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Violet Flame

As mentioned earlier, God’s Pure White Light can be separated into many colors through “Spiritual Dispersion”. Each color has its own unique individuality (i.e., qualities, characteristics, and application), but they all remain a part of the Whole . . . they are all ONE. This is similar to God’s Children; we are all unique individuals but are also ONE with each other, with God, and with God’s Creation.


Briefly stated, the Holy Spirit is part of the “Trinity of God”: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We know that God also has a fourth Aspect, which is the Mother. The Father is the Creator; the Mother is Creation; the Son is the Child / Christ; and the Holy Spirit is the Energy / Sacred Fire that flows / blazes throughout the Cosmos and works through God’s Children so they can learn, grow, and become “gods” / “goddesses” / “co-creators” . . . as Individualizations of God. There are at least 12 Gifts of the Holy Spirit – nine of which are commonly referenced.  

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The White Light of God is the Holy Spirit; that means the Holy Spirit has many Spiritual Aspects . . . and, therefore, a different color associated with each Aspect. Violet is the color of the Seventh Ray Aspect of the Holy Spirit, which was also mentioned earlier. It is a Sacred Fire that is used for transmutation . . . to change lesser things into Greater Things and impure things into Pure Things. For example, we can use it to change from our “lower self” into our “Higher Self” through purifying karma, energies, aura, chakras, and body/mind/soul.

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It is also called the “Freedom Flame” because of the freedom that our souls (and All of Life) will experience after the purification / transmutation process from working with the Violet Flame. This Spiritual Tool can also be used to “clean up” / heal our families, communities, states, nations, the environment, and the entire planet. It is “Divine Alchemy”, because we can use the Violet Flame to transmute every erg of energy that is less than the Beauty, Purity, and Perfection of God and restore the Earth to Its “Pristine Origin” through a Sacred Process of Miraculous Transformation!

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The Violet Flame is also called the “Forgiveness Flame” because forgiveness is a part of the 7th Ray and involves mercy, justice, and opportunity. In order to let go of the past and all hurts / wounds, we must learn to forgive . . . others and ourselves. The Violet Flame can transmute the energy of non-forgiveness and heal our wounds (within and without). When we forgive others and ourselves for “wrongdoing”, it leads to a great feeling of freedom . . . within us and within others. When we are “wronged” by others, our lack of forgiveness keeps us tied to them. When we forgive others, it is good for their souls to not be burdened with emotional-blackmail and never-ending feelings of guilt. It is also good for us so that we can free ourselves from those who hurt us, heal the wounds that were created, and move on with our lives.

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Forgiveness, Mercy, Freedom, and Joy all go hand-in-hand. The Violet Flame can achieve this because of its Sacred Fire Nature and how it affects every aspect of Life. It can be a “Balm of Gilead” on a personal and planetary level. When we use the Violet Flame as a Spiritual Tool, we can literally transform ourselves and the world! This is why Saint Germain received the Special Dispensation to share with mankind the Gift of the Violet Flame. Without it, there is little chance that we could overcome all of the negativity and Darkness in the world in order to create a New and Better World. And the process of creating a “New World” is really not creating something completely new but rather transforming the Old into the New by purifying ourselves and the planet so that it simply returns to the Perfect Blueprint of God and remains in alignment with His Will for mankind!

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Anyone who uses the Violet Flame throughout the day, especially during uninterrupted periods of prayer, will find that they feel “lighter”, more joyful, and have more energy. It is not the mind convincing people of such things; they will feel it and know that they are different. At first, they may think is just their imagination. Then, they may think that it is because of something they ate, or something that another person said or did, or perhaps due to something that took place . . . any of which could explain why they feel so “good” all of a sudden. However, all they need to do is stop using the Violet Flame for even one day and they will quickly realize that they no longer feel as good as they were before. It is the Violet Flame that was transmuting energy and helped them to feel freer and more joyful. That is exactly what it is supposed to do, and people should begin experimenting with it as soon as possible to experience it firsthand! 

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Saint Germain explained that of all the Aspects / Rays / Flames / Colors of the Holy Spirit, the Violet Flame is the closest in vibration to the Earth in our physical octave (i.e., Matter Universe), which allows it to create change in our physical world more quickly than other Aspects of the Holy Spirit. The Violet Flame can restore us and the environment precisely because it can work with physical substances so effectively. It is miraculous and yet scientific! Through the use of the Violet Flame, people’s lives can be transformed in ways they never believed was possible. Dreams can come true, and the Violet Flame will be among the Greatest Blessings of God to help mankind (in collaboration with the Ascended Masters) establish a Golden Age Civilization during the Age of Aquarius.  

St. G on Earth.jpg
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Marius Michael-George

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It is also very interesting to know that the waltz is directly connected to Saint Germain and the Violet Flame. He illumined / inspired / sponsored the magnificent music through receptive individuals who were able to bring the Heavenly Rhythm into the physical world. Examples of such composers include Johann Strauss I and Johann Strauss II. The waltz is in 3/4 time and has the rhythm of the “Threefold Flame” (Power, Wisdom, and Love) within the Secret Chamber of the Heart. The Violet Flame is often referred to as the “Waltzing Flame”; the smooth, rhythmic, whirling movement of the waltz music and dancing corresponds to the movement of the Violet Flame in action.

St. G - David Keil.jpg
TSL - Threefold Flame.jpg

David Keil



The waltz is the Sacred Music of the “Freedom Flame”! It affects the body/mind/soul in a similar way as the Violet Flame itself by making people feel lighter, joyful, and free. For example, this is evident when learning how to waltz or when attending concerts by André Rieu (or watching his videos on the Internet). Rieu is sponsored by Saint Germain to bring the waltz to nations around the world, and it is fitting that he named his orchestra the “Johann Strauss Orchestra”. Rieu is the modern “Waltz King”, and Johann Strauss II was the original “Waltz King” . . . and he was also sponsored by Saint Germain. 

Andre Rieu 2.jpg
Andre Rieu 1.jpg
Johann Strauss Monument.jpg

Johann Strauss II Monument - Stadtpark in Vienna, Austria


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