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Aquarian Age

Aquarius is a constellation (astronomy) and one of the 12 zodiac signs (astrology). The name is Latin for “Water-Bearer”. For the purposes of this website, the focus will be on the astrological significance of Aquarius rather than the astronomical; although, both are important for many reasons.


The Matter Universe operates in cycles. We know that “Time” serves no purpose regarding the Infinite and Eternal Nature of The Creator. However, it does serve a purpose regarding “Cycles”. Humans and animals are all intended to live in harmony with the Tao and flow with the Great Tai-Chi; it means working WITH Mother Nature instead of AGAINST Mother Nature . . . if we hope to live Healthy, Happy, and Purposeful lives.

Cosmic Tai-Chi Symbol.jpg

Time is very important; there is only so much of it while we are alive, which is why we should not waste it. We also understand and utilize cycles in our daily lives: the 24-hour cycle of a day; the 365-day cycle of a year; the four seasons; and the equinoxes and solstices to name a few examples. There are also longer cycles involving the planets of our solar system rotating around the Sun, as well as when planets are in specific positions and how that influences the Earth and mankind. It is “wheels within wheels” or “clocks within clocks”


Without getting too complicated, we know that the Earth completes a full rotation on its axis in 24 hours. However, there is also the Cycle of Axial Precession. This involves the polar axis completing a very slow rotation, which we refer to as the Earth’s circular “wobble”, and it lasts approximately 25,800 years (called “The Great Year”). During this long cycle, the Sun will rise into each of the 12 constellations on the Spring Equinox and lasts approximately 2,150 years in each zodiac sign.

Cycle of Axial Precession.png

Each Period, or Phase, in a zodiac sign is referred to as an “Epoch” or “Age”. The Earth and humanity have just been through the Age of Pisces, and we are now in the 2,150-year cycle of the Age of Aquarius . . . astronomically and astrologically. Therefore, it is not only people who study astrology and/or those who are associated with the “New Age Movement” who regularly discuss the Aquarian Age now, but it is anyone (including scientists) who study astronomy and/or those who understand the Cycle of Axial Precession.


Astrologically speaking, every Age has a certain nature to it. This can be seen when looking at people’s individual “horoscopes” and the possible forecast for their lives. It is based on the positioning of the Sun, Moon, and other planets at the time of birth, and each zodiac sign carries with it specific qualities and characteristics different than the other signs. People are interested in astrology because they want to know how various alignments will influence their lives . . . for better or worse.


If each zodiac sign can influence people on an individual level, then it is understandable that it can also happen on a worldwide level regarding the Cycle of Axial Precession. This means that each Age has certain qualities / characteristics and the potential to influence the entire Earth and all of mankind for 2,150 years. Therefore, it is important to better understand the nature of Aquarius so that we can make the most of the New Opportunity of a New Age . . . personally and planetarily.

Pisces & Aquarius.jpeg

It is important to firstly mention a little about the Age of Pisces, considering that is the Period that we have been living in for so long. Through reincarnation, we have all had many lifetimes in various roles and situations to experience the energies and opportunities of the Piscean Age. As with all things in life, we experienced the good and the not-so-good qualities / characteristics that it presented to mankind.


With Pisces, it was an opportunity for us to develop our Self-Mastery by learning to clear our minds, calm our emotions, and perform good deeds. It was a difficult time with little physical comforts of our modern world (until the end of the Age when we finally had electricity), and we had to work hard and be disciplined. It was also a time to see the opposite of what God intended for His Children, which was demonstrated by the many atrocities and perversion of power / control by corrupt people in Church and State (and every other aspect of society). They gained and maintained their power through the effective use of Ignorance, Fear, and Guilt. However, it was also a time for us to overcome those obstacles and try to live in a state of Higher Consciousness, Love, and Purity.     


Every Age has a “Spiritual Sponsor” . . . a Master / Avatar / Hierarch who is intended to be an example for people to follow and a Representative of Spiritual Hierarchy on behalf of mankind. They have the Special Dispensation to take the lead of creating opportunities for mankind to grow spiritually and to “hold the balance” of Light against the Darkness so that people can awaken more to BE their True Selves and work together to make the world a better place.


The Hierarch for the Age of Pisces was Jesus, which is probably not a surprise even to those who have not heard of this concept before. Jesus has been the primary focus for so many people around the world for over 2,000 years, and this is the reason for that. It was the Age to better understand (and embody) the “Son” aspect of God. As a Son of God, Jesus walked the “Path of Christhood” and showed mankind how we could all follow in his footsteps and become just like him . . . a “Christed One”. He showed mankind The Way to achieving the “Christ Consciousness”.  

Warner Sallman - Head of Christ.webp
Aimée Boonstra - Sacred Heart.jpg
Christ of the Andes.jpg

(Sacred Heart - Aimée Boonstra)

Jesus - horizon.png

It was a Dark time, and Jesus came to bring much Light into the world to counteract it. We have seen terrible things take place over the centuries due to the negative Piscean energies, as well as a great deal of planetary karma that returned during the “Kali Yuga” from ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. . . which is part of an important Spiritual Cycle in Hindu cosmology. It has also been said to have been the time of the “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” mentioned in the Book of Revelation.  

Hindu Yugas.jpeg

(The Holy Science - Sri Yukteswar Giri)

Four Horsemen 1.jpg
Four Horsemen 2.jpg

(“Prophecy for the 1990s III” - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - May 21, 1989)

However, it was also a time when so many great things took place. This happened because Jesus held the balance of Light for mankind. He did this along with Mary Magdalene as the Hierarchs for that Age. Mary is the “Twin Flame” of Jesus . . . his “Consort” or “Divine Complement”. Some people might use the expression that she is his “Other Half”. They were not “Soul Mates”, for that is a different type of spiritual relationship and is discussed in another section of this website.

TSL - Twin Flames.png

(Twin Flames - The Summit Lighthouse)

Marius Michael-George - Master Jesus.jpg

(Master Jesus - Marius Michael-George)

Herbert Gustave Schmalz - Rabboni.jpg

(Rabboni - Herbert Gustave Schmalz)

Marius Michael-George - Mary Magdalene and The Holy Grail.png

(Mary Magdalene and The Holy Grail - Marius Michael-George)

In addition, countless Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Angels were helping mankind as well. Jesus and Mary may have been the Hierarchs, but All of Heaven was assisting the Earth in an effort to bring forth more Light into a Dark world . . . to raise the consciousness of humanity . . . and to remove the Fallen Ones whose time had come to an end.

AA MIchael and Earth.jpg
Mary & Earth.jpg
Angels around the Earth.jpg

So now we come to the Age of Aquarius. It will be a great time of understanding (and embodying) the “Holy Spirit” and “Divine Mother” aspects of God . . . as the Age of Pisces was focused on the “Son” aspect of God. The next 2,150 years are intended to make up an Age of Love, Freedom, Joy, Truth, Enlightenment, Justice, Peace, Purity, Harmony, and so on. Of course, that also means that many energies of the opposite nature will have to be counteracted . . . until they are finally cleared and eliminated once and for all. We can see that happening right now.


The world appears very Dark today with many horrible things taking place, but all of that was happening the entire time anyway . . . but without most people knowing about it. However, it is coming to the surface (of our awareness) to be exposed and cleared. We will replace all the Darkness with Light, and we can already see a Great Awakening taking place around the globe.


The world is going to change in so many incredible ways, and we will see unbelievable spiritual and technological progress. However, we need to work hard to improve ourselves and focus on being “instruments” for God so that He can work through us during this difficult stage and restore the planet to its Pristine Nature . . . an “Earthly Paradise”. It is a time of great testing for our souls, but we will be victorious!

Shakti Ma.jpg
Dove & Earth.jpg
Oh World Victorious.jpg

Just as there were Hierarchs of the Piscean Age, there are Hierarchs of the Aquarian Age. It will be their Sacred Labor to assist mankind as much as they can according to Cosmic and Karmic Law during this next important phase of spiritual growth. This cycle is unlike previous ones, however, because it will be a time when Darkness will finally be eliminated. Light will saturate every aspect of the Earth and within mankind, and we will be able to establish an “Age of Magnificence” that has been prophesied throughout history.


Earth has a Spiritual Destiny to become a “Freedom Star” . . . a “Victory Star”. Mankind is intended to fulfill this Cosmic Achievement, which will then be used as a model and an inspiration for countless civilizations throughout the universe to follow in OUR footsteps! After we save the Earth, there are other planets that we must help to save as well! A great deal of work must be done, but we are living in the most exciting time in Earth’s history. It is a great honor and privilege for us to be here right now; we all have a Divine Destiny . . . our own individual “role” to play in this Grand Drama of the Ages!    

Earth with Angels.jpg

We will follow the lead of the Hierarchs of Aquarius. They are Spiritual Masters called Saint Germain (“God of Freedom”) and Portia (“Goddess of Justice” . . . and his Twin Flame). We can see around the world today the incredible attack on both Freedom and Justice, precisely because it is the opposite of what Saint Germain and Portia are trying to bring to humanity.

Jesus & St. G.jpg
Hierarchs of the Aquarius Age - Tatiana F. Light.jpg

Saint Germain & Portia

(Hierarchs of the Aquarius Age - Tatiana F. Light)

We need Freedom and Justice to build the type of world that we all hope to have, and the Corrupt Ones are working very hard to prevent that from happening. They act like THEY are winning, but deep down they know that they are actually losing . . . which is why they are panicking, rushing the unfoldment of their sinister plans, and are not even trying to hide their diabolical actions anymore. Their time is up, and they know it!    


When Light blazes into the world (as well as into situations and individuals), it always brings up the Darkness. Like wounds that heal from the inside-out . . . they always look worse the closer they get to being fully healed. That is what we are seeing right now in every nation, but it will only last for a “season”. When this phase is over, it will never happen again . . . because people will never “go back to sleep” and the Dark Ones will no longer have the time, energy, or opportunity to do such things in the future. This is it!   


Many people already know who Saint Germain and Portia are, but most people have never heard of them. That is one very important purpose of this website, because we can establish “Saint Germain’s New World” . . . which is God’s Will. The choice is up to us!    

St. G - Earth.jpg


Keynote of the Hierarchs of Aquarius

“War March of the Priests” - Felix Mendelssohn

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