pillar is all about before providing the practical exercises and helpful tips. Pillar 1 is focused on Self-Perfectionment. This entire section will only consist of ideas that can definitely help people on the Spiritual Path, as they strive to become their Best Selves . . . their Higher Selves . . . their True Selves! The more we work to make ourselves better, the more we have to offer when it comes to helping others (and All of Life) . . . which is Pillar 2: Service to Life. When more and more people are working to accelerate on the Spiritual Path and rise higher in consciousness, they will spend more of their time helping others and working together to make bigger changes in their communities, nations, and the world . . . which is Pillar 3: Co-Creating a New World. However, everything begins with each of us first. We must work on ourselves so that we can become the Best Instruments for God and the Ascended Masters to work WITH US / THROUGH US and transform the world into an “Earthly Paradise”. 


We are moving into an Era of Great Freedom, which means it will also be an Era of Great Responsibility. We cannot blame other people, or even “outer circumstances”, for preventing us from being happy, healthy, whole, peaceful, and from living wonderful / productive lives. People must understand how vital it is on the Spiritual Path to take full responsibility for themselves, and they will realize that they must have the same mindset regarding their local communities, their nations, and the world. God does not want us to sit back and wait for Him to magically save us, because He wants to work with us (and through us) so that we can save ourselves and each other.


Therefore, we must use the Free Will that God blessed us with to wisely make decisions about how WE choose to think, feel, speak, and act every single day of our lives, and we must take full responsibility for the consequences of those choices. We must understand that we are not helpless victims at the mercy of other people’s decisions. We should use our freedom to create the kinds of lives that we feel within our hearts we would like to create . . . and that Glorifies God and brings His Kingdom to Earth.  


Our “Inner State of Being” is NOT dependent upon outer / external conditions. Our peace and happiness are only dependent upon our own choices, NOT those of other people. Many wealthy people are unhappy, and many poor people are happy. We need to surrender our resistance / attachment to outer conditions and, instead, take full responsibility for our Inner Condition. When we are truly Whole within ourselves, we could be happy ANYWHERE . . . doing ANYTHING. We can then work to make the Outer Conditions even better as well. This is not to suggest that we should do nothing while “evil” runs rampant or to passively accept / tolerate conditions that need to be challenged and improved. If we waited until we were “Perfect” before taking action, then nothing would ever get done! This simply means that we will have MORE Love, Wisdom, and Power to change things when we work on ourselves first. In the meantime, we should definitely do what we can to make a positive difference right where we are.  


It is essential that we monitor our Expressions of Energy through our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds every single day. This is how we become our True Selves, earn our Ascensions, serve others to the greatest capacity possible, and establish a Golden Age Civilization during the Age of Aquarius. We must demonstrate a Perfect Balance between “Reason” and “Revelation” . . . making wise decisions based on the Christ Mind within us and from the Illumination that we receive from the Ascended Masters.


We must remember that Earth is a “Schoolroom”. Everything that happens is Karma, Initiations, or Consequences of Personal Decisions . . . or a combination of them. Everyone can be a “Teacher”, and Life can be a “School of Hard Knocks”. Everything is a lesson to be learned so that we can grow in Love, Wisdom, and Power. Karma and Reincarnation are Real. There is no need to live life as if we are “victims” of constant injustices and that life is always “unfair”. Even if we do not know WHY things are happening, we can limit our own suffering by better understanding such Spiritual Concepts . . . by working to Discipline our Four Lower Bodies . . . and by striving to balance our Karma and pass our Tests.

Key Aspects for Self-Perfectionment


  • We must be Whole, Content, & Happy within Ourselves. We must stop looking for these outside Ourselves . . . through other people or material possessions. 

  • We must “lose ourselves” in order to “Find Ourselves” . . . to surrender our lesser selves in order to become Our Higher Selves.


  • Our Soul must rise from the Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra to the Heart Chakra in order to bond with (i.e., “Marry”) Our Holy Christ Self. We must overcome the human ego and dweller-on-the-threshold.

  • We must strive to BE what God Envisioned by our Free Will choice and by Walking the Spiritual Path . . . to BE the “Image & Likeness of Him” . . . and to BE a “Co-Creator with Him”.


  • We must work to BE Here Below ALL that We are Above. 


  • Our Individual Goals are Self-Realization & Self-Mastery.


  • We must strive for Purpose . . . not Power, Praise, or Prosperity.


  • We must work to build a “Noble Character” . . . a Virtuous Character.


  • When we can state “I AM Awake” (as Gautama did), we are also stating “I AM Free”


  • We must Walk the Path of Purification.

        - Transform the “Human” into the “Divine”. 

        - “None of me and only Thee.”

        - Become a Pure Vessel for God, the Ascended Masters, and Our I AM Presence.

        - Go forth in the world and not be touched by “the things of the world”.

        - Fulfill a Spiritual Mission / Sacred Dharma.

        - Earn our Ascension . . . and leave embodiment to become an Ascended Master or         

          reincarnate on Earth as a “Bodhisattva”.

  • We must remember that the Ascended Masters have already become what we hope to one day BE.

        - “What ONE can do . . . ALL can do.”

Examples of What We Are Striving to BE


Beacon of Light


Blazing Sun


Citizen of the Great Tao


Crystal Chalice


Emissary of the Great Central Sun


Keeper of the Flame


Keeper of the Lightning


Patriot of the Cosmos


Pillar of Fire


Soldier of the Spirit


Truth-Seeker & Truth-Speaker


Warrior of Light


Watchman on the Wall

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Excerpts from Ascended Masters’ Dictations

- The Summit Lighthouse

Archangel Chamuel & Charity (December 31, 1980): “Let harmony be the sign of the presence of love. Let harmony endure. And let your own path of self-perfectionment toward the ascension be filled with this love, this love of striving, all the days of thy life.”

Archangel Michael (December 30, 1980): “We are the legions of light! And we stand at that very edge of the delivery of a mighty blue-flame will. It is God’s will—the will of our Father, manifest in the Son, multiplied by the Holy Spirit, cherished in the heart of the Mother—that is most offensive and, above all vibrations of light, that which is opposed the most.


If the will of God can be set aside in the children of the light, you see, then their power source will also be cut off. For where the will of God is not, there power is not. And thus, to destroy the loyalty of the sons of God to God’s holy will is the plot to take from them the very light and life-force to continue in the grand march towards self-perfectionment.”

Gautama Buddha (January 1, 1981): “How well you know that imperfect desiring brings restlessness to one’s being. And in a state of restlessness, you are not ready for the Lord. Restlessness within the members of one’s being can be chemically induced, can result from the out-of-align­ment state of cells and organs in the physical body lacking the polarity of Alpha and Omega, the electromagnetic currents of the sun and of the elements in alignment.


Restlessness from the absence of being in the presence of one’s inner Life, one’s inner Companion, the great love of the twin flame and the Eternal God. Restlessness. The tides of the astral plane beating on the shore and the rock of the one on the path of self-perfectionment. Waves of emotion. World suffering. Ah, my beloved! To find perfect peace on earth is truly the art and the science of those who love and love as devotees of the sacred fire, as pure lovers of God.”

Jesus (October 4, 1987): “Therefore, with all thy getting on the path of self-mastery and knowledge, I counsel you, my own, that to love one another profoundly as I have loved you in the secret places of the Most High is the key to an accelerated path whereby adeptship is a by-product of love and good works and inner purity and divine motives rather than the goal.”

Lanello (February 26, 1989): “Blessed ones, the dark ones move on with their agenda but Alpha’s Agenda is yet here. I will tell you what these fallen ones fear. They fear your preparedness. They fear your clear-seeing. They fear the Divine Love, even the Love that comes from the Sacred Heart of Jesus in you. They fear the spreading abroad of the Teachings. They are not on such a strong footing, beloved. They may have all the armaments to destroy the physical plane, but they have a point of weakness: for even they fear the Most High God and those in embodiment who are able to call forth that Light.”

Saint Germain (August 29, 1965): “Precious ones, the truth about yourself is never a matter of personal ego but of what is acting through that ego. You need not identify with any wrong action, for this is exactly what the sinister force would have you to do. You came forth from God, and his own dear Spirit is the complete freedom of your soul. All conditions less than perfection, then, must be shunned and avoided, and you must not permit either one or many errors to stop your progress or to interfere with the correction of the errors which may prove to be manifesting in your world. This is God’s will, and it is his service to assist you in the magnificent way of self-perfectionment.”

Serapis Bey (October 28, 1984): “Now begin to understand the quality of the great initiation brought to you by our beloved, most revered Helios. The starting of the spark of the ruby ray, beloved ones, is the point of contact. You have been initiated in the third eye. Thus, for the awakening and the quickening of the true quality of this heart of ruby fire, one shall come again to initiate the heart chakra through the same ruby focus.


Prepare for it, for it shall be the drawing down from the mind the fullness of preparation, consecration to add unto the quality of your heart’s devotion some wondrous thing of my own mentor who preceded me in this office where I now stand, able to lovingly receive you in the consecration of your lifestream to those details of self-perfectionment whereby truly you may enter that ascension flame—not as a pauper but as one whose heart overflows with Light. A cup that runs over to the world!”

Serapis Bey (January 1, 1990): “Thus, beloved, it is well to admit that certain thoughts and feelings, actions, accusations and conditions of consciousness are indeed not acceptable to the Holy Christ Self. You must get over the terror of such a consideration and deal with the reality that you are in this octave precisely because there are elements [in your personality] that are not acceptable [as a part of your Personhood in God].


So the great psalmist did pray, ‘Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my [Strength and my] Redeemer.’  And did not the poet say, ‘Yet in my flesh shall I see God’?  Are not these words of souls in the earth a testimony of their absolute faith and trust that God is ready to receive the soul with outstretched arms and that the soul has the ability for self-perfectionment and that God will not condemn the effort but God will surely isolate and show the striving one what are those elements [of error] that this day must be plucked, taken away, put into the flame?”

2 - TSL - The Spiritual Quest.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse





The Journey.jpg





Obedience to the Guru

Tips for Chelas

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1 - Maitreya - The Great Initiator.jpg
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Helpful Information

Helpful Information

Ten Elements

for the Unfolding Lotus

Examples of Initiations

What is Love?


Six Paramitas

Tips for Teens

Path to the Ascension

Important Reminders for The Path

Powerful Letters / 

Powerful Attributes

Zodiac –

Minerals & Foods

More Tips for Teens

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Wisdom Shared

Wisdom Shared

The Summit Lighthouse


Gautama Buddha –

The Ten Perfections

Five Secret Rays & Poisons (& the Sixth)

Four Noble Truths

& The Eightfold Path

Chakras, Rays,

& The Eightfold Path

The 14 Stations

Seven Initiations of the Saints Who Follow the Lamb.gif
The Seven Rays.jpg
The Four Cosmic Forces.jpg
1 - Diagrams of The Cosmic Clock.jpg
2 - The Twelve Solar Hierarchies on The Cosmic Clock.jpg
3 - The Ascended Masters on The Cosmic Clock.jpg
4 - The Perversions on The Cosmic Clock.jpg
5 - The Four Horsemen - A 2,000-Year Ride.jpg
6 - The Four Horsemen - A 2,000-Year Ride.jpg
7 - The Four Quadrants, Planets, and Horsemen.jpg
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2 - Mark & ECP.jpg



The Hearts Center

Babaji –


New Aquarian

Ten Commandments

Eight Pillars

of the Life of the Initiate

Thirty-Three Sacred Steps on the Path of the Ascension

Jesus on the Initiatic Path

and Our Twelve Spiritual Rights

Peter Deunov –

12 Esoteric Practices

The Old & New

Eightfold Path

144 Virtues –

Study Materials & Resources

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4 - David Christopher Lewis & St. G.jpg



Radiant Rose Academy

A Consciousness

of Character

Twelve Chivalric Virtues

of the Code of Chivalry

144 Qualities of Love




More Wisdom

Additional Notes

on Success

Og Mandino –

“The Ten Ancient Scrolls

for Success”

Benjamin Franklins

13 Virtues

Padma Sambhava

10 Non-Virtues,

Virtues, Supports

Og Mandino.jpg
Mark Prophet.jpg
Ben Franklin.png
TSL - Padma Mantra.png
The 42 Ideals of Ma’at.png



Vital Keys

Vital Keys

Pillar 1: 

Table of Contents

Pillar 1: 


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2 - Rebuild Myself.jpg
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Vladimir Suvorov

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The Summit Lighthouse

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10 - Jesus - Resurrection Flame.jpg
11 - TSL - Ascension Coil.jpg

The Summit Lighthouse

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Nicholas Roerich

14 - Oneness.jpg
12 - PFC - Ascending Rose.png

Peter Fich Christiansen


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Uplifting Music

Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Movie Clips

Valuable Lessons

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