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Get Understanding

The Destiny of Aquarius

To Man be the Victory; to God be the Glory.


Sacred Vision

For Mankind to rise higher spiritually . . . to BE who God created us to BE and to establish a Golden Age Civilization during the Age of Aquarius . . . it was necessary for people to be Illumined, Inspired, and Empowered.


We have seen over the last 100 years (and more) the incredible increase of Light into the world through new ways of thinking, innovations, revelations, discoveries, and spiritual / technological advancement. We have seen more spiritual information being given to the “general public” by the Ascended Masters than at any other time in recorded history through many Individuals, Activities, Movements, and Organizations of Light. In a Dark World, the key is to bring forth more Light. In a world where people are being manipulated through Fear, Guilt, Ignorance, and Control . . . the key is to bring forth more Love, Joy, Enlightenment, and Freedom.


How can we spiritually develop and become who God envisioned . . . how can we free ourselves from slavery at the hands of the Fallen Ones and their systems of control . . . how can we transform Civilization (and the Earth Itself) into a Paradise . . . unless we first understand certain fundamental things about God, Creation, Ourselves, and Our Purpose?


God, through His Instruments / Messengers, has been trying to illumine Mankind (Individually and as a Whole) so that we would have the necessary wisdom to BE Better and DO Better. There is already an “Explosion of Light” taking place around the world, and it will continue to expand every single day as we progress through the Aquarian Age.


This website, Saint Germain’s New World, is intended to be a platform for life-changing Information, Strategies, and Resources . . . so that people around the world can increase in their understanding of vital concepts that we must ALL know as we transition into the New Age. Of course, no single website can contain EVERYTHING that could be shared . . . just as no single book (including The Bible) can contain EVERYTHING that God and the Ascended Masters could share with Mankind. However, this website will follow the PSTU Standard by providing the most fundamental information that is Practical, Simple, Timeless, and Universal.  

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

- Proverbs 29:18

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Get Understanding

Get Understanding

Understanding of & Oneness with God

  • God is in ALL. Without God, there is NOTHING.

  • “Fear of God” transforms into Awe, Honor, and Love . . . Gratitude, Devotion, and Obedience . . . Humility, Selfless Service, and Joy.


Understanding of & Oneness with God’s Creation

  • EVERYTHING is made from God’s Energy. The Matter Universe is God’s Design – the Macrocosm & the Microcosm. The Universal Forces are God’s Laws in action.

  • Man is connected to EVERYTHING in the Cosmos.


Understanding of & Oneness with Elohim, Ascended Masters, Angels, & Elementals

  • There are countless Beings living throughout the Cosmos at many Dimensions / Levels / Realms who ALL have unique Individuality and perform different types of Cosmic Service.

  • There is a “Spiritual Hierarchy”, and Man is intended to work with many Beings of Light while rising up the “Spiritual Ladder of Attainment” and fulfilling One’s “Divine Plan”.


Understanding of & Oneness with the Earth, Plants, Animals, & Mankind

  • God has blessed Man with the Abundant Life . . . Spiritually and Materially. God, as Mother, is the Matter Universe and provides EVERYTHING that Man needs. Mother Earth Herself was created for Man. Through “The Mother”, we can know “The Father” . . . The Creator is within His Creation. 

  • Man is intended to live in Harmony and Oneness with ALL OF LIFE . . . in the World of Spirit and in the World of Matter.  


Understanding of Thyself

  • Man must come to know Thyself as “God” . . . as Individualizations of Him.

  • Man is a Spiritual Being who is using a human body to experience life in the physical world. Man is the Unfed Flame within, and the body is the Holy Temple.


Understanding of Thy Purpose

  • God created EVERY Soul as a unique Individual with Life & Free Will to learn, grow, and choose a “Sacred Labor of Love” that would bring more Light into the Matter Universe.

  • Man will find meaning through Selfless Service to Life. 


Understanding of Individuality & Unity in Co-Creating a New World

  • God filled the Cosmos with Uniqueness & Individuality . . . which would allow for Infinite Creativity and Expression.

  • The Cosmos is ALL ONE. Man must retain Individuality while freely choosing to work together in Unity, and only then will an “Age of Magnificence” be established. 

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

- Proverbs 4:7

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Tatiana F. Light



The Destiny of Aquarius

The Destiny of Aquarius

Transmutation / Transformation / Transfiguration / Transcendence

Self-Indulgence   Sacrifice


Powerlessness  →  Powerfulness


Weakness  →  Strength


Hatred  →  Love


Cruelty  →  Kindness


Doubt  →  Faith


Fearfulness  →  Fearlessness


Inability  →  Mastery


Selfishness  →  Surrender


Waywardness  →  Discipline


Pride  →  Humility


Hopelessness  →  Hopefulness


Disobedience  →  Obedience


Dishonor  →  Honor


Chaos  →  Order 


Ignorance  →  Wisdom


Envy  →  Contentment


Jealousy  →  Acceptance


Self-Idolatry  →  Selflessness


Disharmony  →  Harmony


Impurity  →  Purity


Indecisiveness  →  Decisiveness


Depression  →  Joy

Ingratitude  →  Gratitude


Scarcity  →  Abundance


Sickness  →  Health


Discord  →  Peace


Injustice  →  Justice


Unforgiveness  →  Forgiveness


Self-Love  →  Service


Imbalance  →  Balance


Unreality  →  Reality


Ugliness  →  Beauty


Untruth  →  Truth


Blindness  →  Vision


Incompleteness  →  Wholeness


Slavery  →  Freedom


Division  →  Unity


Separateness  →  Oneness


Defeat  →  Victory


Wickedness  →  Holiness


Mediocrity  →  Magnificence


Mortality  →  Immortality


Spiritual Death  →  Spiritual Life


Darkness  →  Light


Hell  →  Heaven

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

- Romans 12:2

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To Man be the Victory; to God be the Glory.



To Man be the Victory; to God be the Glory.

During the Aquarian Age, We will . . .


  • Live in “The Eternal Now” . . . where Past, Present, and Future co-exist.


  • Fulfill the Spiritual Requirements for this Age of The Mother & The Holy Spirit.


  • Develop a Greater Awareness of God, Creation, & Ourselves.


  • Rise Higher in Consciousness and allow the Ascended Masters to “Walk & Talk” with Us.


  • Escape from the slavery of human consciousness to the New Age Freedom in the Holy Spirit.


  • Learn “The Way of the Will of God” that leads to the Ultimate Union of Our Souls with Our I AM Presence.


  • Learn how to BE Here Below ALL that We are Above . . . to BE and to BE MORE.


  • Create a “State of Oneness” among God’s Children through “The Path of Love”.


  • Establish a Golden Age Civilization during this New Age of Love, Light, & Hope


  • Bring the Purity of God back to Earth . . . resulting in Our Joyous Return to “The Garden of Eden”.


  • Restore Purity to All of Life through Divine Love.


  • Restore Unity to All of Life through Wholeness . . . the Balance of Alpha & Omega.


  • Restore God’s Original Blueprint for Man, Nature, Earth, and Beyond.


  • Make Heaven and Earth One.


  • Victoriously Ascend as “The Son / The Daughter” (i.e., One with Our Holy Christ Self) returning to “The Father” (i.e., Our I AM Presence) . . . returning “Home”.


  • Experience “The Triumphal March”, as Children of The Sun . . . during this New Age of The Sun.


  • Transform the Earth into a “Freedom Star” / “Victory Star” . . . which will become a Magnificent Model for the entire Matter Universe.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

- Romans 8:28

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